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L3Harris Tech Talk – HF Radio – AN/PRC-160(V)

L3Harris Tech Talk – HF Radio – AN/PRC-160(V)

Imagine your forces are deployed
anywhere in the world with the ability to communicate with anyone on your
mission at any time. SATCOM denial is real and only today’s HF ensures your
long-haul connectivity. Hi, i’m Tim Soine, Product Line Manager at Harris
Corporation. Your missions must move fast to keep pace with enemy threats, and
having an always up-to-date common operational picture is critical. Command
and edge need to share intelligence beyond line of sight, and those
transmissions have to be secure, robust and resilient. For years SATCOM has been
a great choice for long-haul comms but SATCOM capacity is being strained by
growing demand for dedicated channel assignments. Our enemies are also jamming, spoofing and disabling satellite communications, causing blackouts and
inaccurate friendly force and target location information. You might be
assigned a SATCOM channel with poor quality and SATCOM can also have issues
with things like solar flares in heavy canopy. Today’s HF gives you truly global communications without any
infrastructure. All you need is your radio, antenna and the ionosphere. You can even link a series of HF base stations to form a strategic backbone without a
network. HF has been around for decades and those older radios were slow, heavy
and difficult to use. Here’s today’s HF manpack – smaller,
lighter, longer battery life and fast wideband capabilities. The new HF
includes cognitive waveform technologies to speed communications to forward deployed teams. They automatically find the cleanest channel to maximise voice and
data. And an anti spoofing GPS system prevents false friendly force and target
reporting. It also has a specialized and resilient LPI LPD waveform to allow your
teams to communicate safely and securely through electronically contested
environments. Today’s HF radios are significantly smaller, more reliable and
have faster data capabilities. They deliver beyond line of sight
communications with no infrastructure needed, no time or geographical
limitations. When SATCOM denial is real only HF is the logical long haul solution.
Contact Harris today, and we’ll customize the best solution to meet your tactical
communications needs. you

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