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Kristen Bell Gets Surprised By High School Drama Teacher And Classmate

Kristen Bell Gets Surprised By High School Drama Teacher And Classmate

(audience cheers and claps) – So before I get to
your work, that I love. – Okay. – I know that you often support, is it weekly that you support
things about teachers? – Yeah, Feature Teacher Friday. – Yeah!
– Which is, I just wanna also say thank you and thank you to you too
for highlighting them on my social media pages. I do Feature Teacher Friday, where I get literally tens of thousands of
requests from teachers where they send me their Amazon lists of things they need for their classroom. And they’re like, we need new
pencils, we need new crayons. A lot of the time it’s, I have a special needs
child and they need a more comfortable chair,
I need beanbag chairs. And I post the Amazon wishlist, and all of my delicious community
purchases items for them and then the teacher has
a lot of unboxing to do. (audience laughs) We do it every Friday,
– That’s a good problem to have.
– and I hope more people do it. It’s really fun–
– You should start a website for that, just
where people can constantly be coming and helping and doing that. – Well, there is a great
website called Donor’s Choose, where you can go on and you
can buy teachers what they need because the reality is they’re
spending their own money and that is something
we all need to swallow, and take seriously.
– Yeah. – Like, can you imagine,
– No, I can, my mother, we had no money and
she would spend every penny on her students.
– On her students. It’s so important. – Anyway, I love you and I’m
very excited about your show. I’m not gonna talk about that yet. But, the holidays are coming up. Any big traditions at your house? – We decorate, like, it’s
just Christmas vomited all over our house.
(laughing) We are the people who,
the box is already out. We’re obviously starting now,
cause Halloween has passed. We celebrate Thanksgiving,
it’s not that we don’t, but we just like to rear
it on right into Christmas. – I’m with you.
– And the more, the better. – I married Chevy Chase.
– Full Griswolds, yes! – Yeah, no, I married, he
is like all the lights. Yep, and all the fireworks at July 4th, yeah.
– We’re huge Christmas fans. – We are too, it’s my favorite holiday. – It’s great.
– We literally have an ambush Christmas
every month on this show. (laughs)
– I love it, I love it. – I’m really weird about it. But you got into the
holiday spirit for Halloween a little different this year. – We did.
– We have a picture or video, I think it’s your dog. – Well, we were the Claus family. We were the Claus family. Because
– This is for Halloween. – This is Halloween, merry
Christmas Halloween we would say. – I love you two. – Yeah, my youngest daughter
was a Christmas tree, the middle one was a reindeer, and we were Mr and Mrs Claus. And obviously, the dogs dress
up because I can do that. – I love it.
– This is- (audience laughs)
– Look at that, it’s adorable. – Isn’t that hilarious? Any time they put arms on anything. That’s Barbara Biscuits,
she’s our newest rescue and she’s 11 years old, she has one eye. And by the way, this month
is senior dog adoption rescue so consider a senior guys ‘coz they have been through so much. We got her when she was 11
and she’s an exceptional dog. Yes, now she uses a litter box because she couldn’t figure out where to pee, but she’s using it, you
know, they’re worth it. Seniors are worth it. – I think with animals and children, everybody always goes for
the babies or the puppies but there’s lots of older
kids that need adopted. There’s lots of older
dogs that need adopted. – There’s so much need, yeah. – And think of the positive. Like, usually it’s a little
easier with the older ones. – Honestly, we have two
seniors and then one young dog. And that young dog, man, is he a rascal. He’s really mischievous. – You didn’t want to
say rascal. (laughing) – I didn’t, I didn’t. But, my husband, when I got him ‘coz I got him about three months ago, and when I got him my
whole family looked at me because we have 16 year
old and an 11 year old dog they said, thank you so
much for not getting another dead dog.
(audience laughs) Because they’re so, they’re
just so calm and all they do is sit there all day
and my kids are like, I wanna a play fetch, I wanna. Anyway I like seniors. – It’s good you have one young
one for them, there you go. Can you tell us anything
about the songs in Frozen 2? – Ooh, I don’t want, okay look I – There’s a bar!
– There’s a bar, but I don’t want to say it’s been surpassed
(Kelly gasps) ‘coz I don’t wanna over hype
it, and it’s I’m choosing from so many beautiful babies,
but I will say that the songs that were written,
and this was done in Frozen 1 too, and not a lot of
people know about it. So that song that you’ve
heard teased Into the Unknown the reason that these songs
by Bobby and Kristen Lopez hit so much is because they
have this uncanny ability to write the musicology
underneath the song to sort of tell the same story that the
character is going through. – Like a symphony.
– Yes, and it’s not a random song that’s sort of
inserted that has a little bit of meaning, they wrote that
song and if you look at the sheet music you can
see how she’s experiencing those feelings
– The emotions. – by going in and out of the octave. – Yeah. – And I was like, what, how do you do that?
– It’s almost mathematical. – It is, it’s really mathematical. So, my point with all that is they know what they’re doing.
