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Kashmir, Xinjiang, El Paso | Our Concentration Camp Era | Globalism 3

Kashmir, Xinjiang, El Paso | Our Concentration Camp Era | Globalism 3

Hey there. Do you ever wonder what our era will be remembered
for? Will it be Trump’s MAGA revolution? Will it be the neglect of Climate change,
like every science fiction writer seems to expect? No, it think this era will most likely be
remembered as the one that saw the return of the concentration camp. The world’s three most important countries
are all involved. In recent months, the world’s attention has
been taken by China’s struggle with Hong Kong. This uprising is worthy of our attention of
course, but it should not distract us from the horrors of Xinjiang. The rich, internationally networked protesters
of Hong Kong, whose special status is useful to Beijing for economic purposes are facing
haphazard and embarrassed repression from a central government that doesn’t want to
kill the golden goose. As I have pointed out before the Uighurs of
Xinjiang are facing a science fiction dystopia. Hong Kong’s right to protest is in danger. The right of the Uighur people to exist is
actively being crushed. As many as a million people are in concentration
camps. Satellite footage has documented this quickly
growing network. On August 5th, India revoked Kashmir’s special
status within the Indian constitution. Since then, the territory has been subject
to stepped up repression. I have read reports of as many as 4000 people,
including local politicians, being detained. I don’t know enough about this issue yet,
but I do know it will remain in the headlines, thanks to its central role in the conflict
between India and Pakistan. I am less confident about what is happening
on the other side of the country. The first people in India crushed by British
imperialism were in Bengal. The Indian government is continuing this repression
today. The historic territory of Bengal is split
between Bangladesh and India. In late August, India released a revised list
stripping 1.9 million people of their Indian citizenship. The Indian government’s position is that these
families that have spent almost half a century and generations as Indians now need to go
to Bangladesh. There is already a network of detention camps
for these now stateless people in India. Bangladesh probably doesn’t want them either,
so many more camps will be built. The United States has concentration camps
for its unwanted as well. The temptation here is to blame Trump, whose
administration proposed indefinite detention for asylum seekers last month. But in truth, Ronald Reagan was the last American
President whose welcome for immigrants matched our historic values. Every administration since has militarized
our borders and ratcheted up the brutality of our anti immigrant gestapo. We have our own sci fi dystopia now. Trump is worse than Obama of course, but not
as much as you would think. To deal with the obvious criticism, yes, none
of these things are as bad as Nazi death camps. But it’s pretty fricking scary that I have
to make that statement. A concentration camp is a technical definition,
and imprisoning people for their identity is a bad thing, whether there happens to be
gas chambers and tuberculosis, or good sanitation and courses you can take for college credit. Also, the three separate crimes that the world’s
largest countries are committing are also different. China’s is the worse by far, in terms of scale,
duration, and the clear goal of cultural eradication. India’s treatment of its Muslim minorities
in the east and west is less severe, but also massive in scale, and seems to represent a
turn for the worse. The US’s concentration camps are the least
horrific, because they are not filled with citizens, only the desperate, hopeful people
who want to become citizens. These distinctions are important, but I will
be honest, it doesn’t mean much to me as an American. I expect more from my country damn it. I really do think we should be an example
the world should follow. If you agree with me on that you should be
as ashamed of our concentration camps as I am. Also, China is an authoritarian country, but
at least until recently it was getting better. It’s an ancient and glorious civilization
with growing wealth, it should be doing better by its minorities than the Nazis circa 1935. The Nazi death camps didn’t get going until
the war started, they started out looking a lot like the camps China is running today. India is the world’s largest democracy. For a century now, long before independence,
Indian politicians at their best were moral leaders in human compassion and dignity. Seeing the country of Gandhi and the non aligned
movement reduced to this brutality to the weak is disgusting. The worst thing about the actions taken by
these countries is how unnecessary they all are. The main justification for China’s horrific
escalation of Xinjiang policy in 2016, is a series of riots from back 2009. India is getting richer and more powerful
than Pakistan every day, the Muslim Indian minority poses a much smaller threat than
it might have before. Illegal immigration to the United States has
been falling for over a decade. There is no crisis driving any of these actions. It’s just cruelty, and a sense that the politicians
can now get away with it. Again, it’s tempting to blame this on Trump. Both of his secretaries of state have been
ostentatious in their contempt for Human rights diplomacy. Trump’s complete lack of moral authority has
taken the ability to shame out of international politics, and the pure dumb chaos of his administration
makes it impossible to pay attention to anything other than his Twitter feed. All the noise means people can get away with
more stuff now. Places like Xinjiang and Kashmir are to some
degree worse because Trump is president. But the more literate and sane looking Bush
and Obama administrations are probably more to blame. Their use of Human Rights language to justify
causing the murders of a million people in Iraq, Syria and Libya tarnished these concepts. Trump’s sheer incapacity means he’s unlikely
to be able to as much damage as they did. It’s not commonly recognized how new Human
Rights are as a focus of international politics. Its an outgrowth of the horrors of World War
II, but its more recent than that. In the first few decades after the War, few
people focused on the holocaust or the millions of other people who were slaughtered. Consciousness only grew in the 1960s, and
human rights only became a major focus of cold war politics and with the Helsinki accords
in the 1970s. Pressure for Human Rights was always political
of course. Great powers used it to embarrass each other,
and since the cold war it has justified a lot of interventions that led to even greater
violations of Human rights. But there are plenty of activists and lawyers
who have used this focus to do great things, save lives and improve the world. We will miss this focus when it’s gone. Unfortunately I think our new concentration
camp era is a sign that it the focus on Human Rights is already disappearing. People will keep talking about them of course,
but it will get more and more meaningless as a world of concentration camp guards try
to one up each other on morals and ethics. It’s possible that Human Rights as a political
issue was the product of a fleeting moment in history, when rising wealth and cold war
competition interacted in just the right way. That would be a pity. It’s probably not to late to save this area
of diplomacy. But we won’t be able to rely on our concentration
camp building governments to save human rights. We have to do that ourselves.

