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LED Strip Multi Zone RF Controller Introduction SIRS E

LED Strip Multi Zone RF Controller Introduction SIRS E

Hey everyone, my name is Garrick With SIRS Electronics and I am here today to talk about our new RF Multi-Zone controller Now if you know SIRS-E you know that we specialize in DMX Controllers The thing I like about DMX is that it gives you unlimited control over your installation and you can do a lot more things than you can do with a regular RF Now the only thing about DMX though, is that it does require a little know-how and it may require a professional installer to get this done Now if you don’t have that ability and you also want to keep costs down the Multi-Zone RF Controller is definitely the route to go So what is this RF Multi-Zone Controller well just like your regular RF Controller it consists of a transmitter and a reciever Now we have recievers for both RGB and RGBW Now what’s going to be different here, is that with this remote it has the option for zone control and what we can do here is what I guess I like to call stackability meaning you can have multiple controllers, talking to this same remote So I have zones one, two, three, and four I can have this, one, two, three four and I can have a 5 meter reel running from each of these and on each of them I can have independent control Meaning that if you have a single room or even multiple rooms and you want to be able to control these strips a little bit differently in each room, you can do that definitely with this control Now when I say stackability the next thing I want to say is that, what else can you do Well I can also have two controllers on zone one two controllers on zone two two controllers on zone three and maybe one controller on zone four or I can put all three of these on zone four add this one to zone three, two, one or I can even put five in one zone and that’s what I mean about stackability and that’s what makes this so versatile and easy to use Now not just that per each individual controller you can also have, not just one Five meter reel of strip, but up to two, three, four, so now I’ve got four strips One controller, one zone and I can do that again, I can repeat this I can do the same thing, that means I can have eight strips on one zone and continue this and then just to keep going on, just to may be clarify a little bit Let’s say I have zone two, this is zone two I have two strips in here, and now this can be repeated multiple times pretty much it just depends on what you want to accomplish and what you want to do. May be you have this and you only use two zones. The benefit here is that all you have really is one control and that’s what makes the biggest difference and this product so great. Now we’re going to come out with another video that you can watch right after this one and pretty much it’s going to explain how this is accomplished, how you’re going program this, how you’re going to get this done. and that’s pretty much what I wanted to mention here about this new product line. So this is again our new RF RGB and RGBW Multi-Zone Controls If you guys have any questions, make sure you leave those in the comments below Hopefully you can like this video, subscribe and thanks again. (music)

2 comments on “LED Strip Multi Zone RF Controller Introduction SIRS E

  1. Hi,
    I really need your help because i just bought an LED flud light that runs on 18w 12-24v…And of course i don't know much about batteries and electronic things. So i got it and bought a 7.4v 30c lipo 3500mah battery for it. But i checked the amps for the light and it says 12v should be on about 1.2amps and 24v on 0.6 A… i only have $20 to make it all run…PLEASE HELP ME…. i dont want to wast $70 on the light kit, can you give me a link to a ristrictor or something, Mabe another person if you dont know????!! Please and thanks for reading if your up to this!!!

  2. Great video, thanks for the effort. Just few questions about when you mentioned that each RF Controller can take up to 4 LED Strip Reels:

    1. How long each strip?
    2. How many LED (or equivalent watt) each strip reel has?
    3. How much amps each controller bears and how much wattage each reel needs.


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