(audience laughs) – You know what, I think they’re
pocketbook let’s you know that they’re doing fine.
– They know what they’re doing, and Jonathan
Groff has a song in this one, – Yeah.
– That I think especially the adults are going to love. It’s called, Lost in the Woods. And, what I love about it is, it is a man feeling huge feelings
– Yeah. – that he doesn’t know
how to talk about and his character is represented so well in this movie.
– Wow. – And he has lines where he
rescues Anna at one point and in the midst of battle and the
first thing he says to her is I’m here what do you need? – Oh!
– Aww. – Feel that for a minute. – Yeah
(audience laughs) – He doesn’t say stand back
– Are you trying to Oprah me? Like, I was like.
– I know. It’s just I’m really proud of it. – I am proud of it and I’ve never seen it, I’m so excited for you and
just the cast and it’s such a cool thing, like I’ve said
there’s so much division going on that’s so nice when you
find something especially in the artistic community everybody can lean in and get into.
– Lean in and love, yeah. – Your whole family can go
and everybody enjoys it. And like you’ve said it’s not
just for kids, adults enjoy it as well.
– No, you’ll like this, you’ll like Jonathan’s song. – I’m very excited, okay okay. Is it weird when you go, ‘coz
we go to Disneyland, sometimes with our kids right,
– Yeah – All your kids want to see the princesses, obviously.
– Yeah. – So, what’s it like you running you? – Well, let me start by
saying I’m a firm believer that there is no ownership, right? – But there is the OG, but okay cool. – Right, I’m OG Anna for
sure, but the one thing that’s weird is that
when you talk to them, you’ve probably experienced this, they can’t break.
– No. – So I go up and we’re taking
a picture and I’m like, Hi, how are ya? And she’s like, Arendelle is beautiful today!
(audience laughs) And I’m like, okay, alright I’ll ask Elsa. And I’m like, How’re you doing? And she’s like, the ice is just melted and Olaf is thrilled
with the summer weather. And I’m like, all I wanna
do is go, blink twice if you need to be rescued,
(audience and Kelly laughs) because this is crazy.
– It’s crazy to adults, but the kids love it.
– The kids love it, but it is weird to the adults.
(audience laughs) And they’re doing this and stuff. – And they laugh like Snow
White’s my favorite it’s like, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho, and
I’m like, creeped out. – It’s really, it’s funny, it’s funny.
– But my kids love it. – Oh the kids don’t, they don’t
see anything wrong with it. – Yeah if they broke
character my kids would cry. – Yeah.
– But, yes, but you’ve got two hit Frozen movies. Will there be a third one, more than that? I love this franchise. – Well, listen, even though
– This is my Star Wars. – Okay, even though I have
zero authority and no control I would like to formally
announce Frozen 3, 4, and 5 and I just want Disney to hear that.
(audience and Kelly laughs) That I’ll be showing up,
and I’ll be in the booth. – Regardless
(audience cheers) – Regardless of weather, so
let’s do it, let’s do it. – I have no power,
– Again I have – but yes it’s happening.
– no control, but I would like to
formally announce it yeah. – You know what y’all should
do too, they always do this sometimes at Hollywood
Bowl, I feel like, where you don’t even have
to, they stand behind, like mics and everyone’s kind
of acting out the characters. – Yeah. – You should do that. – We have talked about this
because between the music from the first one and the
second one that we all know and love, and there’s a couple
songs that have been cut that no one’s ever heard from the first one
– Oh. – And the second one, we’ve
been talking about maybe doing like, a Hollywood Bowl, maybe
televising it, perhaps next year with all of our
– And perhaps – and Josh and Jonathan. – An invite is fine, if you wanna invite me
– Okay got it got it. – to attend, I can help. I can wear all black and work the stage. – Amazing.
– I’ve really just wanna be there.
– Okay. – I love when they do that ‘coz everybody loves the music
– Yeah. – it’s a big part of it. (audience cheers) – So, you also have a new show
about reuniting high school musical casts, how fun is that? – I like doing projects that make people feel good.
– Yeah. – That feel like we’re one and we’re not just fighting all the time. And I was like you know what the one thing that unites us all in this country is? High school. Everyone feels like they’re gonna puke when they hear that word.
(audience laughs) – I did not like it.
– It’s universal. – Yeah.
– And I was like, what if it’s something we can all remember and the show takes former
casts, some are millennials that haven’t seen each
other in five years. We have baby boomers that
haven’t seen each other in 45 years, getting back on stage. It’s super funny, because
no one’s fitting into their costume, and no
one remembers the words. They have to do it six days
I should’ve mentioned that. – Six days?
– They have to do it in six days. And we were worried about casting it. We were like, I don’t know are
people gonna wanna do this. We again had thousands of
submissions for the pilot of people saying, I would
definitely take seven days off. The feeling you get, when
you watch two people, re-introduce themselves to
people they already know having shed the labels of
high school is electric. We have people making amends,
we have people that come out of the closet that never
were able to tell anyone, people telling stories about
why they were a bully in high school, I mean it’s just – I’m sure people have
gone through health scares, and then it’s, you know what I’m saying?
