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Jazzy Art Box Unboxing & Spectrum Noir Illustrator First Impressions

Jazzy Art Box Unboxing & Spectrum Noir Illustrator First Impressions

G’day ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Draw
With Jazza. I’m Jazza, and today we’re heading over to Canada to ask my friend Jenna Gets
Creative what she thinks of the Jazza’s Jazzy Art Box. Here it finally is! The Jazza’s Jazzy
Art Box. This is of course his collaboration with Smart Art Box, a subscription box I have
never done before. It’s on the more expensive side because they ship it out with a full
lesson already prepared. This is not that. This is his technically one-time run. He did
do a second run. Orders on that are completely done now. The only way to get one of these
boxes now is to win a contest that he’s running. He is running one right now. Go check out
his channel to find out information about that. But let’s go ahead, open this up, take
a look at what’s inside. And of course, you’ve probably seen other people unbox this, but
there’s the Jazza face that you just saw me being foolish with in the intro. Alright.
Opening it up… We have a book mark. Cool. This is the signed in print print that he
did using all of the supplies in the box. Very nice. It’s a little bent in the corner,
but that’s okay. This will definitely be going up on my wall of prints. And it looks like
that means I’m not one of the lucky few who had an original artwork, but that’s okay,
I wasn’t expecting that. First up we have a Uni-Ball Signo white gel pen. This one in
the box says broad, and mine don’t. So I guess that means this is a thicker nib than mine.
It looks like there’s a ghosted white print on the end here, so you can’t really tell
what sort of ink level is in there, but full it should only come up to there. Tricky, tricky!
We have a mechanical pencil. This is a 0.5, which is nice. I do have some 0.5 lead in
2H, which is my prefered lead. We have a Faber-Castell dust-free eraser. We have a Tombow brush pen,
calligraphy pen. What is that? Ooo! It’s a lettering tool. Lettering guide. That’s cool.
I do own one of these. It’s downstairs right now, but I do already own one of these. And
I do like them. I keep this in my travel bag all the time. We have a Prismacolor Col-Erase
pencil in blue. I do love Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils, and I have the lighter “non-photo”
blue, but now I have the darker blue. That is cool. That’s nice. We have a fineliner
Graphix set from Marabu. I am really interested and exited to try these out, because I do
really like Marabu products. I’m surprised he doesn’t have Uni-Pin in here. There’s the
brush nib. We got the 0.8, the big boy. We have a 0.4. Now I don’t actually own any other
fineliner in a 0.4. I have a gel pen in a 0.4, but no other fineliners, so that’s a
nice addition. And a 0.2. We have another Tombow pen. This is a water based ink pen
that is dual tipped. We have a brush on this end, and we have a little bullet nib on this
end. Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils. I already own all of them, some of them in duplicate,
so this is triplicate for these colours, but that’s okay! I love Faber-Castell Polychromos
pencils, and I will definitely be keeping these 12 separate so that I can do 12 colour
challenges and make some nice art using just the 12 set. It’s the Sneak Attack markers!
Spectrum Noir Illustrator brush makrers in the limited edition, exclusive Jazza packaging.
Like he said, ooo! They made him shiny! I am so excited for these! Here they are, we
have 12 markers. It does include a blender, which is really nice. It’s nice when a small
set includes a blender. A lot of times they don’t. So that end is a bullet nib. Generally
a brush nib markers has a *chisel on the other end. And there’s the brush, and of course
this is the new firmer brush. We have some X-PressIt Blending Card. I do love X-PressIt
blending card. This is from Marker Universe. You probably already know if you watch me
for anything markers, but that used to be Imagination Inc, and I believe they had
was their old URL. But they’re no longer a Copic distributor. They’re branching out to
other brands. Evidently they still have X-PressIt, which is nice. And I’ve had sample size papers
from X-PressIt before… (noises digging through cupboard) Also from these guys. This is the
fancy pencil case he had them custom make for this box. And like Baylee Jae noticed,
it has a little snappy to hold the zipper closed. That is so cool! Very nice. Nice,
simple, good thick, tight elastics. Very nice. And last but not least, the Hahnemühle sketchbook.
So this is 190gsm, 90lbs. There are 80 pages. So this… I believe at this weight is a mix
media sketchbook. Technically. “Natural white sketch paper with fine grain for defined pen
control and delicate hatchings.” Interersting. So, I have tried Hahnemühle papers before,
because they come in ScrawlrBox quite a lot, but I’ve never had a sketchbook from them,
and I’ve seen people have a lot of success with all sorts of media in this. It is reasonably
thick paper. It’s fairly smooth, which is good for working in marker. I’ll have to see
what it’s like working in pencil in this, because normally I don’t like working on the
same type of paper for both pencil and marker, and this definitely feels good for marker.
