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I Love Music: Best College Radio DJ in North America

I Love Music: Best College Radio DJ in North America

I’ve been a DJ for two years
here at UMass Lowell’s college radio station, WUML. I believe that music
is one of those things that no matter who you are
or what background come from you can enjoy and you can
connect to people with it. So I love music. [SINGING] My name is DJ Dad. My show is “Time in the Study.” And this summer, I won the
award of Best College Radio DJ in North America. As the winner of the
competition, I was invited, all expenses paid, to the
International Radio Festival which was held in
Zurich, Switzerland, and coolest of all, broadcast
my show worldwide live. And it was also broadcast
here in Lowell, as well. [LAUGHING] Winning the title of
Best College Radio DJ was and still is, in some ways,
a very surreal, humbling thing. As for my plans for
the future at WUML, I’m just going to keep doing
my show, keep hoping people out there are digging it,
wagging their fingers too. [LAUGHING]

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