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I Tried To Write A Hit Song In 60 Minutes

I Tried To Write A Hit Song In 60 Minutes

Whats up my name is Roomie! and once again some one has had the nerve to call me out Rob Scallon made a video called “Making a song in an hour” and he said some weird stuff in it… pfffff… And then Andrew, for some reason, made a response video even though I was the one being called out It kinda made me think that his comprehension of the English language isn’t very good. Anyway, he stepped it up by making a song in 59 minutes. No matter who you are I want to take you to the stars Alright, your move, Rob. No, it’s not Rob’s move. It’s my move! Time to make a song in not 60 not 59, but 58 minutes. Okay, let’s go Jonas: Ready… set… go! I’m so stressed out already. I should probably map out the song. So first, I gotta choose a tempo. Maybe 110. Yeah, that’s fine Ok, so, I gotta map out the song. So, we have verse 1. At 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Ok, so, that’s where the pre-chorus will start, And we’re gonna give the chorus, I guess 8 as well. And then we have verse 2, And that’s gonna be a little bit shorter, I think. We’ll do that at 4 bars. I’m not sure if I mapped it out ever like this before it’s just I know that I want it to be a full song so that’s why I’m starting like this. Okay, so I got that. Now I got to find some drums. Let’s see… I don’t want it to be too hard hitting. Maybe that one. That’s not too bad Yeah, I like that. Oh, I need my password to get the sample. Ooohh Jonas: Ha, are you stressed? Yeah, I think this kind of tempo is pretty good for just 4 the floor Yeah, I guess that’s alright. I should be starting with the chorus because the chorus is the most important part Okay, so we’ve got just a kick going let’s record some guitar Jonas: Which is your main instrument It’s not I’m so bad at guitar, it’s terrible. Okay… (guitar) I like that, just a basic, like, baseline. Let’s quantize that b****! Jonas: I like it already. I like it too, yeah. Jonas: I’m just kidding This is the chorus. Jonas: You don’t have time to vibe! Sorry, I’m vibing too much! So both Rob and Andrew kinda of started with the instrumental and like made that finished and then went to the singing while me as A singer and like can like a top-line songwriter I really think that you should have all your melodies and stuff done if you’re good songwriter. That is I’m joking I just want to sort out the most important parts first, and then if I have time I will make the track and everything sound amazing. Let’s write the chorus first. I want it to be just easy it’s like Something like Since I’m owning the other musicians right now. I’m gonna call it Own You it’s like Um I’m gonna. I’m gonna own. I’m gonna own you oh you just said know what that is and that’s twice I’m gonna own you. I ‘m gonna own you Maybe yeah, I’m just gonna record that quickly so I have it Ooooown you That works Ooooown you (Music) It’s on pitch and everything, but I want the pop sound let’s see if we put some auto-tune on there Ooooown you (Music And Auto-Tune) Oh my god. That’s so poppy. I love that s*** Guy: You don’t have the time to vibe though No, I don’t have time to vibe. I hate it. I’m taking everything I’m doing everything you do but better and then something with the same amount of syllables So like you know these lyrics are all true each letter that kinda of works. You know these lyrics are all true each You know these lyrics are all true each letter. Ugh That works Letter(Louder) Throw some auto-tune on that bad boy and uh Yeah that kinda works That’s f***ing good, sorry, I’m so happy. I’m so happy okay (Ding saying 38 min remaining) Okay, I gotta look at the birds now. I want something more rhythmic for this I don’t even understand. Why are you were thinking? Wanted you to understand why I’m almost always drinking explaining my uh Alcoholism that I don’t have but for the song I can have alcoholism Wanted you to understand why Im always drinking something like that (Ding saying 32 min remaining) I had these like shorts one bar there one bar there melody so I probably want the longer line now. It’s something like Yeah, okay, it’s lyrics that really it’s really killing me, but I got a line. You don’t know what I’ve gone through no, oh No, that works. I like that ( Ding saying 27 mins remaining ) So now gonna get lyrics for the second verse Dupree can be the same. I think you are looking good last night This is obviously about Rob wearing That wearing that sweater does anyone ever compliment anyone for sweaters, but I looked better ( LAUGHTER ) Yeah, it’s like I’m gonna own you so like that’s that’s the whole thing of the song right okay like gonna record it you were Looking good last night, but I look better let’s see if auto-tune saved that I Mean it’s not the best performance of my lifetime, but I (Ding saying 21 mins remaining) I was thinking I would do the bridge based on the pre, but like broken down the same lyrics with more chill singing Maybe you don’t know go Just go yeah Where’s deadly pepper anyway. I need ad-lips actually on the courses. I’m gonna record that now how are we doing on time Guy? Guy: 18 mins and 44 secs left Jesus Christ, oh wow Guy: Do you really need ad-lips or is that just a girl? Okay imma let go I’m gonna start producing now (Ding saying 18 mins left) Or, maybe should this be muted as well Now I think I wants longer notes if I record the chorus Then oh s*** Pro Tools quit drama high drama. I don’t think I’ve saved once while we’ve been recording Now I saved exactly when he’s crushed. I saved apparently I Think that should work for the basic base line (Ding saying 14 min left) Got that it’s crashed again, Wow Jesus Christ I’m so f***ing stressed Oh, it’s it saved the minutes before again I think it’s actually a bug with it saving the crashes the program isn’t that crazy, okay? I need to find a snare Snare snare snare that’s just kicks Ugh Jesus christ Guy: Its ok, its gonna be good! That works that works, that’s like dry that’s not too bad. I’m gonna add a hi-hat Ooooooooh Guy: Its gonna be ok (Ding saying 11 mins left) So freaked out I would do the pad now I’m gonna go with that, but I’m gonna transpose it down Sidechain that Copy that to chorus 2 and to the last chorus (Ding saying 9 mins left) I’m so stressed out Jesus Christ making Backing vocals in Melodyne because I don’t have time to actually make backing vocals got everything there, and I move it up. Let’s see There oh No, thank you, I Guess that’s all right hey, I want a second backing vocal right there, that’s under instead so that was a top backing vocal Guy: It’s really tight on time though. Okay, yeah Down there yeah, that’s it with the backing vocals I think (Ding saying 5 mins remaining) Guy: Less than 5 mins. If you need something for the final chorus, now is the time… Oh, yeah, I should probably I’d like an arpeggio or something let’s see uh uh uh uh Oh did a crash again now. I think I think it’s crashed again. Maybe oh Man it’s like oh, it’s frozen. I can’t do anything the computers frozen Guy: Meanwhile on the clock Guy: Three minutes and five seconds I don’t know what to do now I need to, ok I need to force quit the program I guess this is not gonna ugh Guy: I feel bad for you but its so funny though Get that I get that restoring tracks this is fun like last minutes to be restoring the tracks, okay, let’s keep doing this s*** No Yeah, that works, okay, let’s let’s let’s do that again now. I just gotta get it to what they all the chords I Am I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do this. I’m gonna get a heart attack Guy: You’ll survive though It’s fun sorry I’m vibing now gonna get a copy that’s to the sec okay. I’m done. I think I’m done five seconds four three two one and done Wow that was insane Guy: I think it’s worth a high five man! Thanks, man. I feel pretty confident about the top line like the melodies and the lyrics alright But I’m still afraid of everything else. Let’s listen to the final song everybody it’s gonna be the best song you’ve ever heard!! I don’t even understand Why you were thinking I wanted you to hold my hand now my heart sinking Playing me just like a fool F*** it Im gonna loose my cool. Wanted you to understand why Im always drinking. You don’t know what Ive gone through No Oh no Even though I still want you go, just go Im doing everything you do but better You know these lyrics are all true each letter Im gonna own you. Ooooown you Im gonna own you Ooooown you You were looking good last night Wearing that sweater You were glowing in the light But I look better You don’t know what I’ve gone through No Oh no Even though I still want you. Go, Just go IM DOING EVERYTHING YOU DO BUT BETTER YOU KNOW THESE LYRICS ARE ALL TRUE EACH LETTER Im gonna own you Ooooown you Im gonna own you Ooooown you You don’t know what I’ve gone through no Oh No Even though I still want you. Go, Just gooo yeah Im doing everything you do but better You know these lyrics are all true each letter Im gonna own you, ooooown you Im gonna own you Ooooown you Im doing everything you do but better You know these lyrics are all true each letter Im gonna own you Ooooown you Im gonna own you Ooooown you Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed this this was a super interesting Experiment so I really wanted my editor Jonas to do this he’s a super talented singer anyway this man Will do it as well. I love that weird hair stroke you did. I will see you next time. Bye my gross nip slip That’s a little nip right there. Okay. Let’s move on from from this good pause. Okay, let’s see what more we have Roomie just like popping a pimple. Oh hey guys. What’s up, the name’s Roomie. This is Jonas, This is Maris.