Also be interesting to see how it hangles watercolour. That’s not in the box, so clearly
that wasn’t his intent, but I gotta try everything, right? Alright, so there is the Hahnemühle
sketchbook. For the rest of this video, I decided to test the Spectrum Noir markers.
I’ll definitely be doing more videos with the supplies in this box, but this is YouTube.
We don’t want to make the videos too long! So first let’s talk about the markers, and
then I’ll actually read off that product card from the box and talk about the other items
and my plans and ideas for them . I started out by swatching each of the Spectrum
Noir markers on cardstock compared to 2-3 other branded markers in my collection. I
specifically made columns to compare Copic, Spectra AD, and “other” for everything else.
Then I started with the greys and regretted my decision to dedicate a column to Spectra
AD because I don’t own a single grey in that brand! But if you’ve seen my other marker
review videos, you’ll know I think Spectra AD is truly the best Copic dupe out there,
and I believe Blick Studio’s brush markers and refills are the same product with different
branding, so that opinion applies to them as well. But anyway, quick rundown of the
colour comparisons. The greys we were given are all “Ice Grey” shades, which I can only
assume is their cool greys. After allowing them to dry on the page for a while, they
do seem to match up in terms of value with my Copic greys, and the shades are “cooler”
in tone than my Winsor & Newton cool greys. Moving on to the colours, B03 Amber is a mid
to dark value orange. It’s warm, but a little desaturated. In my collection it’s most similar
to Spectra AD 016 Orange. TN3 Apricot is the darker of the two skin tones we’ve been given.
It’s a little darker than Copic’s barely beige, and a little warmer than Winsor & Newton’s
putty. You’ll notice for Spectra AD I swatched 123 Soft Coral and it’s WAY too pink for comparison,
and that’s because that particular shade seems to have faded a ridiculous amount on my Spectra
AD swatch sheet. I must have left that end of the sheet poking out of my swatches folder.
Oops! The other skin tone, TN1 Pale Tan is definitely pinker than I would expect anything
called “tan” to be, but it’s a nice warm, light skin tone. It looks like it’s about
2 values darker than Copic’s E00 Cotton Pearl, and maybe just 1 value lighter than E11 barely
beige. The yellow, CT4 Dandelion, seems to be a nice warm yellow. It’s definitely warmer
than a true primary yellow, but it’s close to primary. It’s almost a perfect dupe for
Copic’s Y15 Cadmium Yellow. The green LG5 Grass Green, appears to be a pretty good dupe
for Ohuhu’s Grass Green, and just a touch lighter than Copic’s G07 Nile Green. The blue,
TB6 Ultramarine, is a little more desaturated than the ultramarine shades from Copic and
Spectra AD. The purple, LV3 Amethyst, doesn’t really duplicate any other colour I personally
own, but it’s closest to Winsor & Newton’s Amethyst. Finally, the red, DR1 Red, is most
similar (in my collection) to Copic’s R37 Carmine. It has a definite pinkness to it,
and if it were water soluble it would make some very lovely natural floral pinks, but
given that it’s the set’s only red and it’s simply called “red,” I wish it were more of
a true red. Once I was done with those swatches, I laid
down the darkest grey and tested the colourless blender. Yup, it’s a blender. I tested blending
these markers with themselves and my other brands, and these markers blend most similarly
to Winsor & Newton. Again, if you’ve watched my other marker review videos, you might know
that’s not exactly the result I was hoping for. This means there’s more alcohol in this
formula than most other brands, so if you use these together with other brands of markers
like Copic and Spectra AD, these markers are going to be a bit of a bully and push the
other inks around at the edges wherever they’re blended or laid down side by side. That means
the overlapped areas where you blended Spectrum Noir to another brand might not look very
flat and smooth, and the edges where the blend stops or where the two inks meet might have
a little bit of a darker edge on the other marker’s side. As for the brush nibs, this
is the first run of Spectrum Noir’s new firmer nibs, and after comparing the nibs to my other
brands, they seem most similar to Spectra AD, and definitely firmer than Winsor & Newton.
