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How to use E-book in New MML

Show you little bit about the Etext. It will load here. Here’s the Etext. You have these options up here. You can zoom in. Click to the next page. Choose the section you’d like to see. You can highlight using the highlight tool if you like to do that. There are videos. They will load – it takes a moment. It has the closed caption below. So click the sections and determine the objectives here. You can see that some of the words are highlighted. If you click them they will give the definition. There is a video explaining this section. As you read through the pages you should click the videos and things on the side that you see. This is actually a problem that asks you to choose one of these and participate. Which is not an equation? I look for the one without the equal sign. I click it and it tells me if I’m right or not. Then they have the You Try It exercises as well. Click that and up will pop the homework generator. This doesn’t count for homework points, you are just trying it. If you get it wrong, you do it again. If you get it right, you can do it again if you want. Just click similar exercise. When you’re done just close it out. You can move through the chapters on the left there by expanding these boxes and choose the section you want. You can switch to the full screen version if you want. You can drop pins, and write yourself a note. You can enable the links or disable the links. You can search the entire book for something. let’s say you are looking for factoring. There it is in Chapter 5, everything about factoring. You can scroll through the section to where the book problems are and you can try some of those too. They do not count towards your grade. That’s about it and now you can go and do your homework.

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