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How To Livestream Your DJ Sets Like A Boss

How To Livestream Your DJ Sets Like A Boss

27 comments on “How To Livestream Your DJ Sets Like A Boss

  1. Hello. The SC4 adapter connects to a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable? Then the RCAs to the "Session In" on my Rane Sixty One mixer? Thanks

  2. Ok ive been trying to get this to work, but still nothing, im sure its something really stupid im doing. Ive tested everything for it to work. All Im getting is sound coming through my mic feed, Im using the Iphone8 plus along with the Traktor s8, what have a done wrong?

  3. Hi, got a question about the SC4
    I recently bought it and plugged it into my Huawei Mate 9. Now if I want to livestream/record from my
    smartphone I get an alert where it says that I need to press the button on my Headset to record audio from it. (I got a rane72 session out connected). Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
    Thank you guys!

  4. Hey i tried this but for some reason it wont work :/
    I have a 750mk2 mixer and tried to get the sound to my phone by connecting it to the booth output. Unfortanetely i dont have a 6.3mm cable, so i tried to get it working with a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter and then connecting it to my phone. Does it not work because i use an adapter? I then tried to connect it via the cinch master output (which i ofcourse have the cables for) and plugged the cable into my Phone. It still does not work, could someone help me? Cheers

  5. There is any cable like that for iphone 7? Bcause iphone 7 doesn't have a jack headphone :/ Thanks for sharing the tips 😉

  6. Using Rekordbox I don't need any cables at all to stream. I enable the output to my PC speakers and downloaded Virtual Audio Cable. Then in OBS I can use Virtual Audio Cable as the input. Like a boss

  7. Also I forgot to add this to the conversation I hope you do this on your next You Tube Topic on what Stream Platform to use because I will have a deep conversation on this topic as well and why I use these platform when I go live on few of my live stream platforms I hope you make that one real soon. And also great work Digital DJ Tips keep it up Phil and the rest of the team as well! Funk Up Salute Peace and Salute

  8. How do you navigate around the fact that Youtube and Facebook quickly shut down any streams with copyrighted music?

  9. I can’t get this to work! Im using an iPhone XR, Serato DJPro, Pioneer DDJ-SR and the Rode 3.5mm TRRS-TRS adapter. Do I need to use an output from a separate mixer or can this work using “booth” output from the controller?

  10. if only it was that easy, ive tried Facebook and instagram, they both send a message that they need to end the broadcast because of rights.
    it isnt allowed anymore (what a shame) 🙁

  11. I cannot express how grateful I am for this video! Spent months trying to stream from my Macbook Air via OBS, but it kept seriously lagging. Was considering buying a dedicated streaming PC until I saw this brilliant solution. Well explained too. Thank you!!

  12. Hi Great vid thanks.
    I have a question.
    I am currently using BUTT to broadcast my drum n bass sets (audio only ) to an internet radio station. For better sound should I turn the butt settings to mono or stereo do you think .. will mono give me a deeper rounder sound?.
    Many thanks

  13. I use DDJ 400. There's only one output so if i can hook the cable to my phone then i wont be able to use the speakers right?

  14. I got a Rodes SC3, I didn't remember if it was SC3 or SC4, is it bad ? Does it work only with an SC4 or with an SC3 too ??

  15. This does not work for me…
    I did everything you said, and the sound is recorded from cellphone's microphone. :/

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