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  1. Hi. i'm Luigi from Italy, i think this is extremely useful. actually it may be hard for beginners to understand what you say without reading subtitles, but i just focused on your cleary voice and it was easy for me to get you! Well done!

  2. Hi, I appreciate your video and, besides, your daily routine . I am full of empathy for you..I knew very well this kind of routine but now, it's different for me because I retired . So, I have a lot of free time To do what I want . I have no one to keep me busy . You are right, starting the day by Learning English is a really good idea that I practice everyday. Sometimes, events happen during the day that change your planning . So, English , early in the morning seems the priority. Thanks a lot for your sharing. Best Regards from the South West of France.

  3. I literally just found out this video, and for sure, it is the best podcast i've ever thought I could find for practicing my english. I'm from Brazil, and I'm really glad that I was able to understand every single word of yours, so, keep up with the good work, sir!

  4. Me parece muy bueno el podcast , lo entendi casi un98%, hablas muy claramente, gracias por compartir y realmente me sirve para mejorar mi escucha, gracias nuevamente

  5. I totally agree with this way of learning English. Listening Comprehension is one of the hardest skill and this way we are pushing ourselves to pay attention. Keep up the good work & Thanks for helping us improve in the process of learning English.

  6. I loved this kind of video! Do more, please, I'm learning and this will be very important. His voice is good and quiet, and his voice is good to hear.

  7. Thank you for everything, this podcast is very usefull for me. See you the other podcast 😊

  8. I subscribed you at the first time,because your talking is more clear and fluency..You give us many informations,thank you teacher🙏

  9. Hello! How are you? Thank you for your podcast. It's very useful. I am from Central Europe from Czech Repulic and my English is not good and English lessons at my school is not good too. I am sorry for my English. Have a nice day.

  10. I think it’s a great idea. I like the title of your video about the daily routine. Thanks for your job, it is very usefull for mr

  11. To be honest, I prefer to listen English before to go to bed….it works better in my daily routine

  12. Fiquei impressionado com este seu relato. O dia perfeito nos podemos fazer a cada manha. Eu levo as crianças a pé para a escola, justamente por que é algo muito bom o papo com eles. Então au invés de gastar 15 mts de carro eu gasto 40 . Sobre o podcast é uma ótima ideia. Eu tambem acordo 2 horas antes do trabalho e ai me sobra muito muito mais tempo para tudo. E tambem como agora tem wifi em todos os lugares coloco os fones de ouvido e sigo ouvindo os idiomas e os videos que eu gosto. 🎯👍👏👏

  13. Please keep going. I'm trying to improve my English from past 3 years but I don't get enough time to enhance it. I just don't get time to read, write or for practising but I always used to listen English songs and speech daily. I used to listen when I am doing my homeworks or another works at home. So it's helps me a lot to improve myself in listening. At first I don't understand what native people says in English. I used subtitles for understand but now I can understand it without subtitles. Thanks a lot. Please correct if I have done wrong in my comment.

  14. Thanks for this podcast it mackes me happy and courages me to learn more englise . Have a nice day 😀😊

  15. I'm trying to improve my English fluency and get more confidence in my speaking once I'm living and studying in Canada. Daily life words and expressions are always challenging, so thanks for that, very helpful.

  16. I'm brazilian and i'm learning english. Congratulations for the job! this little podcast gonna help so many people, including me hahaha. But sometime i have difficulty to understand some words because you say fast sometimes. Anyway, great job!!

  17. That was a pleasing podcast to listen…I enjoyed it….thank you…Is this the only podcast in your channel?

  18. Wow!! This podcast is amazing!!! I really liked, the fluency show is a great name. Brazilian girl here!! Thanks for the classes, I will listen every day ❤️

  19. I love British accent. But I couldnt understand it clearly however your accent is really clear. Thanks a lot!

  20. Thank you so much. I lern English every day. And your podcast is the best sapport for hear lerning. Good luck. And hello from Russia

  21. You could changing speed of your talk, you know, show how native speakers could sound , I think many people have problem with understand when someone speak fast and I’d love to listen podcast which in you give examples and say sentence fast and more slowly then fast again 😁 did I write this correct ? 😂

  22. thank you for this podcast I enjoy listening to it, I have some question if you can answer it would be very helpful
    How can I make use of them as much as possible?
    I'm learning English and try to improve very quickly.

  23. thanks you very much teacher
    l try to learn more about English language
    so it's great for podcast
    it's helpful for my learn English very much

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