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LookeeTV Instructional Video #4 – Setting Up The FM Radio Function

This very short video will instruct you on how to set up the FM Radio functionality on your LookeeTV device. Step one is to configure your FM Radio settings. Using the directional pad on your remote control, navigate down to the Settings option from the Main Menu. Once you are in the Settings Menu, navigate down to FM Settings, and open it up. Here you can set up the region in which you are playing FM Radio content. Most of you will need to choose the “FM Broadcast Band”. Step two is to immediately start enjoying your favorite local FM radio stations. Using the remote, navigate to the FM Radio app located on the Main Menu. Once you do this, you’ll be prompted to connect the FM antenna to the back of the unit. Please do so now. After you’ve plugged in the FM antenna, hit ENTER on the remote and your LookeeTV will scan for any local FM stations. LookeeTV will automatically start playing these stations once this is done. Simply use the directional buttons on the remote to change to the radio station of your choosing. Please be sure to watch the Alarm Clock Instructional Video because it will teach you how to set you alarm tone to be our favorite FM radio station.

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