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Iwi radio stations sign MOU with Radio NZ

Te Whakaruruhau o
Nga Reo Irirangi Maori and RNZ have signed a partnership
to share content with each other. It’s part of a deal
that’ll also mean that RNZ will train iwi radio staff
and demonstrates RNZ’s commitment to widening its
Maori language resources. Eruera Rerekura reports. By working together and developing relationships
resources will be expand. For a long time I disagreed
with what RNZ was doing because they only had a small amount
of content pertaining to things Maori. This agreement also gives more depth
and more substance to each organisation’s content. However, Mr Jackson
has a challenge for RNZ to increase their Maori
related content to 15% and include Maori presenters. That’s what we really want
in the years to come. We also want to see a Maori person presenting on RNZ programmes
during prime time. But, RNZ’s chief executive wants
to change the culture at his organisation. In the end both Mr Jackson
and Mr Thompson both want to see positive outcomes
for both organisations. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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