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How to Solder properly || Through-hole (THT) & Surface-mount (SMD)

How to Solder properly || Through-hole (THT) & Surface-mount (SMD)

100 comments on “How to Solder properly || Through-hole (THT) & Surface-mount (SMD)

  1. How is called the rigid silvered wire that i've seen you use in through hole soldering?
    I've looked for it but I couldn't find anything.

  2. I prefer to use the epoxy green with thinned pads perfboard, better quality, no corrosion, more solid, double sided and have via's. Also contrast is much better, copper pads on brown are most of the time difficult to see while there are no visual problems with the epoxy green with thinned pad version.

  3. QFN is viewed, once soldered underneath by a very thin Fibre optic, back to a camera. Especially in multiple rows of leads. But nevertheless we'll done on attempting that. 😅

  4. Nice left handed drawing of circuits. The art of engineering requires balanced left brain right brain thinking. Too much of one or none of the other and nothing is accomplished.

  5. Where you learned this hungarian phrase? I really like your vids, I have not to much time to build, but when I watch your vids, I feel that, I can make it 🙂

  6. You must learn how to use flux, you are soldering sad as dip. That’s is the wrong technical, try to put flux in abundance and came with solder already in iron, will be much beter

  7. Excellent soldering techniques
    When soldering smd ics I first put solder on all 1 side of the target ic and then set the pcb in vertical position then I move the soldering iron tip from top to button that makes the excess heavy tin to fall down to catch them I use a small tool to collect them by suction air pump the final result is cant be distinguished from a machine soldering .

  8. There are many ways to skin a cat, but
    a) on QFP's you're less likely to overheat the IC if you refrain from flooding the pins with solder, and instead opt for a more precise technique like drag soldering
    b) You're less likely to murder your μC with static if you use something other than a cotton pad to clean off flux (say a toothbrush, or ESD safe towel)
    Not saying anything here is wrong, but if you did some of this stuff in a semiconductor manufacturer's lab you'd get written up.

  9. Meanwhile:

    Soldering a BGA chip on a board laughing in the background.

    Angry engineers: IT'S CALLED SOLDER BALLING !!!

  10. When you use the knife tip (or a slanted screwdriver tip), and never find conical tips useful. You solder SMDs much faster this way

  11. You should not teach soldering techniques, rather then using solder wick to do tqfp use a flat tip and turn the board upside down the solder will flow back onto the tip….saves a lot of time must clean your irons tip each time. Pointed tips are useless been designing and soldering for 35 years.

    Just one rule use Gravity and flux .

    IE where you want the solder to go it will happily move off a pair of shorted pins if you turn the board upside down the solder will flow back onto the tip.

  12. It's SO-L-DER, not SODDER. The latter is army slang from the Vietnam war times when McNamara called in 100000 low IQ and dyslexic analphabetic sodiers.

  13. this is not to IPC standard at all lol way to much solder on the joints and bridging the ic like that is just sloppy. you could easily put smaller amount of solder on the leads and swipe the iron across the leads. with enough flux and right amount of solder you could have easily made a class 3 solder joint. but good luck lol

  14. Thank-you for showing how you like to solder things down plus all the tips which were concise and to the point.
    I have soldered a few things in my life but nothing like a motherboard or anything like that so I'll leave that work to
    other people and do the job that many others cannot do and that is lime plastering.

  15. Your solder wire quality is great, my solder wire got hard very quickly, it sometimes makes dry solder.
    Can you make a video on how to use solder wick properly ?

  16. If you want easy removal of tht components you can bend the leads back strait after making a solder connection or two

  17. I have 1 last thing to add to this video:
    -use 0.5mm diameter solder for smd (as a rule of thumb), for general purpose.
    -use 0.7mm diameter solder for THT (once again for general purpose).
    In my experience these are the best diameters for both worlds, and they stand pretty in-between so you'll have a great time soldering with them.

  18. Thanks for taking time to make this and share it. I don't know if this is for me, but you really did a great job of showing how it's done. If you could also share some tips about the actual physical process and what problems a person would run into when learning how to solder small components, that would great. Thanks again.

  19. @GreatScott! Please use less solder. The surface has to be CONCAVE. Not a blob. I see you making the same mistake over and over again 😉 I'm an electronics assembly engineer. Thumbs up for spreading knowledge!

  20. Great video, but hmmm.. I never saw anyone solder SMD chips like that. Put plenty of solder across all pins, and then use a solderwick to remove excess solder? Why not just do a quick solder drag with a pre tinned round solder tip? I am not sure Dave from EEVblog would approve of this.

  21. How do you solder two very closely placed THT connections without the solder bridging the two pins? Is there a technique to avoid bridging them? I waste so much time redoing them so if you have a tip to speed me up, that would be great. Thanks

  22. Extra soldering metal can flow back to soldering iron. I used copper at 45 degrees for many years for that. You wasting insane amount of copper solder wake.

  23. This is exactly how I solder all those my smd components onto the board, but I have a little bit OCD, so I just keep trying to move these components to make them fit in the center of the symbol boxes, and then I figured out I've already overheat them.

  24. GreatScott: "SMD or get out! it's as simple as that"
    My brain: "ok now go to the soldering station and solder it up"

    Arms: shake shake disco party
    Eyes: i dont see anything

  25. Está muy bueno tus videos amigo, aunque no entiendo nada de lo que dices.. Estaría genial si lo pusieras a español el traductor también.

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