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Interventional radiology and diabetic foot treatment

Interventional radiology and diabetic foot treatment

Essentially in my lecture, what I’m trying
to highlight is that there is a vast iceberg of diabetic foot disease out there and that
very many of the diabetic foot complications very rarely present to foot specialists, vascular
surgeons and interventional radiologists. It’s really trying to understand the natural
history of diabetic foot disease which will empower us to make informed decisions about
when to intervene and when not to intervene. I had two sessions: one was a workshop on
BTK techniques – advanced techniques, tricks and tips; and the second session was on patient-based
outcomes after interventional treatment in the BTK area. We had to review patients before
and after treatment for critical limb ischaemia. I think interdisciplinary teamwork is very
important in diabetic foot management. Diabetes and diabetic foot ulceration is a really heterogeneous
group of complications, for example problems related to kidney disease and eye disease,
and sugar control, as well as vascular complications. Choosing the timing and the correct form of
intervention is very, very important. Interventional radiologists are involved at the decision-making
stage about planning intervention. IR can prevent a lot of amputations, so interventional
treatment clearly should be the first choice if ever possible and then we will obviate
amputation in many cases. I think it’s enhanced patient care. I think
that’s key to enhancing my own practice so it really offers patients solutions which
we never would have thought were possible ten or fifteen years ago, so we work very
collaboratively with our interventional radiologists.

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