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Jennifer Lawrence clears up BAFTAs ‘rude’ controversy with Joanna Lumley | Magic Radio

Jennifer Lawrence clears up BAFTAs ‘rude’ controversy with Joanna Lumley | Magic Radio

Ronan: It’s a bit much! Jennifer: It’s a bit much! Ronan: Jennifer Lawrence is on Magic Breakfast,
good morning! Jennifer: Hi good morning, I’m good! Ronan: I wanna clear this up because I know– Jennifer: I wanna clear it up! Ronan: I watched it, I know exactly where
you were coming from, but, certain people in the press have had a bit of a – explain
it to me. Jennifer: OK, so, behind the stage, or backstage,
Joanna and I are both about to go out, and she was going to present… me. And I was
like just adjective after adjective, just ‘Tall!’, ‘Beautiful!’, ‘Just say that I’m
this, and that!’ and she was like ‘Alright darling!’ and she goes off. She goes on-stage. So it was an inside joke, so she went on and
said all of these really nice things about me, and then when I got up to the podium I
was like ‘…that was a bit much.’, after I’d just spent all backstage telling her how
to be really nice to me. And then everybody thought that I was being
rude. But to be fair, I couldn’t have just walked out after she was like ‘BIGGEST MOVIE
STAR IN THE WORLD!’, and then just walked out and gone ‘Thank you Joanna!’ – it would
have been like ‘So, you agree. You think you’re really pretty.’ Ronan: It was brilliant, it was a great intro
– but you could see it, you could see it. Jennifer: Yeah, well, I wasn’t being rude,
it was an inside joke… I mean I’m always rude but… Ronan: But that’s normal. Jennifer: Yeah! Ronan: That’s Hollywood, you’ve gotta be a
little like that Jennifer: Oh yeah…

52 comments on “Jennifer Lawrence clears up BAFTAs ‘rude’ controversy with Joanna Lumley | Magic Radio

  1. People nowadays love to be haters/trolls. I feel bad bc Jennifer is talented, young, humble and some dumbass create this clickbaits to destroy her

  2. Women can feel miserable every month why has to do with their harmones or cycles very much unlike men so a lot of their utterances whether private or public could be reflective of just that who knows.

  3. Few years ago, everyone seemed to love Jlaw's "quirky down to earth" personality now she's getting slammed constantly it's fucking hilarious.

  4. Nope, she wasn't being modest. She demonstrated a complete lack of tact or charm, in other words, damn rude. And once you're on a stage, an inside joke is no longer an inside joke.

  5. Big mouth know it alls going to fix democracy as well lol. If Clinton won the little pig wouldn’t have a problem with it at all. Maybe before fixing everything the twit should experience life

  6. How was she rude lol ??
    So she gets slammed for being modest and humble and then on the other hand if she didnt say anything she would of been slammed anyways and they would of branded her as being big headed.
    Lol you really cant win in this game can you!

  7. I supported her until she said that dick thing about how she's rude to her fans. Fuck these celebrities. People pay to see their movies and they act like spoiled brats. Dear lord, get over yourself. No more. Bye, Jennifer.

  8. Idiot jennifer lawrence fans shes so rude and has no manners still defending this shit? Guess same as her fans too all shit

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