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Interventional Radiologist Daniel Sheeran, MD

Interventional Radiologist Daniel Sheeran, MD

My name is Daniel Sheeran. I’m in the department of Radiology and Medical
Imaging, within that, the division of Interventional Radiology. We do image guided procedures that are minimally
invasive in nature; so we see patients on an in-patient out-patient setting and if they
do need something, like that type of procedure, that is what we provide for them. My grandfather was an internal medicine physician. When I was growing up, I got to see him as
a physician, and knew I always wanted to do something where you wouldn’t just be sitting
at a desk; where you would be working with people on a daily basis, and doing something
where you really felt good about your job when you went home at the end of the day. I think the most rewarding part has been:
not all of our procedures are curative, unfortunately some of our procedures are palliative in nature,
but the ones that are curative, when you see those patients at 4 weeks, you know, at 8
weeks, at a year, to see they are still doing well, it’s really nice to see patients. We’ve made an incision the size of a fingernail
and yet here we are with a curative result for their problem.

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