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Lexus Radio/Media/Settings Explanation

Lexus Radio/Media/Settings Explanation

Hey everybody, Brock Frady here helping you
enjoy your ride.Let’s take a look at how to use the radio and some of the features inside
the radio of the Lexus ES350. We’re going to start by pressing the start button twice
in order to cut the power on for the radio to work. Or you can press your brake and push
the start button to actually start the vehicle to do this as well. Next, press the knob marked
Power/Volume. To change the audio sources, press the radio or media button. Pressing
the media button repeatedly will allow you to scroll through the available media sources.
Pressing the radio button allows you to access AM, FM, or satellite. To change the presets
on a radio station or on a recorded source, you’re going to press the Preset/Track button.
You can also change the source by pressing the Menu button on the remote touch controller.
In selecting either the Radio or Media icons. To change the source from the radio screen,
you can simply select source at the top and select the audio source of your choice. Shaded
icons are not currently available and you can see those as disc, USB, and iPod. Ok,
let’s select FM and program a preset station. Use the tuning knob on the center console
to tune to a favorite station. Next, we’ll tune to the station of our choice and then
using the remote touch controller, select a station position. And press the remote touch
controller down and hold and wait until you hear a beep. Hearing the beep indicated that
you have just memorized the station in the system. You can see on the screen where it
says Set 1 of 6. You can store a total of 36 preset stations on the screens 1 through
6 in a combination of AM, FM, and Satellite radio selections. To avoid cycling through
a bunch of empty presets like this, because not everyone needs 36 presets, we’re going
to press Menu, Setup, Audio. And select number of radio presets. I’m now pressing radio again
on the dash. Allows me to see, now it says 1 of 1. Set 1/1 where it used to say 1/6.
To adjust the sound quality and levels of the radio, you can hover to Sound and select
Treble, Midrange, and Base. You can raise or lower these levels by pressing + or -. And
you can also adjust the sound output in the vehicle by pressing front, and if you press
it repeatedly, it will move more of the sound to the front of the vehicle. Rear, right,
and left. You can select DSP in order to adjust automatic sound levelizer and that allows
the sound of the speakers in the vehicle to adjust automatically according to ambient
road noise and speed. In selecting Surround allows you to activate and deactivate surround
sound in the stereo system. Thanks so much for watching everybody. I hope this video
helps you enjoy your ride. Remember to subscribe and have a great day.

8 comments on “Lexus Radio/Media/Settings Explanation

  1. Thanks for this video, though I do have a question. I am not able to find the option to adjust the car's equalizer. I don't have the same option that says "Sound" on the bottom right of my Radio screen.

  2. Does not show hand movements!! Do you twist a knob ? Or do you push buttons i.e. up, down,right,left or whatever. and how is the driver distracted by using system to adjust/change Sat/Fm stations?

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