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How To Turn Your Car Ashtray Into An Audio Input

How To Turn Your Car Ashtray Into An Audio Input

100 comments on “How To Turn Your Car Ashtray Into An Audio Input

  1. I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you ask it again? My radio didn't have an aux input to begin with either and I was able to install this device without affecting the radios functions. So I guess my answer is yes, just do what I did.

  2. Okay. I thought since your radio has the cd/aux and mine doesn't there might be a problem. I thought that it might make the CD player not work

  3. So that is an important distinction to make. For this specific aux interface it was important that my stock radio had the ability to control an external slave unit. For example an external CD deck. Basically what I am doing when I hit the AUX button is telling my radio to look for the audio input of an external slave unit. So if you already have an external slave unit this won't work. What is the make, model and year of your car?

  4. Hey there, i got a 2005 impala that has the same stereo head as you I also purchased the PAC AAI-GM12 for this application, however i cannot get my deck to recognize another input other than my cd thats playing, what do i do to troubleshoot? what colour am I supposed to attach the power cable to?(the red wire)

  5. DO you see the AUX button? Once you hit the AUX button you can seek to the left or right to select the AUX 1 or AUX 2. Maybe that is the problem? Let me know if this helped you out.

  6. i have a cd changer thats it.. i cant hit aux unless theres a cd in it then, it changes the song.. do i have the wrong head for this unit? it didnt have any external features…

  7. I think it's the CD changer that's causing your problems. The AUX button can only switch to the newly installed interface if there is no external CD changer in the system from what I read in the manual.

  8. sorry i miscommunicated that.. i do NOT have any external cd changer or anything… when there is no cd in the tray i cannot push AUX, i have to have a cd in the tray to be able to hit aux.. at which point the seek just changes the song

  9. Thank you! I actually just traded in the car in this video this week. Hope someones appreciates the MP3 dock I made for them!

  10. Should be similar. The interface I used in this video is now discontinued. You'll have to find the interface you want to use base don your audio playback requirements.

  11. Hey Nate,
    Do you think this product might be easier and maybe less expensive?
    Auxiliary Input for Mitsubishi 2003-2009 Radios MIT-3.5M

  12. The Mit-3.5m allows you to input auxiliary audio to play through the factory Mitsubishi radio's auxiliary input Measuring approximately 6' long the Mit-3.5M has a 3 terminal connection cable that connects to the 14-pin or 22-pin connector depending on which radio is installed in the above vehicles. A male 3.5mm audio plug is on the auxiliary side, for easy connection to any device with 3.5mm headphone jack. eliminating the need for an FM modulator or unwanted static.

  13. I would say the difficulty level is medium. Depends on how tech savvy you are. The AUX button normally wouldn't do anything unless you have some sort of external device to control and switch between. I used a product called the PXGM24 as seen in the video at 02:01

  14. I think I misunderstood your original question. Your exactly right by the way. The product I used will only work if there is a stock radio that is designed to work with an external slave unit. The key part is that the external slave unit cannot be in use in order to use this interface. It's an either or situation. You can either use the external slave unit (an external CD changer for example) or this AUX interface, not both at the same time.

  15. then my car is a 2004 Impala with exactly the same stereo as the one shown in the video, same buttons all, it does not have a CD changer or XM radio, this adapter would work for my car, if the car is not any once had these devices (CD Changer). because I do not know if the stereo had them in the past. thanks blessings from texas. good video

  16. Sorry for the off-topic, but what's this song at 4:15? I really liked what I heard, but couldn't find it anywhere. The text on your player's screen shows it all, but there's nothing like that in Google. Where can I look for it?
    It's been bugging me for a week, help me find it, please =)
    the video is great, very thorough!

  17. Depends on whether it has an audio slave unit. An external CD changer for example. If it doesn't have an external slave unit then the answer should be yes. But you should really double check the compatibility description carefully before buying an interface.

  18. hey big nate, what do you know about simply inputing audio L, R, and common to the J H K pins of the 12 pin C2 on the back of these class2 radios?

  19. Bought a USB FM Modulator which plugs into Car Cigarette Lighter for less than $10-00
    Does exactly the same thing wirelessly without the time or fuss.

  20. quick question, if my cd button doesnt have a cd/aux symbol, do you think the audio from the iphone will allow it override the "no disc" sensor, in the cd player, not sure if thats clear enough but it my cd button wont work unless a cd is in it. or does that concern the type of interface i buy. thanks, good videos.

  21. Does this work if you have a tape deck? I have the same factory stereo in my 2004 impala except it has the tape deck and cd/tape button(no aux button). I've tried cassette adapters and they sound like crap in my car.

  22. Will this work on my 2005 Impala Ls? I believe it's the same radio, but I don't have an ash tray. There is just a little basket holder underneath with no hole that I could have the wires go through. Any way way I can install an aux input as well? Thanks

  23. Does this only work with a stock stereo system? I bought my car used, and it has a newer, but still aux-less stereo installed.

