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Is the scope of the impeachment proceedings too limited?

This impeachment proceeding will only be limited
to, as Nancy Pelosi said, Ukraine. For example, could it go to issues of children
dying on the border? And the reason I ask this is, the House Judiciary
Committee, under Nixon, did write up articles of impeachment, didn’t they? Yes. Against Nixon for the secret bombing of Cambodia. No, they — I drafted that. That was rejected. But the articles of impeachment about abuse
of power went through a litany of things — for example, audits, ordering IRS to do audits
of his political opponents. That’s what Nixon did. That was one of the articles of impeachment
— that was part of the articles of impeachment. Illegal wiretapping of journalists and his
staff members, a break-in into Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office to look for information
to smear him with. So, this wasn’t —
Sound like Ukraine? That was Article II of the impeachment articles. And it also included the abuse of his power
to cover up the Watergate break-in. And why didn’t these articles of impeachment
that you drafted — they didn’t get passed, but the ones about the secret bombing, why
weren’t they included? The article about the secret bombing was not
included. I voted for it, and a number of others did,
but not a majority, because — I don’t really know the answer to that. I’m speculating, but I think it was not
adopted because the chair wanted the broadest support possible for the impeachment articles. And this, because the Vietnam War was still
so raw and still so — matter of such concern, I think the leadership felt that that was
going to be too political, and it would make the rest of the articles seem to be political
— in other words, policy-oriented as opposed to abuse of power-oriented. I think that was a mistake, but, anyway, the
fact of the matter is that those three articles of impeachment still are historical and still
have never really been attacked. And they are relevant today, because we have
Trump stymieing and obstructing the impeachment effort. He’s got no authority to do that, but he
is doing that and trying to destroy the balance of — the checks and balances system. The Framers of the Constitution put impeachment
into the Constitution to protect our democracy from a rogue president. And he says, “Well, it’s a witch hunt. It’s, you know, not lawful, not right.” That’s what the Framers intended.

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