– It’s crazy, beautiful, and it’s all just about
the human experience, and I love it, I think I’m
prouder of this, than anything I’ve ever
– I agree with that though. It’s a really cool concept.
– It’s so good. – And what a fresh idea. – It’s also really deep, like
we have stories that will kind of break your heart, but
also will make you smile. We have a cast who did Oklahoma
and the lead in Oklahoma, the man, he was a dancer,
and a beautiful one, and then when he turned 29 he got into a car accident and became paraplegic. And he wrote in and said, I
want nothing more than to get back on stage, do Oklahoma
and do the dance in my chair. – What, you did Oprah me. Wow.
– It was like resilience and just
humanity, I’m so proud of it. – That’s so cool Kristen!
– Thanks. – What were your musical
theater teachers like? – Oh, wow, well, the high school musical at my school was the most important thing. It was the one time
that everybody gathered. Like when we did Wizard of Oz, all the football players were
on their knees as munchkins. It was the one time where like
the math nerds and the mean girls and the everybody. Whoops.
(audience laughs) Guys, I went to Rite Aid
– You were a cute Dorothy. – and I got a dye. I am method. – I used to love the box
coloring, I used to do that all the time.
– They were the best. They were, like yeah, and just
a little overly home perm. – So that’s why you love it though. – I love it.
– You had a good experience. – And I did have great teachers. I had two theater teachers
Miss Rashid and Mr. Barnard. Both of whom I feel
like sort of lit a match under my butt and helped me figure out what I wanted to do with
the rest of my life. And Miss Rashid especially, she was known as our drill sergeant. But, I feel like it trained me to be a member of a professional theater group. – When’s the last time you saw people from your school musical? I run into mine, I’m still
friends with some of mine. – A very long time. We haven’t gone back in probably like, two years, three years. – That’s not too long though.
– No, but I haven’t, we’ve never had a reuniting event. – Well, actually, Kristen’s
high school musical teacher, Miss Rashid, and choir
classmate, Katie, are here. Come on out y’all! (Crowd Cheering)
– What? – How’re you doing Katie?
– Hi! – Oh my god! Hi Katie.
– I am so happy. You look beautiful. – Oh my god, I can’t believe this. – I mean it.
– Hi! – It’s so nice to see you. – It’s so wonderful to see you.
– You guys, what is happening? – We totally, she had no idea. We did approve it through
her people, we were like, wait we wanna surprise
– This is crazy. And you know what a big
part of the show is somehow the drama teacher was always
so pivotal in these kid’s lives no matter where they came from. And we always bring them
back in, and this is like, it’s really emotional ‘coz I think, maybe for a boy sometimes it
might be a football coach. But it’s the closest thing to another parent that you have. – Agreed.
– My gosh. Okay so Miss Rashid, what’s
your favorite memory of Kristen? Like directing her, ‘coz I
had a drill sergeant too. – I was always late.
– No that’s not my favorite memory.
– Always. (audience and Kelly laughs) – But anyway my favorite
memory, this is the truth, that I have kept, I
think I wrote it to you this past summer, anyway, when
we were doing Lady Be Good, and you were doing like this on the couch with John Murphy, who was
channeling, John Cleese. (laughs) – Yes.
– And, all of a sudden you had to get up and do some stuff and you just took the
directions so perfectly and I love when the light
bulb goes on for kids and you made that entire cast stop. And everybody was watching, all the kids were just going, huh. And I thought that is just what they need, to see a 15 year old pro. – And to be captivating
like that, it’s inspiring. – Oh my gosh, she stole the show. Literally, like put it back. (audience and Kelly laughs)
– Yeah, yeah. – Yeah.
– I’m sorry. – But wait, Katie, you co-starred with Kristen, right in Lady Be Good? How was is working, what do
you remember, working together? – We just had a lot of fun.
– We had so much fun. We shared a dressing room. – Yeah, ‘coz our school’s really small. And I don’t know if you
remember we’d do this dance to get like hyped up. (Kristen laughs)
Kind of like that. (Kelly laughs) – You do the whole dance. – No, no it’s okay. – [Kelly] She said no. – I remember being so
enamored with you though. – Oh stop.
– Like even when I got into high school and
then hearing about you ‘coz I came from a different
school district hearing about your theater program and
then being like, oh my gosh, I can perform with Katie Elst? Whoa.
– I love that. I grew up with a lot of talented singers. Everybody’s always like,
you’re such a great singer. I’m like, you should see
the girls I grew up with. – Yeah.
– It was a very, our class, just had so much
talent like theater-wise and singing-wise it’s such a cool thing. I think that’s why your
show is gonna do so well. Like Encore, it’s just really
cool and we wanted to make this special because we know
that show is important to you. So, we brought back a couple of your faves.
– Nice. – You inspire me so much.
– Well, thank you so much guys for taking the time.
– I’m so proud of you.

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