  24. Hi I have the exact same car as you and I wanted to know if they still make aux inputs for the vehicle. When I google it I get different results and as person who knows little about car audio I don't know which one is the right one. Do you have any you can recommend.

  25. I have a 2005 Trailblazer with what looks to be same stereo you have in your video. I do NOT have a slave unit, NO ON-Star, NO tape deck. There is NO sign of XM. I am very confused on which model I need. Can you help please?

  26. You give the updated version of your PXGM24 as the AAI-GM12. The AAI-GM12 requires a SLAVE UNIT! You stated you do not have a slave unit???

  27. Hi, I'm trying to find ways to Play my IPhone music through my Car Speakers, It's a 2002 Toyota Celica, it had a Casset player, a Radio, much like your's in the video, (2 Block cables to unplug, aswell as the antenna plug), and however, it wasnt covered in the video, if it would work with Radio's that DONT have an Aux input/output at all. Would this still work?

  28. Hey Nate. Awesome video. I have the same radio/car as in the video (2002 impala). I just bought the AAI-GM12 and hooked it up the way the instruction described. Connect the correct plugs and hook the red wire to pin B3 (accessory power wire). I cant get it to work. Do you know if you would have used the AAI-GM12 in your car, would it have worked? I know this video is a couple years old but I'm hoping you can lend me some knowledge. Thanks, Matt

  29. hey big nate…i have the same factory stereo without a factory slave unit…trying to install the aai-gm12 interface…says it needs an active slave unit…was wondering if their is a way to activate the slave to get it working…really dont feel like spending the money for the isimple interface…any info will be a huge help…and again its the exact same stereo as in the video on my 2002 chevy impala ls

  30. I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix without Monsoon. I was wondering if this would work with my car, because on some websites it says that a XM radio is required.

  31. Hey, I have a 2005 impala and an Ipod. I want to do the exact same thing you did in the video, but I'm confused on what adapter to buy. Should I just go with the same one you mentioned in the video? (AAI-GM12)

  32. Hello does the music sound good? Does it sound better than a mp3 cassette input and sounds more like a aftermarket head unit? Does your car chimes still work such as the door and low gas chime? Thanks

  33. Would this work in my 03 trailblazer with no slave unit and no band/xm, and it has a cd/aux button? It says the aai-gm12 needs a slave unif

  34. hi BigNate 

    i got a problem i cant these stuff which this company provides bcuz of my strange radio 

    if u can help me please tell me to send u the pics and what exactly am talkin about 

  35. i have a 2006 grand prix i hooked up the aai-gm12 but it does not work, i tried to hook up the red wire to b3 but its not a dark green color like it says in the directions, i also tried hooking up the red wire to the yellow wire (power source wire) but still nothing… can u give me advice on what to try next, before i spend alot of money bring it in to best buy

  36. Hey, That rocks really, I have a Sportage 2002, which I could not find the requirement over the website you mentioned, it has factory radio …

  37. Very good , so I have an impala ls (2002) with no external audio input just the same radio you had , but I have controls on my steering wheel that controls the volume , song skip , and the radio is needed for oil lamp and tire pressure , would all that still be accessible with what is used here ? Cause I don't wanna lose the steering wheel control or the tire pressure warning/reset , I seen ways around like buying a aftermarket harness for my Kenwood head unit but it cost 150 more dollars, and at that I'd lose those options with the stock radio control .. Curious ?..

  38. Hey i have the same car! Lol i was wondering if installing the aux would prevent me from listening to the radio. Other wise, this seems loke a project i would like to invest in!

  39. I'm stumped. They don't have products for a mazda protege. They don't even have Protege in their list for mazda's. I just want to add a jack to the back of my car stereo so I can plug my phone into the car sound system….

  40. What is that carpet material you put in there? Where can I get some? ;P I wanna change the ash tray slot into something useful! 

  41. I have a 2004 impala completely stock, I'm looking at some of the units on pac-audio but I'm unsure on what I need. Any idea?

  42. I've got the AAI GM12 or whatever. It looks simple enough to install, the instructions are as basic as can be… basically a little drawing/sketch of the contraption intercepting the cables relayed from the radio (face unit) to the cd player (multi cd tray holder actually). I can see the pin adapter connecting into the cd player/holder… BARELY.. literally about an inch of space across as I can only unfortunately see it from the right side as it connects into the back/bottom left of the cd tray.

    You did a superb job, very fancy.. I don't care about fancy, I just want the damn thing connected so I can use the switch the device gave me to switch it to AUX when the CD Player is "selected". I don't care if the things laying on the passenger side's floor, I'll figure something out heh. Anyway totally appreciate the video it gives a great heads up for the installation, literally the only one I've seen of it's kind (not even the same device/product) online… I may be bothering you for some technical tips via some messages 🙂

  43. I need a auxiliary hole. But my car radio shows up all my important stuff like low oil etc.. Could buying a radio with an auxiliary hole in it show my important stuff or is it more I would have to buy

  44. This is a great tutorial…thank you! Also, I miss my Zune 🙁 The charging port on the bottom refuses to work and since it's so old everyone just laughs at me when I ask if they can replace it!

