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Jackie B – Radiology Tech

Jackie B – Radiology Tech

I love that ProHealth
Care is a huge part of the community. My family and I grew up
going to ProHealth Care. My mom had worked at ProHealth Care and she was extremely
happy with the atmosphere and the team that she was working with. And they happened to have an
opening in medical records, so I wanted to be part of that team. Then throughout college I
continued with ProHealth Care, being a receptionist in pediatrics. And I started to go to radiology school and as well wanted to be
continued part of the team. ProHealth Care helped me go back to school to get my radiologic technology degree. They helped with tuition
reimbursement as well. I would highly recommend
working at ProHealth Care because of the family atmosphere. We have an amazing facility, great technology. I love the rapport with our doctors. The staff, they’re always
willing to lend a helping hand and take care of our patients. And they just go above and beyond.

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