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Internet TV For Free Part 3: European Internet TV Channels Demo!

You can see we’ve got Europe, the Middle East We’re going to go into Europe! We’ll go down the list… And France You have quite a few channels to choose from, we’ll go this CANAL2 Here we go! That’s probably enough for that. Coming back to our list… and let’s see what else we have here. Fashion TV… We’ll try this… France 24 We’ll go down the list a little bit more There’s just so many things Live Sports Net Gaming We’re going to NJR TV Paris Alright so we got to see a bit of Stargate SG-1… and we’ll come out…and take a look at some Pop/Rock This is great for music video fans Ok, so coming out, we’re still in France And back to our country list Let’s try Germany! See what we can find here. There was Ballroom TV for those of you interested in dance. Fashion TV again. This time we’ll give it a try. …And we’ll come back to our list Sometimes it’s hard to know what to choose! Let’s see what we’ve got. Motor Bike Sports TV… We’ll take a look for another news channel. Let’s see what N-TV is. We’re going to come back to the list here. We’ll go down a little bit further We’ll try one of these NDR stations…. NDR Hamburg Some great wildlife here. Back to our list now. We’ll leave Germany and going down our list of countries… This is Italy. Going to the first one here. This is 2000 TV. So this is something we don’t usually get to see. Coming out. Still in Italy, we will go down the list a little further. What shall we choose!? Ok. Another news channel. RAI Coming back to our list… Still in Italy We’ll go down a little further. Here we find some sports. We’ll go into SI Sport Italia Alright! That was golf news from Italy. Coming back to our countries in Europe We go through a little farther, and let’s try Spain! This is another 24 hour channel. Let’s just take a quick look there and back to our list of Spanish Channels. Going down the channels from Spain We’ll try Interconomia for some economics

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