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12 comments on “KXTN Tejano 107.5 replaced by pop station

  1. Rather listen to my own playlist that I created
    Full of awesome tejano

    And I will add, our City really needs to step up, when it comes to radio stations, they all suck, no heart in the music anymore, rather create my own stuff here on YouTube

  2. "Tejano and proud!
    Im going to miss listening to that in the car, as well as the tejano music, driving home from school ;-;

  3. This really blows!! Instead of Tejano 107.5 they need to get rid of 98.5 The Beat (aka Re-peat!) and one the country stations. 😁 I will always be TEJANO AND PROUD!!

  4. San Antonio losing it's identity completely. Went down this weekend and was upset this happened. Oh well another reason I'm glad not to live there anymore.

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