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Free Internet Radio Stations

IPTV / Streaming mit den Media Player bei einen Linux Enigma 2 Kabel / Satelliten Receiver

First you need a m3u playlist. Search at Google for “iptv m3u playlist”. The most files that you can download are finished playlists or you must create an own playlist. When you must create an playlist, then create a new text file. The file name does not matter. Then copy the addresses that you have from the Internet, in the txt file. Save the file now and change the extension from .txt to .m3u. Upload the file to your Box, Use an FTP-program like FileZilla. Create a folder with the name like IPTV or anything else on your receiver. You can add a folder directly to the receiver or on an attached hard drive or USB stick and copy the m3u file into this folder. Next steps on your receiver. Start your Media Player. If you don’t have a Media Player on your Receiver, than you can download there from the extension feed. Now open the folder with the m3u file. Open the m3u file. Now you can select the individual streams / addresses. To start the stream, press the ok button. That was all… If you have question, then write me. Thank´s for watching.

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