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Lily Frier – One of television’s first performers

Lily Frier – One of television’s first performers

If you, came into the studio, and I always think it was the back of the studio and just past that door there was another door, and that was the dressing room, where put makeup on, which, which i can remember vividly and i can remember Leslie Mitchell plain plainly When he introduced us because, and because I was young i suppose, they let, my mother sit in the studio but a lot further up you know, she would be nowhere near the camera. But just to give me a bit of confidence, I suppose But I used to enjoy it, I used to enjoy it but I couldn’t say anything at school and sometimes because i lived in Kentish Town, and I used to go to school with, my friends and on the hoardings, on the side it was “Dance Hall” and it said and it’s”Little Lily Foster” because I couldn’t give my proper name because i was under 12. We weren’t supposed to be on the stage under 12. Unless you had a license So I used to walk, by and look and think “Oh that’s me”. I’d feel all proud but couldn’t tell anybody, about it

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