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How to Make a CHEAP and Temporary Radio Antenna Signal Booster

How to Make a CHEAP and Temporary Radio Antenna Signal Booster

Hello Youtube, today i’ll be showing you how to make a cheap radio antenna booster for radios that are really cheap and cant pick up a good signal. So, what you are going to need is to have any electrical electrican’s duct tape you are also going to need an 8×4 inches cardboard and you are going to need also an 8×4 inches or a little bit over that of tin foil So, what you are going to need to do first is with the cardboard and duct tape you are going to place the tin foil over the cardboard, as so then you are going to fold it to make a tight seal and then after that, it should look like this then you should fold the inside at about this angle then you can smooth it out then on the other side, use the duct tape to tape and seal the tin foil onto the cardboard and you just want to put a little bit on each side it doesn’t have to be neat and now after thats done, the tin foil will pick up and help enhance the radio signal as you can see this is the cheap antenna so what you are going to need to do is to place the cheap antenna in the middle and take a little duck tape and place it in the middle on the antenna and while the cardboard is bent this should allow to help pick up signals near you Thank you Youtube, please rate and subscribe and have a nice day

55 comments on “How to Make a CHEAP and Temporary Radio Antenna Signal Booster

  1. good instructional video, kiddo. Try to reduce the umms and ahhs. Rehearsing with a small script with points jotted down would help. And always, always, always show a before and after scenario like, in this instance show how the radio sounded before and after the DIY antenna was connected.

    practice makes perfect, but kudos to you, kiddo.

  2. This is good but with the antenna wire, stripping the wire with wire snippets and then taping the naked wire on the foil will effectively increase efficiency. What I did was get a fan at a dump and rip it apart and the I just got the magnetic wires in the motor and connected the radio's wire to the 8 20ft long wraps.

  3. I will try this. I work in an industrial aerospace building. Some days I get signals and some days I do not. I'm hoping this will help however I will be using an 8.5" x 11" amplifier.

  4. Nice video, look up Human auditory perception of pulsed radio frequency energies, Neurophone, microwave hearing and synthetic telepathy. I'm sure you will be glad you did and U.S. patent 5,159,703 also remote neural monitoring, holographic sound and have A NICE DAY!

  5. its grey duct tape..electrician tape is the black ones..i,m gonna try it out in my building..cant get a good signal…also you can cut the connector off the end of a cb antenna and wire it up for a antenna…i,ve done that for cars where the factory antenna broke…works pretty good too

  6. really great to see you trying out ideas and being innovative as well as creative. I read the comments and yes rehearsal makes you sound smarter. Be careful with that though because trying to sound smarter can backfire and offend people. I also read the comment about stripping the end of the wire to make a better connection with the foil. Yes it would help, but not extremely. Keep up with the videos. I too was a Lego maniac when I was young and I think they're one of the greatest toy inventions to ever exist. It's amazing how much you can learn about physics, design and engineering from a simple plastic building block. The best thing too is that the toy is gender neutral and you can never be too old to build Lego. Keep being cool, keep being you. Best regards young man.

  7. The tape doesn't change anything. Electrical Tape is designed to stop electrical current going through it not fix radio waves. Use any type of tape and it will be fine

  8. Uhhm… A little help. Tongue stuck in toaster. Please be specific…


    I'm kidding. You're a great help. You're going places kid.

  9. duck tape and duct tape is not electric tape electric tape is rubber tape so that it does not conduct electricity through it and shock you

  10. It works! I make a 6" x 8" cardboard, wrapped it with aluminum foil, then tape the antenna to the center then used tape to hold the side of the cardboard to make a curved antenna. Crystal Clear Signal!

  11. It's not really an antenna amplifier/booster, more like a directional signal reflector. This is a good try, but the surface of your reflector isn't ideal or smooth enough to reflect the signal and it isn't concaving like parabolic reflectors (you'll learn that parabolic reflectors are more efficient in signal concentrating). Amplifiers/boosters require power for transmit (dBm) and receive (dBi).

    Also, duct tape isn't electrical tape. Electrical tape is made of elastic rubber material. In order for your reflector to work, you need to focus the signals to a center point and the center point needs to stick out a little. Think of a Direct TV satellite dish, that's what you should be going for in terms of an antenna signal concentrator.

  12. I will give the kid credit for his thought and effort. My only complaint is with his terminology. There is no such thing as "electricians duct tape". There is duct tape, and there is electrical tape, they are two entirely different things. You don't insulate a wire with duct tape or seal a ventilation duct with vinyl tape.

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