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John D. Regan, MD – Radiology – Wake Forest Baptist Health

John D. Regan, MD – Radiology – Wake Forest Baptist Health

My name is John Regan, I am in Interventional
Radiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health. My main area of interest is vascular disease
– particularly venous disorders and I run the Outpatient Vein Center – or Vein Services
with Wake Forest Baptist Health. Dealing with the specific patients I see now
is just that personal interaction – that we can sit down, talk – it helps me try to understand
what their goals are. It lets them, I think, gain some trust in me and what I can offer
them. I really do my best to see everyone as a person
and not just as a patient. That’s just the personal interaction that makes it to me very
rewarding. I like to try to make it maybe different from
other medical experiences you’ve had. It’s a very relaxed environment. We have a very
friendly staff. We want to make people feel comfortable about
being with us. When we do procedures we invite family members
or friends to come in for the procedures – it’s a very relaxed atmosphere.
We just want people to… You’re never going to enjoy the experience
with a medical procedure, but make it as easy as possible.
When we see a patient who has a problem that would be amenable to the laser ablation procedure,
we can’t just jump right in and do the procedure, we have to go through an insurance approval
process, we have to be sure they’ve been adequately managed conservatively – which basically means
using compression stockings for a period of time – doing some other things like leg elevation
and so on – which we go through all of that in detail with these people.
The procedures are all outpatient procedures – they’re done without any anesthesia. We
use a local anesthetic which means you’re up and walking immediately after the procedure.
I’ve had people get up and immediately go back to work.
Generally, we encourage people to take a couple of days off because we want them doing a lot
of walking and it might be difficult to do that at work.
So people return to a functional level very quickly – usually with very minimal discomfort
afterward and the procedures are – I can safely say – these are the most painless procedures
I have done. As close to pain-free as anything I’ve done in over 19 years of this
kind of work. And it still amazes me that we can do these
things and people do so well.

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