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Name your character, and what’s one thing about that character you like? I think William Murdoch is very intelligent,
far more intelligent than I am. I would say the same about Julia but she’s
also just very graceful, you know it’s the nature of the Victorian Era. All of our characters are more graceful than
we are in our lives and for me it’s just so much fun to embody with clothes and everything. The grace and pious, well it’s not pious which
is very sweet, you know? It’s fun. Which leads me into my next question, what
challenges did you have playing a role in a period piece? Because not many shows are period pieces so
it’s a different world. You always have a language to contend with. Just the way in which- it’s English but it’s
constructed differently. -And keeping that consistent is difficult. Yeah, that can be difficult but some actors
come on and just- it’s a skill so you have to get you head around it and your mouth around
when you’re always speaking. So what did you do to do that? Were there exercises that you did? It’s repetition and luckily we have great
writers that lay it out for us pretty seamlessly so just like stepping into the suit, you’re
in the character. Speaking of suit, that is one of the challenges
is often being way too hot. -Way, way too hot. -In the middle of the summer, those clothes
are just too hot. Yeah, I can imagine. I don’t know why or how they lived. No. All year round, same suit. I don’t understand it. How has your experience on the show impacted
your lives? From start to finish now. It’s been a really fantastic thing to have
a show that’s been so successful and has gone on for so long. As an actor, that’s really sometimes a once
in a lifetime experience to have something last for so long. It could be 10 years by the time it stops,
we don’t know. And so that’s just a great thing as an actor
to have that base and you can do lot’s of other things but knowing that it’s there is
really nice. It’s a bit odd to sort of watch yourself age
on television, you’re associated with one project for so long, you start seeing the
re-runs when you started and you’re like, “Oh boy, I’m getting older! My hair is going and so is everything else!” But just being embraced by my country I think
has been the biggest highlight. People saying, “I sit down with my family,
we don’t miss a show, we sit together and it’s one thing we all agree on.” Things like that, I mean what else brings
families together? It’s really an incredible incredible thing. What does being part of the Canadian TV culture
in general mean to you? Well the fact that people in Canada are watching
Canadian television is very different. I came up in a time when we sort of apologized
for the stuff we were making- it was under-funded, it was under-publicized and often just sort
of leftover type of content that was mandatory, you know, they had to make it and nobody was
really all that interested in doing a great job. And that’s different now, you know. It’s really changed in the last while. The culture is receptive of it, we are proud
to be Canadian and proud to make Canadian stuff. I’m so proud that there’s a lot of Canadian
content out there, it’s great. And how does it make you feel to have such
a huge fan base, not only in Canada but all over the world? I don’t know. The best of it is we have a ton of people
that worked really hard, at any given time there’s a hundred people working their ass
off on this show and for it to be a success is a huge huge boost for all of them. Yeah for all of them. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without
everybody putting in so much effort, everybody really believes in the show and I think it
shows. It’s great, this festival right now, a lot
of our crew can come to the show today and they don’t often get celebrated. there’s some people that there’s no awards
for them you know in any department, anywhere and it’s unfortunate because the work is genius
what they do. Yeah, something like today when that last
frame rolls and everybody stands up and claps, which I hope they’ll do, every single member
of our team will be able to go, “Yeah, I did that!” And that’s the great thing about this
type of awards. That’s great, well congratulations, I think
it’s a fantastic show. I love period pieces so thank you so much. Yay! Thank you! Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see
you at next year’s festival.


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  2. This show is fantastic, thank you Canada!  As Mr. Bisson said, its something we can all sit and watch with our parents and our children.  Absolutely terrific, thank you so much for your efforts!

  3. as an American I truly appreciate the episodes where Clegg is involved. He may well be an American as well, but I don't like him either. In defense of my somewhat overbearing Country, let me say how much I, as do many of my friends, love and appreciate Murdoch and all of the characters in MM. The story lines are facinating, and the references to the births of inventions that we of this age take for granted keep viewers watching closely. I find myself watching reruns just to see what I have missed. I hope that this series lasts at least 10 years, after all we know that somehow Julia finds out she's not sterile after all and William Murdoch Jr is born in 1904. Great Program Canada!!!

  4. I love this show!! And I wonder why William isn't waring his wedding ring!! Want more kisses and hug's with William and Julia. Love it!!!!

  5. We are a huge fan of Murdoch Mysteries and since we started watching this amazing show we stopped watching all the previous shows such as The mentalist, the Castle etc. I wish that all Canadians watch this wonderful show with its brilliant cast.

  6. i cannot stand helene joy in murdoch or any other thing. she comes off as looking like a floosey in anything shes wearing.

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