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italians react to TRCNG SPECTRUM MV [ENG SUB]

italians react to TRCNG SPECTRUM M\V [ENG SUB]

hii I’m delly and I’m benny and now we’ll react to this new group that we saw is from the same agency as BAP and I don’t know how to pronunce this so I’ll just say this in Italian I’m sorry TRCNG Spectrum at least we can spell Spectrum and since they’re from the same agency as BAP I already like this bc normally……..let’s see like Sonamooo…….how fucking many are they? how many are they??? Maybe is the same people like in ine of Pentagon’s video,I hope bc otherwise HELP they are 10,I read that….ah ok…….they are born in 2000-2001 i got some info you can see that they’re little he reminds me of one from Boyfriend wait omg they are young how to shut up us it’s like he’s telling you “who the fuck did you call young?”………..yesss i swear I’m really like “I’m sorry” those stares SHIP SHIP! they’re so good at dancing but also the voices…they are really good boy your tshirt! you did that on purpose girl I like this song a lot this is not good omg,but there are some hot boys well you can actually see that… but this ships??!!! x2 ok……it is the Kavoshin! (Kaoru and Shingi from Evangelion) there’s a piano he was hot I also liked him I adoreee this no,I mean…I don’t know what to say he’s so good and ahhhh omg guys that guy’s rap!! so coool all these kinki stuff?? Have u finished? omg it sound like some anime intro guys all these ships also the hand they’re all good looking those stares ….yes,and they’re ALL good looking that guy eyes! I knew that u’ll like him he has write on his face “Benny likes me” lol or “Benny’s bias” my feels…even if I don’t know them but those looks I don’t like u,u’re too good looking guys but how…he was chinese! (lol he isn’t) he has a chinese face so “another Benny’s bias” bc I always get the chinese one no he’s young,he’s so young is 16 or 17 boyyy no!…high note! those strong vocals omg so handsome,the white one it’s the same one idiot I got it later lol no,no wnow we’ll remember them and then everyone do those stuff how cool is it this part? listen but…he’s really good or they are really good…I don’t understand if it’s only one of them no it’s more than one guys…how pretty are they??? is the one that looks chinese,it’s him that has those beautiful eyes guys the visuals so..please if u know how to pronunce the name write on the comments but also if u know the members…is ok write them yes since we really like them write some info on the comments and well like u saw we really liked the song and the dance also also the visuals vocals….and yeah,put a like on the video if u liked it and see u soon,byee

6 comments on “italians react to TRCNG SPECTRUM M\V [ENG SUB]

  1. Actually I found the members's name , if you are still interessed in it XD

    JiHun : 09/01/00 ,176 cm, vocalist
    HaYoung : 22/08/00 , 181cm , vocalist
    TaeSon : 17/09/00 , 182cm, leader and vocalist
    HakMin : 20/09/00, 171cm, sub vocalist and dancer ( and my bias, plus we have the same birthday with one year differene since I'm a 99liner XD)
    WooYeop : 27/09/00, 179cm, sub vocalist and dancer
    Jisung : 21/12/00 , 171cm, "high rap"
    HyunWoo : 21/01/01 , 173cm, "low rap" and dancer
    SiWoo : 11/05/01 , 178cm, "low rap" ( can also speak russian )
    HoHyeon : 14/10/01, 177cm, Main rapper
    KangMin : 13/11/01, 169cm, dance

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