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Intouch IT7150 Wireless Digital Picture Frame

Intouch IT7150 Wireless Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames are getting
more and more advanced every day. And this digital picture frame,
which is the Intouch IT7150, is probably one of the most advanced
digital picture frames I’ve seen. It actually comes
with built-in Wi-Fi. So, you can pull your photos
straight from your Facebook, your Flickr, or your
Picasa account, as long as your particular
album has an RSS Feed. Now this picture frame comes with
a seven inch, touch screen display, it’s an 800×480 resolution,
with a 16×9 wide screen display, and it’s so easy to use. In fact, as soon as you turn
on the digital picture frame, you have the option to calibrate, and once I calibrated it, I didn’t have
a problem at all, going into the menus was actually really,
really easy. Now you also have access to 800,
and yes, you are hearing that right, Internet TV stations. OK so you can
watch the news on here, you can watch a bunch of
different community stations, and you have a 19,000 Internet radio
and Podcast stations to listen to as well. In fact, I was listening to
music from Argentina the other day, and I liked the salsa, it was great. Now you have 128 MG of
internal storage, but, it also takes SD, MS, and
MMC, CF, and XD cards, OK? Or you can load your photos,
via a USB flash drive, so you have a couple different options. Also, the coolest part or one of the coolest
parts is that this digital picture frame comes with a rechargeable battery,
and you’re like “what’s so great about that?” Well, OK, most digital picture frames
don’t come with that option. And you have the ability to unplug,
take your frame, jump on the couch with
friends and family, and sort through
all of your photos. OK? And speaking of
friends and family, it really makes a great gift. I mean, especially for
grandma and grandpa, who aren’t that tech-savvy, they can just, you know,
pull all of the photos, straight from your
online photo album. Just, you know make sure you
keep a separate account for that. So, they are grandma and grandpa worthy. Alright, so let’s take a quick tour
around this digital picture frame, and in fact I’m going to
start by un-plugging it, and you can see that
even without the power cord, it still stays on because
it has a rechargeable battery. So again you have your seven inch
completely touch screen display. Then I turn it to the side, and right here is your card reader for your
SD or MMC or MS and your XD cards. And down below you
have your CF card reader, and actually, not a lot of digital picture
frames, come with a CF card reader. So that’s a cool feature. Up top, right here,
you have your mode selection button, and right below that,
you’ll see you have your USB port, so you can just hook
up your flash drive, and load all your photos that way,
if you choose. And turning over
to the final side, you have your on and off switch,
your audio out for your headphones, and your mini USB port,
so you can plug into your PC, and right there,
that’s your reset button. Now this stand actually has
a couple different levels, and you can make it lower
or higher, very easily, and let’s not forget you have
your stereo speakers up front and so when you’re listening to all
of your free Internet radio stations, the sound quality will be great. So now let’s go into all
the different menus, and show you how this
digital picture frame works, and we’ll just hit
the ‘Main Menu’ button, which is those four squares,
brings you to the main menu, and we’re going to go into ‘Photo.’ And right now you can see
how you have the choice to choose photos that
are saved on the frame, from your memory card, from your
home network, or pull them from the web. And we’re going
to pull them from the web. And let’s go into Picasa. And I actually set up my Picasa account. Which is really easy to do. You just need your RSS feed,
OK so here we go, just got to click on the folder, double click actually, OK. So, there it is.
There is my ComputerTV folder, and I’m going to click on there, there, loading. And look, you can see
all of my photos, and we’re actually right now,
pulling them from the web, onto the picture frame.
OK? And you can click
on any one of these. There you go. And it starts the slideshow up. So that’s how easy it is. But remember you also have
