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Intense Collagen Non Surgical Face Lift

Intense Collagen Non Surgical Face Lift

When you’ve completed the CP6 or the CP7 non-surgical facelift,
and now all you need is an intense collagen lift, this is the room where that magic occurs. Our intense collagen lift
is a proprietary protocol that works with your
skin’s natural physiology. It is holistic in its orientation because we are stimulating
your skin to do what it used to do when it was young and
healthy, firmed and toned. These treatments are completely customized for each individual patient depending on what we see
when we assess your skin, from simply aging and thinning skin to skin that may be younger
but pock marked from scarring from acne scarring or sun damage. We will design the protocol specifically to generate the most effective response and the most beautiful result. – Well that intense
collagen lift that I got with the CP5 laser treatment
was really effective as I described with the plastic surgeon, going in and trying to
get some kind of surgery to happen right here. You know right here is
where I really felt like I needed it. And the plastic surgeon
office wouldn’t even take me, they said that the result that I would get is not as drastic or not as dramatic as they would like me to see because I’ve taken such
good care of my skin. And what I didn’t tell
them is that you took such great care of my skin, AMA took such great care of my skin. – [Doctor] Old deteriorated
collagen deep in the dermis will be targeted in order
to accelerate its removal by your body’s own natural processes. This is important because the old collagen has to be removed before the new collagen will be created. We will also directly
target fibroblast cells throughout your dermis. Fibroblasts are the cells
that produce collagen, and we are going to get them to produce amplified quantities
of new, young collagen. The kind that you had
when you were a teenager. Healthy, firmed and toned. This lifts the skin back into its natural, more youthful profile
for a dramatic, beautiful and natural facelift. – I’ve really noticed, in
fact I actually thought I was losing weight ’cause
I was getting a little more you know, shape
to my face which I was very excited about. And then we’re gonna continue
that ’cause obviously I’ve got some more work to do here, but it’s a really great start and I’m looking forward to more. – [Doctor] With the use
of this magical skin care technology throughout
the year, say goodbye to your tired, older looking skin. And enjoy the lift you’ve
been looking for naturally.

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