  45. I've got a 2005 Impala.. it looks the same as yours. I have been dying to do this for years!! I guess I'll try this out!

    You can still listen to CDs after doing this though right?

  46. The Aii-Gm12 requires a red wire to be attached to a certain pin,but i have 0 idea how to do it, and i cant find any good videos or guides on how to install it, my car is a 2005 Grand Prix which is compatible with the devices and i have everything hooked up aside from the red wire to power it, please help

  47. you are a bit wrong. in the beginning you said you will be installing the product with no factory slave unit and you say that the aai-gm12 is similar to it even though the description clearly says it must have a factory slave unit.

  48. hoping that passing this along to the hubby he will be able to figure something out. Ever since we moved away from the greater Chicago area and Milwaukee Area, RADIO stations suck! More country down in Arkansas than I am used to, and I would love to be able to listen to songs on my phone, hell we even tried replacing the cd player…. but it only powered on, nothing else… so We shall see! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  49. So did I buy the wrong part? I have the same car as you, but the PXGM24 is no longer sold. I tried the AAI-GM12, but it's not working.. Did I get the wrong part? Do I need to have XM satelite radio for this to work?

    Is it the ISGM535 that I should have ordered?

  50. Ok.. so I have commented below.. but I will share my full SUCCESSFUL experience here (with hindsight included):

    I returned my AAI-GM12.. I believe it was the right part, but I thought it wasn't. It essentially taps into the auto cables you need. If it wasn't working when you tested it.. you need to have your CD player.. or whatever device DOES do audio in your unit on for it to work.

    I have a friend who is an electronics engineer who helped me do this WITHOUT ANY PARTS! That's right.. all you need are some spare wires and special tools! And this should work on any car radio!

    I did this in my 2005 Impala with standard CD player.
    This should work on ANY vehicle with an audio device such as a CD player or tape player.

    My process :

    Tools needed:
    A. Soldering equipment
    B. Some wires.. The kind you want to plug into your audio device (Aux or RCA)
    C. A multimeter
    D. A Signal injector

    Steps taken:

    1. Take out the radio

    2. Take apart the radio and remove the CD player (or tape player, or other Audio device that already works)

    3. Find the connectors for this CD player (disconnect them from the main unit).

    4. Hook the radio back up to the car without the CD player in it.

    5. Test each of the pins on each of the connectors from the CD player using a signal injector with the radio and speakers on. You will need to listen to your left and right speakers to identify the left and right channels.

    6. Label them! (the ground is probably in between the left and right channels)

    7. Test the rest of the pins to find the ground using a multimeter (you want to get a reading of 0 when you touch the ground pin and the metal case for the radio). Label this one too.

    8. Splice the 3 labeled wires. Solder them onto your audio cable (you will need to cut the cable and identify the left and right channels and the ground). Also reconnect them to their CD player inputs too so you can keep using it.

    9. Run your audio cable out of the radio and to wherever you want it to go (like out your ash tray).

    10. Reassemble and you are done!

    11. Note that the CD player (or tape player etc). needs to be on for you to hear audio.. a good solution is to put in a blank CD or tape (it doesn't need to be playing.. just needs to stay running).

  51. Too bad this doesn't work for the GM radios with both CD and tape capabilities. You don't get an auxiliary input with those. Still have a tape adapter, but I'd really like to have something that could mount flush and feel natural in the car, and not get wrecked when the cable gets stepped on or pulled.

  52. I appreciate the steps, but video coverage of the steps would've been more helpful…. Additionally, at the 4:15 point you don't allow us to see how that former ashtray looks, because you have the MP3 player in the way, why?

  53. i have a 2002 trailblazer ls no bose ,no xm ,no 6 disc ,just single disc with no cassete ,will this product work i want to add aux in ? thanks

  54. Hey man, cool video. Very helpful. By any chance do you know if this can be done on a 2006 Honda CR-V Stock stereo? Thanks.

  55. The AAI-GM12 says "Can only be used in vehicles equipped with a factory slave unit (external CD player, XM tuner or external single CD player). If the vehicle is not equipped with a factory slave unit then you must use the ISGM535."

    I have the cd/aux button but no satellite, external cd or disc changer? The ISGM535 looks spendy.

  56. or you can just buy a fm modulator for around $5 and plug it into the mp3 player. no need to remove or tampered with anything :%

  57. you be better off installing an updated radio with blue tooth etc features….would be cheaper and installation free in most electronic shops like frys or….

  58. So the product AAI-GM12 looks different on the website. Does it still use the same wiring set up as shown in this video? If not is there a video anyone can refer me to? I learn visually so you tube is perfect for me. But I’ll appreciate any help I can receive. Thank you!

  59. Hey somebody help please I tried putting the wire in b3 (I just crammed it in with the wire currently there but my 2002 impala does not recognize that there is an aux plug in pls help

  60. Hay dude,,, one boering video, nearly fell asleep watching it, only thing that kept me awake Was The hope it would get better ,,, easier ways of doing same job and neater ways.

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