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Lincoln & Ronnie Anne’s Vlog #3: Holiday Special ☃️ The Loud House & Casagrandes | Nick

Lincoln & Ronnie Anne’s Vlog #3: Holiday Special ☃️ The Loud House & Casagrandes | Nick

Hey guys, welcome to
our holiday special. Season’s greetings, vlog world. In this video, we’re gonna catch up, chat about our
families’ holiday traditions, and decorate ugly holiday
sweaters for each other. Plus, we’ll swap gift ideas. But first, Lincoln, you’ve got to
open your surprise package from me. – Do you have it?
– Yup, right here Ronnie Anne. Wait a minute,
is this one of your pranks? Pranks? That’s so last year. Trust me, you’re gonna think it’s sweet. OK, here we go– [laughing] I can’t believe I fell for that. I should be ready for pranks by now,
with Luan as a sister. [yawning] – Hey Lincoln, want some punch?
– Sure. [screaming] So Lincoln, tell us about
a holiday tradition in your family. Food is big for us. My dad cooks all of
his special recipes. How’s the turkey coming, Dad? Ha, turkeys are for amateurs, Lori-Loo. I’m making a tur-gooseon. A pigeon, stuffed inside a goose,
stuffed inside a turkey. Three times the bird,
three times the deliciousness. When it comes to food,
your dad is like my abuela. Do I smell… My buñuelos? Why, yes. They’re my all-time favorite! Remember what happened the last
holiday our family got together? Here, try my turkey skin-infused stuffing.
You’re gonna love it. But first, try my tamales.
I added an extra kick. [growling] I was more stuffed than
your dad’s tur-gooseon. I still made room for dessert. OK you guys, now it’s time
for our big moment. Lincoln, are you ready? Lincoln? Lincoln? Is this another one of your
disappearing magic tricks? Abra kadabra! [gasping] Mom, it’s locked! – Lincoln?
– Ronnie Anne, are you there? – Can you hear me now?
– You’re back. What happened? Lisa was uploading plans for her
state-of-the-art Santa Claus tracker, and it wiped out our internet. My apologies to you all. ‘Tis the season.
Now back to our vlog. I was just about to introduce… Please say ugly sweater time.
Please say ugly sweater time. Great minds think alike. – Ugly sweater time.
– Yes! – Who goes first?
– You. Design the perfect
ugly holiday sweater for me. Show me what you got. OK, I’ll start with
a purple sweater, of course. I like it already. But now I’m gonna make it
as ugly as possible. I’ll stick on a bunch of
snowflakes and snow angels. Then a Sk8 Truxx Magazine patch,
cause you like to shred. Plus your Lucha Libre mask, also candy canes, including broken
pieces for authenticity. And we’ll finish it off with
some sprigs of holly, and Christmas lights for extra flare. And there you have it, folks,
Ronnie Anne’s ugly holiday sweater. Wow, it’s so festive. Seriously, I think you nailed it. But to find out if it really passes
the ugly sweater test, I’ll need to ask my cousin Carlotta,
she’s the fashion expert in my family. We’ll start by throwing out
all of these clothes. I usually donate, but nobody
is going to want these. OK, now it’s my turn
for some designing. Design it up! For you, Lincoln, I’ll start with
your favorite comic book, Ace Savvy. So far, so good. Now here comes the ugly. I’ll add a big wreath right in the middle,
then these reindeer antlers. And some scraps of wrapping paper
for the extra holiday look. And for the finishing touch,
popcorn garland. So when you’re hungry,
your sweater can double as a snack. Looks ugly and tasty.
What do you guys think? Whose sweater’s uglier? I wonder what my sister Leni would say. She knows all about fashion. Hey Lincoln, look, I just made
the perfect Christmas outfit. Has anyone seen my plaid
Christmas tablecloth? Shh. So let’s talk holiday gifts. Do you know what you’re getting
for all of your sisters? Yep, I’ve got a plan. I’m not surprised. I’m going DIY this year. OK, here we go. For Lori,
I’m making a collage of Bobby pictures. She’ll ‘heart’ it, I’m sure. It’s so romantic, babe. I know, because we’re so romantic. For Leni, I’ll offer to be a clothes model
for her next sewing session. I think my design for
the man-o-tard is really working. – Thanks for agreeing to be my model.
– Ow! Then there’s Luna. At her next show, I’ll give her
the gift of ultimate fandom. [music playing] For Luan, I promise to like
every one of her comedy videos, from the funniest to the punniest. You never know when
you’ll strike comedy gold, like this. Aw, come on! I said comedy gold,
not digging for gold. For Lynn, I’ll be a good sport
whenever she wants to practice. Now stay focused. Goal! For Lucy, I’ll reserve the TV
for her favorite show, Vampires of Melancholia. A whole new season of our favorite show,
can’t wait to watch it. Just you and me. – Hey, Luce.
– Scoot over! While my gift to Lana is feeing
all her pets for a week. Every last one of them. For Lola, I’ll serve as a waiter
at her next tea party. Ah, top me off, Linkington. And for Lisa, I promised to be a test
subject for her latest experiment. – Wish me luck.
– Good luck. Lori, tell Lisa she can’t
harvest my kidney. Tell Lincoln he only requires one! Last but not least, Lily. The next time she’s sad,
I’ll let her cuddle with Bun-Bun. You really are a man with a plan. What about you? Are you making
any do-it-yourself gifts? I hadn’t thought about it,
but I’ll give it a shot. For Bobby, I could help
stack shelves at the Mercado, so he has more time
to video chat with Lori. Bobby and I like to admire
each other from multiple angles. Hey, Lincoln.
Hola from France! Who is that girl and
why is she smiling at you? Babe, that’s the Mona Lisa. For Carlotta, I could be the model
at her next makeup tutorial. I can’t believe I just said that. Now, I’m just spritzing some rose water
on my blender brush. Hey, Carlotta.
Oops, didn’t know you were live. Moving on to CJ. We’ll play a round of pirates together
and I’ll let him be captain of the ship. For Carl, I can gift a ride
on the GLC Train. He’s obsessed with trains. Tia Maria, help! I glued my
model caboose to my caboose, and then I got an itch. [horn blowing] And finally for Carlitos, I can make him rattle using frijoles. [shaking] So Lincoln, of all the holiday gifts
you’ve ever got, what was your favorite? – Big Red.
– Big Red? Only the fastest sled in Royal Woods. Let’s do this. Ha-ha, yeah! Presents are awesome,
but my favorite holiday treat is when my dad video chats me from Peru. Hey Dad, how’s it going? Muy bien, Ronita. Just testing out the healing
powers of rat dung. Spending time with your family
really is the best part of the holidays. I totally agree. And with that, let’s sign off
so we can get started with all our holiday plans. – From Great Lakes City…
– And Royal Woods. We wish you happy holidays! Wait Lincoln, we’re supposed
to say that together. – Oh, right.
– On three. One, two… Happy Holidays! Spontaneous holiday
song duet, ready? ♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh ♪ We’re losing you, Lincoln. Lisa, are you breaking
our internet again? – Apologies, siblings.
– Ok, guys. Let us know what you want
to see in the next video. Until then, adiós. Bye!

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