46 comments on “Kashmir, Xinjiang, El Paso | Our Concentration Camp Era | Globalism 3

  1. Great video! Can you make a video on your thoughts on impeachment. Is it correct? Is it politically savvy or destructive? Also your overall thoughts.

  2. Do you consider the Native American Reservations to be 'Concentration Camps'? Because I think they are and if they are, that means We are not having the 'return' of the concentration camps. It did not find any mention in your video probably because you never even considered it. It will throw your whole narrative into jeopardy.

  3. I think the instinct to criminalize migrants and migration in general is the point of origin of this erotion of human rights. For example following the continuum with the Chinese, Indian and American camps, I would include the Australian detention centers in Nauru and Christmas Island. Again not as bad as some of the others but part of the same scale.
    I think that allowing execeptions on the aplication of the Rule of Law, first to terrorists and then to foreign nationals (under the pressure of right wing parties), has provided the cover needed, the fig leaf, to roll over human rights across the board.

  4. As some other commenters have pointed out native american reservation are concentration camps. I would argue that jim crow era redlining fulfilled the same function as well. Finally the current american prison system also fulfills this (targets poor people and people of color) with much more horrific conditions that even china.

  5. So you you seriously think the El Paso detention center is in any way, shape, or form like the Xinjiang camps… (I haven't looked into Kashmir. But I do expect them to have problems, considering the situation in India and Kashmir)

    I recommend looking at ShortFatOtaku's and Sargon of Akkad's videos on migrant detention centers, and Ryan Dawson's "Separating Families…Politics in 60 seconds".

    Do you think that it is a good idea to just let anyone come into a country that doesn't require voter-I.D.'s in every place (so non-citizens can vote themselves favors), use that country's taxpayer-funded services and take jobs from the Native populace?
    And not to mention that there are individuals who are criminals who can cause trouble (and contribute to anti-immigrant sentiment and racism) or have serious diseases, and the fact that some children could be trafficked is an especially serious problem.
    You're not against the rule of law, are you?

    I know that most migrants aren't evil people. But I'm not so sure if jest letting anyone in is a good idea.

    And thinking that slavery will come back in the west of all places is simply asinine (I do oppose private prisons, victimless crimes and the nanny state, though). It was the western world that ended and eliminated slavery (since ancient Persia and possibly China). It was the U.S. and U.K. that deployed their navies to intercept space ships in the 19th century. And being racist is completely unacceptable in western culture.
    I suggest watching "The Validity of Nazi Comparisons – feat. Three Arrows".

    You're coming across as a leftist in my eyes. I really wish you and Ry Dawson (who himself is anti-war, anti-imperialist, and anti-Zionist) would debate.

  6. "pressure for human rights has always been political great powers used these concepts to embarrass each other and since the cold war it has been used to justify a range of interventions that have often lead to larger human rights problems " this slapped me in the face so hard it threw me into another existential crisis

  7. Good video. Attack on and scapgoating ethnic migrants and immigrants is classic fascism. Trump is also doing it to the homeless- threatening to put them in concentration camps. Fact 60% of the homeless in LA have jobs.