100 comments on “I Tried To Write A Hit Song In 60 Minutes

  1. Ok do you realize that he do this in 60min and it's still a lot more better than some of the modern songs that are probably recorded for days!

  2. If you really enjoy this concept, a french Youtuber wrote one new song per day for seven days straight. Check this out here : "pv nova ten days ten songs "

  3. HOLLY APPLE !!! MOOOOOOM ! If you can rap 417915729037718100827892 in 1 sec, can You make a song a cake in 1 sec ?

  4. U should make that a real hit song on ur channel like numb i really like this song its amazing aspecially in 58 mins luv ye roomie and im getting ur merch

  5. When you know music can be super easy when you set it as a goal rather than a way to earn money like it used to be and it made being a music producer almost self harming as your heavily restricted by anything but time. (If you want to know what I mean by restricted by anything but time for actual producers. Let me know)

  6. I can write a song in 30 minutes by getting a newspaper and looking for a story then writing the lyrics. Once I know the mood of the song I pick a Key major or minor. Then I pick the chord and song structure like Intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, break, chorus, outro. It's a 3 minute 45 sec song. Your spending to much time on how things sound. But I enjoyed watching you sweat. Hahaha. Keep up the great video's.

  7. Oh my God what software is he using it's the same one as cg5 and on really like to know so I can tell my brother who has a Music Channel th13 music so we can make better music please reply to this comment through me so I can know I've been trying to figure this out for a while and I'm kind of sad that I can't figure it out

  8. Own you is one of my favorite songs of roomie and i just realized that it was made in less than an hour, just a prove that roomie is one of the best…

  9. Woah, I had no idea that own you was made in 58 minutes. I love the song and I thought it was like a big project. If I didnt watch this I would never had known 😅 😆😍

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