the choice to pull photos from your memory card or your flash drive. OK so let’s get out of here. And you’re going to want to
look for the back button, which is all the
way down here, go back, OK. And, let’s get out of here,
let’s click the X, and go back to the Main Menu. ‘News,’ this is really cool. OK, so you can go into ‘News.’
You’ll see you have all these RSS feeds, already set up for you,
so you can sort by local, by ‘World News, Entertainment, Tech.,
Business, Science,’ I mean you have all
these different options. And, you can add your own
news RSS feeds on here as well, so you can see
in the middle, ‘Gizmodo,’ that is one
that I added myself. Oh, there we go. And by double clicking,
there you go, you can see all
of the stories. And it’s real time, too. OK, so let’s get out of here. Hit, ‘about,’
there it just refreshed. There you go, real time. Let’s get out of here and
we’re back at the main menu, we’re going to go into ‘Media.’
OK? And, this is how you have
access to your Web TV, and your Internet radio.
OK? And you’ll see right over here the tab,
it says ‘Web TV / Internet Radio.’ OK? And this is awesome,
I really love this. So you can sort by local stations,
by genre, by location, and let’s go and sort by location. And it’s going to load. And look at this you can listen to
music from the Middle East, from Europe, from really anywhere in the world, and
let’s just click on ‘Central America,’ here, and go into Honduras,
OK and even more so, let’s go into, let’s go into ‘Latin Hits.’
OK? And look, there’s a station
right there, let’s listen to this. OK. Radio global.
It’s buffering. Nice, OK, so we’re now, we’re actually
listening to a real radio station, in real time, from Honduras.
So cool, OK. So let’s go into ‘Web TV.’
Shall we? And I’m just going to go up here,
I’m just going to X out, of this. Where’d our Main Menu go? OK let’s go back
to our Main Menu, hit ‘Back to Media,’ and let’s go into again,
‘Web TV / Radio.’ OK, let’s go down to ‘Web TV.’
Right here. And let’s sort by location. I’m going to go into, ‘North America.’
Oh no. Go back. Go back. There we go. OK, let’s try this again. ‘Location,’ ‘North America,’ ‘United States,’ and I’m going to go into ‘Florida,’
oh that’s Georgia, here you go ‘Florida.’ And I’m going to go to ‘All Stations.’ And look at this. WSVN is actually
a local news station here in Miami, and we’re going to watch what
they are broadcasting right now. OK I don’t know what that is,
earlier we were watching the traffic, Oh. OK we’re watching
the news right now. Very cool. Very, very cool. OK. Let’s go back. So there you have it. You can
also listen to Podcasts as well. So this is media, and let’s not forget you
can load your MP3’s, all your music, and your video on here as well. But honestly the coolest part is the
Web TV and the Internet Radio. It’s completely free and you
don’t even need a subscription, it comes pre-loaded with
all of these stations. OK, alright so we’re back at our slide show,
let’s go into the main menu, and go into ‘Tools.’
Now when you’re in here, the typical stuff that comes
on digital picture frames. You have your clock
and you have your calendar. OK, so there you have it,
this is the seven inch, Intouch, completely touch screen,
Wireless Digital Picture Frame. And you know what?
I’m just going to predict this right now, I think this is going to be a
really hot item for the holidays. It actually makes
a great gift, for anyone in the family,
not just grandma and grandpa, but sister, brother, I mean
who doesn’t have a best friend, come on! And you know what, this like totally
brightens up my cubicle I must say I walk in, I get to see all my pictures,
get to listen to free radio, you know, check out the news,
it’s a great, great, great product. So, check it out, again, it’s the Intouch
seven inch, Wireless Digital Picture Frame. I’m Sam, and we’ll
see you guys next time. For more information on the Intouch seven
inch, Wireless Touch Screen Picture Frame, just visit any of
these major retailers, and type in G98-1000
into the search box. For Computer TV,
I’m Sam.

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  1. Cool I like it. I would get that for my cubicle @ work. Also, Argentina DOES play salsa music…just like the USA does.

  2. so what argentinean radio stations have salsa???? I'm in Buenos Aires right now, listens to that here, sorry 😛
    meta cumbia guachiiiin!!!

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