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KEXP: Where the music matters — Passion Never Rests

KEXP: Where the music matters — Passion Never Rests

“You’ve got it tuned to the midday show,
we’re listener-powered radio at 90.3 FM in Seattle. You can find us online ’round the
world at KEXP dot O R G. Live in the studios with me it’s King Tuff — welcome!” “Hi!” “You
rockin’ ready?” “We are rockin’ ready.” “All right, let’s hear some rock and roll.” The music library here is the heart of this building and it’s kind of where everything, you know, centers around. KEXP has been primarily a CD-based radio station. Our library here is about 40,000 CDs and about 10,000 pieces of vinyl. And most of what you hear on the air is still being played from a CD. One
of the projects that I’m super excited to work on as KEXP’s librarian is
digitizing that CD collection. While digitizing will solve a lot of
immediate problems and make our music library more accessible to all the DJs
here, there’s also the continued need of looking at the future, and what is a sound
recording going to be in five years, like how do we preserve it to the
highest quality level that we can and continue to keep it accessible?

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