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ISTE Keynote – Jad Abumrad, Radiolab

ISTE Keynote – Jad Abumrad, Radiolab

There is a utility to that negative mind state.
Obviously, you need moments where you’re feeling good and
you’re creating great dreams but you also need moments where you realize
those aren’t good enough yet and so what the negativity does is it acts
as a kind of thrust to push you through that first idea, and that
second idea until you get to the thirteenth idea that’s
really novel so that negativity actually exists for a reason
I deeply believe but again, this is something I wish somebody
had taught me there is a usefulness to feeling bad. I think he’s very inspirational
he had some really good points that kind of encourage us and help us teachers continue
to be learners and change our mindset. as teachers, we’re constantly trying to up our game,
trying to take that lesson that we had last year
and making it better or scrapping everything and trying things
over again you’re going to have inevitably that gap when
you go ahead and start something new
just persevere through it because this gap may last for one day or ten
days or months or years, but when you finally get
it you’re going to get there
I think it’s good to show that with kids, too
It’s ok to be a little unsettled because that’s where you’re going to have that growth and
learning and that ah-ha I think one of the biggest things I took away is the importance
of going with that gut feeling but when you have an end goal
it’s actually not at all about that end goal but the journey in between in getting to that
end goal.

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