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How Well Do You Know Popular Black Television Shows? | Black To Life

How Well Do You Know Popular Black Television Shows? | Black To Life

– Jessie Woo here with
Black to Life, only on BET. We are currently in New
York City Times Square where we’re questioning random
folks on the streets about their knowledge about black television. See, right now, dominating
shows include Empire, Insecure, Black-ish,
but how much do people really really know about these
shows? Let’s take a look. (upbeat music) I’m joined by– – Toni. – And– – Bobby. – And where are you guys from? – Pennsylvania. – Aaron Czarsinsky. – And where are you from? – Atlanta, Georgia. – Sarah. – Sarah. Sarah, where are you from? – Utah. – Utah! Okay, Utah in the house. Alright, so I’m gonna be asking you guys a series of questions
based on black television. You get three lifelines, okay? First one, you can ask me for a hint. Number two, you can ask
for multiple choice. Or, third one is you can
phone a black friend. You got black friends in Utah? – Uh, in Utah? I don’t even think there
are black people in Utah. – Do black people like, okay do black people in
Utah climb the mountains? Okay, call your friend and we’ll see. First question, which singing
duo is on “Grown-ish”? (electronic music) – Oh, uh, I didn’t know there was a
singing duo on “Grown-ish”. – There is. – Uh, I don’t know. – You want… – Multiple choice. – Multiple choice, okay. It’s either K-Ci and JoJo, Ike
and Tina, or Chloe and Halle. – I’m gonna say Chloe and Halle. – Correct, now you know you know, listen. – It was not Ike and
Tina, I know that one. – Chloe and Halle. – Okay! It’s Chloe and Halle. – Oh. – They’re so cool, so make
sure you check them out. They can sing their little faces off. Number two. This question
comes from Empire, alright? What is Cookie’s real name? – You’re asking me questions
about show’s I don’t watch. – No, come on, everybody watches Empire. – Aw man, this is awful. – We’re terrible. – Cookie Lyon’s real name is…. – You know it, you know it! You know this. – I don’t know, she’s Cookie. – I know right? – I mean, does she have a real name? – She does, but it’s like,
they don’t say it often, but it starts with a ‘L’. – I’m gonna say Lisa. – Close, close. – Lynn. It’s definitely not Lynn. – It’s like, it’s really
hood. It’s Loretha. (laughter) So you know what, that
was a hard one. Okay. – I’m so behind on Empire. – Okay, it’s Loretha. Yes, come on now. – It was Loretha, but I mean he’s close, we’re still gonna give
him a round of applause back home while we watching. Question number three, what caused Issa and Lawrence to break up? – I’m gonna say they were insecure. – They were insecure, but what happens when somebody’s insecure in
the relationship, what happens? – Jealousy and cheating. – Jealousy and cheating. Somebody cheated, so he got that right. Do you watch Insecure? – No, I don’t. – But he still got it right,
so it don’t even matter. – He cheated on her? – You’re close, Issa cheated on Lawrence. – We’re gonna go with that. – We’re gonna go with the cheatin’. – So what’s the reason
most people break up? – Cheating. – Exactly. What had happened was, Issa had cheated on Lawrence,
and that’s why they broke up. So you got that right sis. – Question number four, in, blank, born and
raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days. – Alright, so funny story,
that’s west Philadelphia and my boss represents west Philadelphia back in Pennsylvania, so… – Listen. – West Philadelphia. – In… – Is it Philadelphia? – West Philadelphia– – West Philadelphia. – Born and raised, on the playground… – Where I spent most of my days. – In, blank, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent… – Most of my days. – Chillin’ out, maxin’… – Relaxin’ all cool. – Now shooting some b-ball… – Outside the school. – Okay, so where does this take place? – Uh, Philly? – Philly! – Last question. Grown-ish is
a spin-off of which TV show? – Uh, I got one more lifeline. – Yes. – I can still phone a black friend. – Okay, phone a black
friend, come on, let’s do it. Let’s do this. – I’ve used two of my
lifelines, and my third lifeline was to phone a black
friend, so I phoned you, to ask you the question,
of what is Grown-ish the TV show a spin-off of? Do you know? He says Black-ish. – Exactly! Tell him he just won you $25. – You just won me $25, I owe you a beer. – Grown-ish is a spinoff of what TV show? – Black-ish. – Okay, see? – Grown-ish is a spinoff of which TV show? – Uh…
– Come on, you know. – Blackish. – Exactly, you know what, y’all better give my girl a round of applause at home while you’re watching this. (dramatic music) I’m joined by the very handsome. – Gillary. – And where you from? – Harlem. – Harlem in the house! Alright, so I’m gonna be asking
you a series of questions. Usually I give people
lifelines, but you black, so you not gonna get none. – Okay. – Okay? You better hold us down. You gonna hold us down? – Imma try. – Okay. He said he gonna try, let’s go ahead and get these questions started. Question number one, which singing duo is on “Grown-ish”? – Wait…wait… I don’t even know. I don’t even think I’ve watched Grown-ish. – Are you serious? – I’m so serious. – Come on now. You know this. – Cardi B and Offset? – Ahh… Now I have yet to see
a episode of Grown-ish with Bodak yellow
playing in the background and Cardi B and Offset
getting their Bodak yellow on. – Wait… – But Imma go ahead and
just give you the answer. It’s Chloe and Halle. – Chloe and Halle? – Do you listen to them? Okay, so he ain’t even– – I never heard of them. – Really? – I never heard of them. – On Empire, Cookie’s real name is what? – The actor? – Yes. – Um, Tarajit, um, Tari, damn. Taraji Hemson, something like that? – Tajari P. Henson, but what’s Cookie’s, the characters real name on the show? – I thought that was her real name. (laughter) – We gonna have a
meeting after this, okay? – Okay. – It’s Loretha. – Loretha? – Yeah. – And what episode did they do that? – I don’t know! – Question number three, what caused Issa and Lawrence to break up? – Issa and Lawrence? – Okay, what show is Issa and Lawrence on? Lord, help him lord. Insecure. – Insecure? – Do you watch Insecure? – No. – What? Are you not? – Question number four, in, blank, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent… – Time to play? Uh, no. – I cannot. In, blank, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent… – Wait, wait, I’m filling in the blank? – Yes. – Bronx? – No. Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. – Is that Fresh Prince? – Yes. But what’s blank? Where is Will Smith from? – Where is he from? – Grown-ish is a spin-off of what TV show? – Grown-ish… Damn, come on. – Grown-ish, what’s
another show that has ‘ish? – Childish? No, not childish. – Okay, what are we? – Black. – Okay. – Black-ish. – He got it right y’all. He got it right. Listen, you know what, we
gonna give you this $25 and we’re gonna need
you to go buy Grown-ish, Black-ish, Insecure, Fresh Prince. (laughter) I cannot. But thank you so
much for playing Black to Life. It’s Jessie Woo, we’re
here in Times Square. Give my dawg a round of applause. He did what he could,
he did what he could. – I tried. – Thanks for watching. Bye y’all. I can’t. (upbeat music)

15 comments on “How Well Do You Know Popular Black Television Shows? | Black To Life

  1. Another fail by BET. You have to find a better show than asking white people about our culture. Seems like you’re just looking for white acceptance or something.

  2. They should have included more classic tv shows like Fresh Prince and other shows of that era. People don’t watch TV like before.

    BET doesn’t even have original programming anymore. Every time I check TV Guide channel to see what is on BET, it is usually a Martin marathon.

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