  8. A little hyperbolic calling America's border a concentration camp. I know you need content but come now. Not everything is literally hitler

  9. Keep reminding the whole sleeping or the blinds hypocrites about new Boudist revolution or ethnic cleansing of Muslims minorities.
    It the time of idiots gouvernements gang : Trump Boris Johnson howdy Modi Bolsonaro
    Sometimes you think they all were students of S Bennon.

  10. As far as India is concerned, the founders of Pakistan had predicted that this was inevitable. RSS is not something new. It was created during the time of Nazi ideology. It was active back then and was a prominent threat against which Pakistan was made. The Muslims who chose to stay in India were warned that they will regret it. As predicted Nehru's secularism didn't work out. Now these people are suffering because their ancestors made a poor choice. The only exception are Kashmiris who were not given the choice.

  11. The fence pictures are from Obama's time
    GOOGLE search

  12. CCP & hans have any empathy to other people (animals), lands to be stollen… then invading others ( San Francisco more than 50% hans between birthjourney to USA, Greecards & Citizen Busy le$$ by Alibaba & Huawei Bank of China)! Boycott China, Independency to Tibet & East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia and HK as bonus!

  13. Mr MoFreedomFoundation can you about this call Captaincool07
    This YouTuber is literally a let a propagandist about the Muslim in China and the protests of Hong Kong.
    What do you thinks

  14. Great video. It hard to watch this video. Thank you for holding the mirror. But to be clear NRC in Bengal is just used as a political tool to gain power. BJP is historically very weak in regions where Hindi is not a a dominate language.

  15. Modi is a fascist who resents Muslims. the fact that he has targeted more than a million Bengalis after he has taken away Kashmir's status and throwing thousands in jail testifies to that. India is no longer a democracy but dictatorship of the majority. Modi has the support of majority Hindu for his policies and banks on that for his political gains. Kashmir was supposed to have a referendum for its future which India never held and now has been annexed for good.

  16. Make a video on Roland Regan. Right now democrats hate him and republicans deify him. Please make a sober video on his achievement and failures.

  17. These people are Bangladeshi migrants basically indian Bengalis and Assamese are fed up of Bangladeshis who came from east pakistan

  18. I loved Obama. The guy had a way with words. And he seemd to genuenly want a common good for the world. But he failed on so many of his policies, both internal and external. In some ways, he pushed some to vote for trump. Hillary did the bulk of the pushing, as she was Essence-de-Elite, but Barrack helped also…and we have 7 more years of this…hope to god we make it trough…7 years seem like an eternity…

  19. I've seen some of our videos on Islam. But in those u fail to account the lack of freedom of religion, expression and personal life that most Islam countries have. I can understand that even authoritarian regimes like modis India or China are trying to eradicate it… the American case is just more nonsense from a self centered war monger nation

  20. about the concentration camps in China, I can not really oppose them. if a minority is not culturally integrated to some extent with the country that is going to cause problems. take Germany for instance. first they let immigrants pour in and that caused a lot of accidents but then they kept them in "camps" for a few years and trained them culturally and now there is not much problem. these Muslims in Sinkiang have adapted some crazy version of Islam. it's so bad that USSR just killed them left and right. so China is trying to train them to adapt to china's culture and that sounds bad but it is the best solution there is.

  21. A good video, but you forgot the most oppressed minority I know today, Rohingya minority in Myanmar. It is literally textbook genocide commited by the Myanmar government and military. Yet, the world is silence about it. It is in literally sense, worse than nazi germany treatment of jews and that says a lot. Small children getting raped by severally military men. Mother, fathers, children killed in front of their family members. I honestly cant see how it can get worse. The worst part is, that the world is silent about it.

  22. the lack of coverage of those bengal migrants and the immense coverage of the kasmhir issue is why i'm so skeptical of "kashmir advocates". a lot of it comes from both pakistani and turkish figures. one is actively a rival to india and the other benefiting from soft power with pakistan as a buffer against saudi arabia.

  23. I've been watching the videos from you so long time ,now I Realized you are not as intelligent as I thought to be. You don't even know Taiwan is a province of China. You don't need to believe what I said about Taiwan. Just go to united nations website just search term "Taiwan". It said Taiwan is a province of China.

  24. 5:42
    I don't have enough words or time to explain to you how wrong you are about this.