Overall I do really like these markers, and I’m glad to have them in my collection. The
Amber and Amethyst shades in particular definitely add the most to my collection in terms of
diversity. I do like the brush nibs as well, and the bullet nibs are pretty standard. Before
trying these markers, I wasn’t aware that there were any brands out there besides PrismaColor
that did alcohol markers with a brush and bullet nib combination, rather than brush
and chisel. The barrels are a little longer than Copics and other brands but not excessively
so. The hexagon shape is a little weird. I don’t mind holding the hexagon shape much,
but it’s not a perfectly equal hexagon. Two of the sides are longer than the others, so
the caps don’t go on in every orientation, which makes re-capping the markers trickier
than rounded barrel shapes. Similar to the Spectra AD markers, the end that is more clearly
marked by a ring on the end of the barrel is NOT the brush nib end, which could get
confusing for people who are used to Copic and most other brands which highlight the
brush end. I have heard that Spectrum Noir markers are refillable, so if these markers
are cheaper and/or more easily available to you than Copics or any of the other big competitors,
they certainly aren’t a bad choice. I won’t personally be going out of my way to get more,
but that’s only because I already have a decent sized marker collection, and I’m already pretty
happy with Spectra AD as my most accessible Copic alternative.
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The piece I decided to do to get a feel for working with these markers is a lorikeet,
and I’m doing it on the X-PressIt blending card that was included in the box. I made
heavy use of the blender to lighten up feathers on the lorikeet, particularly among his blue
feathers, and the texture came through really well. I already shared this piece on the Lachri
Fine Art artist group on MeWe, and I’ve only received compliments, so I guess I’m not the
only one who thinks it turned out well! Let’s pull out that product card that I didn’t
read during the unboxing, now, read through it, and talk about my ideas and plans for
using the box in future videos. We’ll skip over the bit about the markers,
since I’ve talked enough about those, but I promise you haven’t seen the last of them
on my channel! The next item is “12 Pack Polychromos Artist Coloured Pencils. Premium coloured
pencils that mix like magic and have a gorgeous fine texture and rich colours – they show
up great on all sorts of papers too.” You know I love Polychromos pencils! I do own
the full range already, but I’ll be keeping this 12 set separate so I can do 12 colour
challenges with it and make sure that when I’m revisiting the Jazzy Art Box for future
videos, I’m still only using the 12 Polychromos pencils that came in the box. I’ve played
around with achieving skin tones, lighter blues, and different pinks, and I think I’m
up for the challenge of doing portraits with this set. I know Jazza’s already put out a
video trying to do realism with the 12 set, and Lachri Fine Art will eventually be putting
out at least one video with the same 12 set as well, but I’m going to do it too.
Next is the “Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketch Book Potrait 8″ x 6″ – A prmium hardcover
sketchbook with beautiful smooth thick paper suited to all sorts of mediums, especially
sketching!” The paper in this book feels to me like a nice, smooth cardstock. It’s heavy
enough in weight that I theorized it’ll probably stand up well as a mix media surface. Clearly
it was selected because it will work well for markers. I do intend to do a video on
using markers in this sketchbook, so don’t worry! I have already used it though, and
you’ll see it soon. I’ve been struggling through the #Smaugust challenge (which is a cleaver
pun in text, but I’m not sure how they mean for us to pronounce it. Smogust to sound like
August, or Smow-gust to sound like Tolkein’s dragon?) and I filmed myself doing a graphite
drawing of a Chinese Water Dragon in this sketchbook. I sealed it with a watercolour
ink wash, so it does indeed handle light uses of wet media very well, and it allows for
graphite to be built up better than I expected. I’m curious how much layering and blending
it will allow with the coloured pencils, given that it doesn’t have a lot of tooth.
Next we have the “Global Art Supplies Premium 24pc Canvas Pencil Case Charcoal.” And Jazza
says “This is MY pencil case! I’ve used it for the last 6 years and love it!” It is a
nice pencil case, for sure, and it’s a handy place to keep the pens and such from this
box together. When it calls itself a 24 piece case, it’s definitely basing that on having
4 regular pencils per segment of elastic, and nothing else. With the thicker pens in
this box, it’s a little tough to close it as is, and I absolutely haven’t put 24 items
in here. I’ve also noticed that the Tombow dual tip pen and the Col-Erase pencil are
almost too long. The pencil will obviously get shorter with use and it’s just barely
too long right now, so that won’t be a problem for long. The Tombow pen, on the other hand… Speaking of pens, next we have the “4 Pack
Marabu Grapahix Fineliners. Tough and crisp fineliners to cover your inking needs!” These
are pigment based ink fineliners similar to Copic multiliners and all of the pigment liners
out there from Sakura, Staedtler, Uni-Pin, etc. This set is 02, 04, 08 and brush. It’s
nice to see the even number sizes, because most mixed size fineliner sets come in odd
number sizes, so this is only the second or third 02 in my collection and it’s the first
04 pigment liner for me. We also have a “Zebra M-301 Mechanical Pencil,
0.5mm black.” Jazza says “I love this pencil, it’s super light and sleek, and really pro
to use.” It is indeed a nice pencil. It’s pretty sturdy and not too light or heavy in
the hand. I’m guessing it’s HB lead included, but when that runs out I’ll be using 2H, because
that’s the only size 0.5mm lead I currently have. I’ve never tried this particular brand
of pencil before, so it’s nice to have. Perhaps I should do a comparison to the Plumchester
0.5mm pencil that came in a recent ArSnacks. I can put the same lead in both and see which
one performs better… Next on the card is “Prismacolor Col-Erase
Blue Pencil,” and Jazza sayd “I use this pencil for my construction sketches, plus it’s erasable!”
