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Lilly Singh Talks About Adjusting from YouTube to Late Night Television

Lilly Singh Talks About Adjusting from YouTube to Late Night Television

-Have you found it
different going out — Obviously, you’ve gone out
in front of an audience before, but for so long,
you were just you and a camera. And you knew you had
an audience out there. Has it been fun walking out
in front of an audience of people every night? -It’s so much fun. It’s a little
just different, you know? Like you said,
there’s an audience, and then there’s something
called Standards and Practices. -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Yeah. Where they say that I can’t,
like, say really ratchet things, and I’m like, “What?” So I’m just learning
the ropes a little bit. And then thank God I have people
like you and Jimmy, who are just great role models
that I can look up to. But it’s a learning experience. -Yeah, well, it’ll be
a fun thing to learn. And did you talk —
I mean, Carson Daly had that time slot
for a long time. Was he someone
you ever reached out to? Did you ever talk to him? -I actually just
recently texted him. I was like, “Hello, Carson. I randomly got your number.”
True story. “I randomly got your number.” And I expressed that
I just want — I’m so grateful to be, you know,
following his footsteps. And he sent
the nicest text back. He said,
“Lilly, you were made for this. You have nothing
but support from me.” Like, “Go onwards
and upwards and thrive.” So huge shout-out
to Carson Daly. That was so, so graceful. -I also want to shout-out
and compliment “A Little Late
with Lilly Singh.” You know, people like
Jimmy and myself — we just come in and we stick
with the boring title that’s been in the time slot
for years. You, obviously, did not go with
“Last Call with Lilly Singh.” Was it fun coming up
with a title? Was that something
you found exciting? -It was exciting. You know, I was playing around
with a few options. One was
“Good Vibes with Lilly Singh.” And I was like, “Stop, girl.” But I like “A Little Late
with Lilly Singh.” It has a nice ring to it.
-Yeah, it really does. It’s like a perfect
song lyric almost. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -And I absolutely wanted
my name to be on it so that, you know — -Well, of course. -So that it’s tied to me
till the death. -None of us who have talk shows leave our names
out of the title. -Yeah, exactly, exactly. -Just call it
“Fun Times with Guy.” And, you know, the other thing,
we were talking earlier today, which is interesting —
you know, I think people think these jobs, you know — And they are,
to some disagree, a grind. But the grind you had beforehand
of being this sort of self-starter and
jack-of-all-trades, and you have a full crew now. And, basically,
you were all those jobs. Has it, in a weird way,
been refreshing to be like, “Hey, look at this. I got this incredible
support staff after eight years
of being my own thing.” -Yeah. I mean,
I love nothing more than bouncing around ideas
with my writers. I love it. Like I said, I wrote everything
by myself for so long. But it’s so nice to know that
there’s so many people invested in a project. And then, also, I mean —
I was telling you this earlier. The one thing
I’m getting used to is the energy demands it takes,
because walking into a room with five people
is very different than walking into a room
with 100 people. -Yeah. -So it does suck my energy
a little bit more, but, if I’m being honest, when I saw the schedule
for this show, I was like, “This is going to be
a walk in the park.” Because on YouTube, you know,
your schedule’s so hectic, and you’re doing a million jobs. And it wasn’t predictable. But now I have to be at
the same place every day at the same time. I’m like, “Pff! I got this.
I’m not stressed.” -You have been doing press
all day, obviously. You start doing press first
thing in the morning. So you will likely not be up at
1:30, when your show airs. Will your parents be up? Do you think they’re going to
stay up and watch it? -Oh, God, no.
-They’re not? Oh, my God. -I mean, and I’m fine with that. I’m very fine
with people watching it on YouTube the next day. I’d be happy if they watched
it at 1:35, but I know that’s
the launch of the show. And also very important to me
that my worldwide audience is able to watch it, which
is why I love that it’s going on YouTube. -That’s great. Hey, thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you so much. Thank you.
-Lilly Singh, everybody.

85 comments on “Lilly Singh Talks About Adjusting from YouTube to Late Night Television

  1. She’s the worst. Horribly unfunny. I thought it was a shame how “YouTube famous “ she was. Is their a joke anywhere in this interview or does she just brag and fake laugh.

  2. Love Lilly . Look how far she has come . Thank you for putting it on YT so the international fans can also watch the show .

  3. Checked out the introductory vid on her YT channel and scrolled the titles of others of her uploads. Her YT channel is exactly the kind of content I don't watch – AKA 99% of YouTube.

  4. She's like …
    She's like …
    She's like …a SUPER WOMAN!!!

  5. I don't know what it is about her but I can't stand her. Maybe seeing her new show will change my opinion but I seriously doubt it.

  6. Fun Fact: "Last Call with Carson Daly" holds the record for NBC's longest-running show without a fan base that's wasn't scheduled between "Seinfeld" and "Friends".

  7. I hope everything is alright with your parent. Keep up the good work on your show,Lily! I love your quote
    “Create the life I know I deserve”

  8. If the nbc come to india then 1.35 am in America is like 3 pm in india we can watch it here and give lilly atleqsy 50million view but NBC isint in india and she launched her show on star network here so we happy she is going to get views amd she got evening time slot in weekend amd her show will be big here i hope she interview alot of Indian

  9. 1:30am on weekdays is a damn bad time for people to watch. like, let's be real. so making it available to watch online for people to support just makes the most sense to everyone

  10. Do people actually watch Seth? Curious why his boring show is constantly put on the front page of youtube/recommendations.
    Also, Lilly's first show was a massive cringefest.

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  15. Canadian here, proud of Lilly. When I saw her pop up on my screen I was excited to watch this female host of Late Night kick some ass. Instead it was a cringe fest….

    It was terribly boring, no humor, and an NBC script that is meant to bury her deep in show biz.

    I feel sorry for the viewers of this show. For the true fans, I guess this show will eventually grind away your views of her.


  16. God watching these two no talent people has finally helped me to completely understand why Trump and Hilary were our presidential candidates because our country is full of braindead morons who have never tried thinking about anything. Seth wasn't funny on SNL and she is just a bunch of cringe with fake laughs

  17. God if people actually pay for tickets to see either one of these no talent no funny hacks Seth wasn't even funny on SNL and this woman only talks about who she fucks and what color she is then I understand why Trump and Hilary were the two candidates it's because this country sucks

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