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Jackie W – Diagnostic Radiology

Jackie W – Diagnostic Radiology

As a radiology technologist, I would definitely say
if you are considering getting a job at ProHealth Care that this is one of the
best places to work. The organization does
take care of their people. They are very, very good
at solving problems. And everybody is very kind and respectful. I live in Waukesha County, and I wanted to service
the people in my community. I felt that if I was
working at an organization and I might see my neighbors
or a family member. And now I feel like I’m helping my family or my next door neighbor. I love working for ProHealth Care because of the people. I think everybody at ProHealth Care is genuinely caring, kind, takes time out of their
day to even say hello, and help whenever they need to be helpful. If you’re the type of person
that is compassionate, a hard worker, works as a team, and always puts a smile on your face, then you are a ProHealth Care employee.

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