As you saw in the unboxing portion, I do already own a couple other Col-Erase pencils, but
not in this darker blue shade, so that’s a plus. I wonder, though, if Jazza knows about
the non-photo blue shade, and if he would have chosen that instead or not. I prefer
the non-photo blue because it’s hard for photographic technologies to pick up (hence the name) so
your sketches aren’t obvious on the finished piece when you scan or photograph the work.
It’s also much closer to being a true cyan than this pencil is to being a neutral blue,
so keying it out in Photoshop would be faster. Next up, “Tombow Dual Brush Pen Black. This
thing is REALLY fun to play with for comic art and outlines!” I do already have the Tombow
Dual Brush pen with a grey end, so it’s nice to have this one where both ends are black.
I appreciate the variety in nib sizes here, but given that the Marabu fineliner set has
a thick brush nib and the other Tombow pen we’ve been given is a plastic nib type, I
kind of think this pen is redundant in this box.
Speaking of the other Tombow pen, “Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen, Black.” Jazza says “This
is like my ink-pen ‘wildcard,’ really useful for fine-tuning tasks.” I do already own this
pen and the softer tipped version, and I really like them. They live in my travel pencil pouch,
and I agree with Jazza. They’re great for fine-tuning! They’re very similar to Micron
PN pens, but I don’t think Tombow pens are waterproof.
Getting close to the end now. Next we have “Faber-Castell’s Dust-Free Vinyl Eraser. A
brilliant all-round eraser.” It’s nice that we’ve been given a high quality white vinyl
eraser. This is definitely what you want to have around if your goal is to erase completely,
and a standard rectangular eraser like this one is good for big areas and working quickly.
I do love my Tombow Mono, but nothing truly replaces having a standard block white eraser
in your bag. That said, I’m really not all that hyped about “dust-free” erasers. In order
to avoid having these erasers shed a ton of little dusty bits when you use them, they
flake off in long, stringy rolls. So yes, they’re “dust free” in the sense that you’re
not getting a million little pieces everywhere, but you are still getting pieces to pick up,
and I really feel like these wear down faster because of the way they flake off while in
use. It might have been interesting to include a kneadable eraser in this box. Maybe if something
had to go in order to accommodate that, it could have replaced the dual ended Tombow.
The last pen we have is the “Uni-Ball Gel Impact Pen White. Add highlights and shine
to your drawing to make them ‘POP’!” So this is the Signo gel pen everybody raves about.
I do really like them, and when they’re working smoothly they’re better than Gelly Rolls because
the ink is much more opaque. I find the roller balls gum up and need to be cleaned faster
than Gelly Roll pens, though, so I’ll often use the larger Gelly Roll as a compromise.
This particular pen is a larger ball size than my other Signos, so it’ll be interesting
to see if it gums up less. And last but not least, they were able to
through in a 4 pack sampler of X-PressIt Blending Card. These are 4.25″ x 5.5″, which is a different
size than any sample pack I’ve seen of this paper. If anyone out there watching this video
got the box, has never used any sort of coated paper before, and hasn’t opened this pack
yet, BE CAREFUL! Coated papers work best on the intended “front” side. Leave them in the
sleeve until you want to use them so you know which side that is.
Well, I’ve talked for a long time. Hopefully I can trim this down to a sensible length
for you. I’ll be back on Thursday with this month’s No-Box Art Box challenge. If you’ve
got any ideas or requests for me to do with just the Jazzy Art Box materials in future
videos, let me know in the comments down below. Bye!

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  1. Girl u deserve a lot more subs.. Love ya vids. I am new into drawing and I am really looking forward for some tips and cheap art stationary recommendations.

  2. When you mentioned that you had all of the 12 colour pack already and that that pack made it in triplicate, I was going to suggest you could do a giveaway…but then you said you would be keeping them for 12 colour challenges, which makes sense.
    Great final product.

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