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How to update Uconnect Radio with USB 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

How to update Uconnect Radio with USB 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

Did you know that you can update your
you connect radio with just a USB and the internet. Well today I’m gonna show
you how. My name is Brandon With Jeep Informant and today I’m gonna be showing
you how to update your you connect radio using just a USB and the internet access
now for those of you who haven’t subscribed yet go ahead and do that down
below and make sure you click the bell icon so you don’t miss any new Jeep
information now in a previous video I showed you how to check for updates but
today I’m going to show you step by step on how to actually update the radio when
the update becomes available now there are three radios that are eligible for
updating via USB that is the 5.0 you connect the 7.0 you
connect and the large 8.4 you connect now I’d be curious to know how many of
you actually knew that you could update your own radio with USB cast your vote
up here in the top right corner now there’s three ways that you can update
the radio we have an over-the-air update we have a USB update and you can take it
to the dealership and they use a USB now as of today April the fourth which is
actually jeep 4×4 day hey check my video out up here on jeep 4×4 date I give you
a cool little tip to go four-wheeling there is an update for the 5.0 you
connect radio system now unfortunately it’s only available for dealers right
now and will be coming shortly for the customers only drive you connect website
I’m gonna be using a different VIN number to give you an example of what it
would look like when you do download it and it’s available alright so let’s take
it on over to the computer so go to your search engine and type in Drive you
connect tom so gonna hit this gonna take us to the website we’re gonna click on
support then we’re gonna click software updates then we’re gonna type in our
full 17 character VIN number then we’re gonna click check for updates okay this
right here is where it’s gonna look a little bit different from the Jeep
Wrangler but I’m currently using a 2017 charger for
this demonstration purposes now the only thing that you’re gonna see different is
the alpha numerical numbers here that represent this specific update now let’s
go ahead and click the get started button now this is going to take us to
another page here where we have two options to download and what’s very
important is not to choose option one do not choose option one this is a very
complicated process and gives you more steps than you need to go through okay
make sure that you choose option two here this is the easier way let’s go
ahead and click option to view available updates that’s going to take us to
another page here that says download update now before we click on download
update as you can see right here there is detailed instructions on how to
download this update I’m currently using a Mac so if it differs from yours you
might want to click this instruction page to help you along the way now if we
go ahead and click download update you can see down in the bottom left hand
corner that download is started now I am using Google Chrome you may be using a
different web browser but basically it’s going to be downloaded to the Downloads
folder now here’s where you’re gonna view the progress of the download now
depending upon your internet speed it could take anywhere from 8 to 12 minutes
now I have fast forwarded this so if you want to go ahead and click on the
download that’s going to start the extraction in the files now once the
files are extracted you will want to move the extracted files to your USB
Drive now your USB Drive must be free and clear of any data there cannot be
nothing on it and has to be a minimum of 16 gigabytes now this will take a few
minutes for the data to be copied over to the USB Drive now once that is
finished we want to go to the USB that we’re using and verify that the data is
in there and again there can be nothing else on this jump drive or it will not
work only these files that were extracted now once you’ve verified that
the files are on the USB Drive let’s go remove it and let’s go out to the Jeep
now it’s the new Jeep Wrangler there are multiple USB ports here in this media
center there is the auxiliary port the micro USB and the standard USB as you
can see here above then a little number one this is the number one USB port now
if you move to the center console and lift the secondary latch up you will see
the number 2 USB port now for the USB update the number one media hub Center
USB port must be used the number 2 USB port is only for charging there’s no
communications that go to this port now another very important step is to have
the engine running while you’re doing the update and the reason behind that is
that the 2018 Jeep Wrangler has the keyless go feature now if the key is in
the run position and the engines not running after 20 minutes the ignition
will cycle to the off position now this update can take a little bit longer than
20 minutes so that can be a problem that’s why the over-the-air update can
also be a problem now once you plug in the USB into the media center the radio
will display the old version new version and the amount of time that it will take
to do this update now you want to click on the yes button if you want to go
ahead and update it now I did put this on a time lapse and it took somewhere
around 28 minutes total to update the radio now there are some key things that
you don’t want to do while this is updating you don’t want to cycle the key
turn the engine off you know it’s preferably just sitting in the driveway
running doing this update if you’re going driving down the road or you’re
driving somewhere you know there may be that chance that you get to where you’re
going and you accidentally cut it off now this goes the same for the
over-the-air update you can’t turn that off during the middle of it either so be
careful either way you do it now that the radio is completely finished you can
see here that it’s going to reboot itself so once it goes to the reboot
then it’s back to normal and your radio is completely up-to-date guys we’re all
finished here your radios up to date I hope you enjoyed this video and it’s
very knowledgeable to you so I want to thank you again for watching and have a
great des and hopefully you’re smarter about
your Jeep now than you was when you started

35 comments on “How to update Uconnect Radio with USB 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

  1. You remind me of the famous Gomer Pyle character James Majors. I hope you take this as a compliment. If they ever do a reboot of the series you would make a great candidate for this role. Plus you make excellent informative videos.

  2. Great info but you still have to have the car running to do either updates over the air and USB. So there is no advantage to doing the usb actually you have to do another step by downloading it from your computer to you USB. So it's actually easier to do the over the air update with the car running because there are less steps. Am i wrong here?

  3. Just bought a 2018 JL Sahara jeep, i have the alpine touch nav, is there a way to put a jpeg picture on the backround? Like a screen saver..

  4. Does this work for darts 14' and 15' ? I am wondering if I can update my uconnect for both .☹ if so, haaaalp lol

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  6. what format was your USB drive in, Fat32, NTFS etc.? When I plug mine in into UCONNECT nothing happens. Thanks!

    for all your JK and JL Parts, Accessories, and just cool Jeep stuff.
    Copy the above link to your desktop or save it as a favorite. So the next time you shop amazon for anything (doesn't have to Jeep related) You will be helping this channel Grow. Be Jeep Smart 😀

  8. Very helpful as always, I hate that the update takes so long as you have to keep the engine running throughout.

  9. Did any one knows how fix my navigation system in a jeep rubicon x 2014? "RhB" when I want open the map the screen say, CAN'T UNLOCK MAPS. Thank you guys

  10. Wonder if this would work for my 2015 jeep cherokee cause the dealer so called did an update & wiped the whole screen out. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. Thats port is USB-C and also the 2nd USB in console does transmit data… I have the 2018 Sport-S and when I plug my phone in to Port 2, CarPlay and everything else is still accessible… so now I just leave the plug in that one… 🚙👋🏾


  13. Does it matter that I'm using a usb flash drive that supports usb 3.0? Whenever I connect my flashdrive it says "usb error reconnect"??

  14. Love the videos. As far as I know there is a data connection to the USB 2 port. I have run android auto when plugged in there.

  15. I upgraded my 430n to a 730n RHR. It won’t match my original vin. Is it possible to update this new radio? Thanks!

  16. dear my Uconnect radio always restarting the songs on usb every-time i make the engine off
    any idea ????
    i have jeep wrangler jl 2018 sport 4 doors

  17. Does the U-Connect support outside APS? Can a GPS antenna be connected to the U-Connect? Here's what I'm getting at…. I want to upload the Magellan TRX App into the U-Connect; and, with a GPS antenna, I will have offroad Navigation, in my dashboard, while actually offroad, away from cell service. Link to Google Version
    Link to Apple Version

  18. I follow the instruction and update the Uconnect successfully. The off-road app is there and everything else is also working properly except my rear camera. The back up assist is gone. Anyone else have this problem?
    I went into setting->camera : parking assist is on but it doesn’t show up when I’m in reverse. Why?

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