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Interview with David A. Wolf

Interview with David A. Wolf

>>We spoke with David Wolf, a 1978 Purdue graduate
and NASA astronaut. Here are some of the
things David had to say about his Purdue experience.>>Just the word
Purdue, hearing it, brings a whole flood
of memories. If I’m ever feeling down, all
I have to do is think back on those days at Purdue, and
I feel better right away. It’s just a rich, rich environment
educationally, socially. It’s a beautiful
part of the Midwest. The cradle of astronauts
— what is it about Purdue? There’s a magic there. I feel it. All of us that have been
at Purdue feel that magic. It produces not only
the finest astronauts, it produces the finest
people for every trade or academic institution. There’s just nothing like that
spot in the beautiful Midwest where academics is so important and personal values
are so important. It just rings true for
anyone that knows them. Purdue generated the first and
the last human on the moon. Neil Armstrong, the first,
has inspired all of us and many young people. I’ve met him several times,
sat next to him at dinners, and I never fail to sense
his character, his openness, his willingness to
share his experience. He exemplifies the Purdue
graduate, the Purdue astronaut, and just the kind of
person that is a mentor and inspires all of us.

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