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Katie Price’s son Harvey Says C-Word on Loose Women Live Television to Internet Trolls, EXPLOITED?

Katie Price’s son Harvey Says C-Word on Loose Women Live Television to Internet Trolls, EXPLOITED?

Today on Loose Women the topic of discussion
was Internet bullies. I just like to put across that 80% of 13-18
year olds have been exposed to online, that is so high. Katie Price asked her son what he would say
to one of them if one of them said mean things about him and he replied. “Hello, you c***t. Uh, Harvey. Ok. We apologize,
we apologize for that.” Harvey was born blind and has a rare genetic
condition Prader-Willi syndrome Katie wanted to bring her son on air so that
people can see him ‘unedited’ Katie defended her decision, saying: ‘It’s
important to me for people to see how vulnerable he is, how much I love him and I’m not stopping
when it comes to the issue of trolling.’ Others agreed with her sentiments. Lady Caroline writes, “Harvey price expressed
himself and stood up to bullies. Let’s focus on that rather than a silly 4 letter word.” The former glamour model is planning on visiting
schools to visit schools around the UK to teach about her son’s condition. She also wants to fight against people who
make ‘disgusting’ comments about him online. What do you think about Katie Price bringing
her son on live television? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!
You can also read my blog about it here.

69 comments on “Katie Price’s son Harvey Says C-Word on Loose Women Live Television to Internet Trolls, EXPLOITED?

  1. I don't give a fuck what mental disorder you have KATIE TAUGHT HIM THAT and IT'S DISCUSTING.
    No he didn't stand up to bullies he used a vile disgusting word that as a mother Katie should NOT expose her children too. FACT

  2. I watched the interview and he named the colours of the train he likes how does he know if he is blind

  3. He said ‘cunt’ on TV. This video is just for the money isn’t it. No one cares. It happens all the time. People swear all the time

  4. Hahahaha I know I shouldn't laugh and bullying is no laughing matter but Harvey should call bullies cunts

  5. Which one has learning difficulties, the one on the left or the one on the right??

  6. Its no stretch of the imagination where her kid learnt that from what to you expect Jordan is pretty much spend her life as a porn star

  7. I think Harvey is a lovely young man he has disability’s and yet he is still more courageous than a lot of us and I think he is a hero and to the people that are bullying him Harvey is right in what he said all he did was call them for what they are and I think it is absolutely disgusting that anyone would ever do this to such a lovely young man like Harvey and it is completely unacceptable! STOP BULLYS

  8. Its a disgrace that people bully people I was bullied at school and tried to commit suicide twice but I survived by the grace of god

  9. I’m sorry but I don’t mean to sound awful but she is not doing her son any favour by bringing him on to live television and saying that word In front of people. She’s making it worse in a way, it just gives the bullies more ammunition to use against him.

  10. Such a cute lil boy, And so funny to read all the haters comments on her, You hate her so much yet spend your time watching her videos, If you don't like her then look the other way! She is a great mum,A hard worker and very successful,I guess some people feel threatened by this, Very sad!

  11. I remember the news coverage when Katie was pregnant with Harvey. She spent the entire 9 months falling out of night clubs – off her head on booze and cocaine.

    I have no idea why anyone gives this lady such an easy ride. She's an awful human being who ruined her son's future with her greed, arrogance and irresponsibility.

    And I don't blame Dwight Yorke at all either. I wouldn't want anything to do with the situation, or that women either. She ruined it all. Not him

  12. I think God does not want to inter breeding I am sorry but it says something when he does something like that

  13. I have to say reading some of the hateful comments on here that Harvey is more articulate than most of the trolls! I don’t believe for a second he learnt that word off his Mum, he could have got it online or in the school playground. Even if you’re not a fan of KP you can’t deny she’s doing a good thing – these bullies need to be stopped!

  14. Why is the word cunt any more rude/offensive than saying pussy? we hear the word pussy and a lot of couple even say it between themselves but ohhh no! not the C word? fuck off.

  15. I don’t blame the kid at all for his use of language considering he’s disabled so he probably doesn’t know any better, also it was a means of defense on his part. What I’m most concerned is how did this kid pick up on this when the kid is severely autistic? I know kids will learn things eventually but I do believe children are also a product of their environment. I barely know Katie Price, seeing she’s an English celebrity and I’m an American but lots of English people say she’s one of those celebs who desperately seek attention. I can tell she loves her son but imo, she’s too public with him so what does she expect when she opens her son to the world like this? She’s feeding the trolls and like I was saying, I think Harvey picked up this language defense from her and that’s why he said it, otherwise how would it be in his vocabulary? Katie is just as much to blame for making her son susceptible for the backlash he receives.

  16. I think Harvey is sweet boy Katie u should be so prowed of him I would be if he was my son I think all these people who bully him are small minded and just go to show there lives are shit and they only jeluse has these.lide is shit and want haveys life x

  17. She's monetarily exploited everything in her life so in her eyes why not exploit her own disabled kid although quite clearly he's the switched on family member… If she had asked the question "What do you say to mummy when she gets back from the pub/ visiting her dealer?" I'm sure the answer would have been the same or similar… And quite rightly so…. Imagine having her as a mother….

  18. Listen, if ITV had a big problem with it they could have censored it. Live TV has a time delay, they could have censored it out

  19. She insisted on him being live and that happened she is nuts!!! She puts an innocent boy out there for bastards to call him names. He has not got the ability to stand up for himself or tell his mother he wants privacy. She should be protecting him and why talk about him being victimised in front of him??? He has not got a clue what she is even talking about. He needs kept in a bubble and protected.

  20. The simple solution is to keep Harvey off social networks.
    Lots of parents have disabled children, KP doesn't deserve a platform, she's a has-been, she used to have looks, now they're gone, now she's trying to stay relevant by using her disabled son. Pathetic.

  21. He said rite these are stupid C** born with a normal mental capacity a abusing innoncent defenceless vulnerable disabled individual

  22. i have a brother with a similar condition its very tough out in society as well as behind closed doors these bullies wouldnt know what to do if they had to care for a disabled individual

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