    Listen Bruh, you are being an ignorant. The Centre-Left "Secular" "Liberal" Parties of India have appeased muslims upto a point that people have started to support a more Hindu conservative Party.
    If you come to India, then please meet me. I'll show you how the "Biased Media" Always makes news to blame Hindus.

  25. 5:42
    You have no idea how the Muslim minority poses a threat to any Non-Muslim country they live in.

    We do have some serious security concerns from them. That's why we had to act.

  26. I really thinking the world is headed to a place where concentration camps, slavery, Jim crow laws, they would have different modern names but same cruelty and brutality

  27. If we are to be fair on the subject of concentration camps we need to go beyond the labels.

    1-The Nazi: Used the concentration camps as a kind of slave worker camps, the country was severely shorthanded and most of its workforce went to war to cover a very large territory Europe +north Africa and Russia. As war went on and the losses piled up there was almost no food supplied and the slaves were starving to death.

    2-China: the concentration camps are being used to force training for skilled labor like plumbing electricity, soldering, carpentering etc.. and also without a doubt learning about the Chinese culture.
    Once the training is done they were leaving the premises. You can see that in Youtube wait for it.. the wall street journal Channel (of course they twisted things around with ominous music and a girl living in US crying). They were all well fed and no one was starving and at the end China gained a new skilled labor force that will be less vulnerable to religious extremist recruiter from Saudi Arabia and Turkey (Turkey say Uighur are Turks even though they look more like a mix between CentralAsianRep-Chines and mongols). Also let's not forget what prompted this action..Terrorism that killed tens of thousands.

    3-The US: the concentration camps are filled with desperate people seeking refuge from the horrors of their countries caused by decades of US support for dictator needed to further the looting of their natural resources. People in the camps learn nothing, and contribute to only making the US look bad

    4-India is dealing with some insane divide between the Muslims and the Hindu. This is bad for the planet as we are all counting on India to become richer and buy more stuff that will help economic growth for the whole world. Kashmir is part of India, Muslim population or not this is their land. Pakistan is afraid that the divide between the Muslims and the Hindu will make Kashmir a place for discrimination.

  28. Sir, I live in El Paso. I lived in Juarez for 5 1/2 years. I'm married to a MX woman and brought her and her four daughters to the U.S. ten yrs ago – legally. I know undocumented (illegal) transgressors in the U.S. and I fail to see the accuracy you portray of El Paso as a "concentration camp". Nothing could be further from the truth. The Marxist groups that have perpetuated the caravans of illegals to overwhelm our system are the culprits. Study them – or would you like for me to provide detail on these groups? You should have done your homework before doing this video.

  29. This YouTube channel has authentic videos that will tell you the condition of people in 🇵🇰-administered Kashmir or the so-called 'Free' Kashmir: There are problems in our part of Kashmir but 🇵🇰's Kashmir is much more worse.

  30. You are wrong about the Assam situation. Assam is an Indian state that became part of the Indian union on the condition that Indians from other parts of India couldn't move to Assam so as to protect their ethnic and cultural identity. However, Assam saw massive illegal immigration from Bangladesh especially during the 1971 war. Today, 30% of people in Assam speak Bengali (these are ethnically Bengali people who are Hindus, Buddhists but mostly Muslim)… This gradual shift in demographics lead to clashes and violence in Assam and in 1985 the Assam Accords were signed to deal with this issue… Successive governments did nothing cause of vote bank politics. This inaction lead to a major clash between Bodos and Bengali speaking Muslims in 2012 which resulted in displacement of 100s of thousands of people… This lead the Indian Supreme Court (in 2013) to direct the government to update the National Register of Citizens as per the Assam Accords… However, the deadline of Dec 2015 to update the NRC set by the Supreme Court was missed… So its not Modi's government that is acting fascist here, its following a supreme Court directive… Also, as a leftist I blame the Congress governments who have ignored violence since 1985 when the Accord was signed by their own government… Had they ignored this issue for decades, Modi would not have been able to paint himself as a hero for taking up this issue (its a supreme court mandated and monitored exercise, it not like Modi has any say in it)… To the people of Assam, this increasing demographic change seems like an invasion and they are not entirely wrong…
    Also, people who have been excluded from the NRC do have multiple recourses available to them – like getting their cased reviewed again, them going to the night court and if that doesn't solve the problem – to go the the supreme court…
    Had the congress had some balls and moved these people outside Assam to some other state and give them citizenship, none of this would have happened. But after decades of violence, that sort of move is now more difficult than ever….

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