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Madison, Wisconsin “Shaken” by Shooting at Community Radio Station WORT-FM

Madison, Wisconsin “Shaken” by Shooting at Community Radio Station WORT-FM

And before we end, I wanted to ask you about
what happened in Madison, where you are right now, in Madison, Wisconsin, a masked gunman
opening fire in Madison community radio station WORT early on Sunday morning, in the middle
of the night, injuring one person. A station DJ was shot, taken to the hospital,
later discharged. The police say that this was—they don’t
believe the attack was motivated by hatred of the media. WORT, a member-controlled station in South
Central Wisconsin. Can you tell us any more about what took place? Yeah. I mean, it was a shocking incident. And it did happen in the middle of the night,
and so it was one that people had to catch up with, to some extent. The police have said that they do not think
it was an attack on—directed at media or a politically motivated attack. They’re still searching for the attacker. The station said that it got some prank calls,
but that it had not had, you know, the sort of direct threats that might tie it, again,
to politics or some sort of anti-media, anti-WORT sentiment. But it still has to be investigated. And you’re right to focus on this. WORT is a station that really has reached
far beyond Madison. It’s been, for many, many years, one of
the leading independent community stations maintaining a news operation. Just this week, later this week, WORT will
sponsor a debate between the candidates for governor. So it’s a big-deal station. And this attack has really shaken a lot of
people. Well, we want to thank both of you for being
with us, John Nichols of The Nation, talking to us from Madison, Wisconsin, and Zaid Jilani
of The Intercept, speaking to us from Washington, D.C. This is Democracy Now! When we come back, we’ll be speaking to
a mother and her son, just newly reunited after almost 40 years. Stay with us.

17 comments on “Madison, Wisconsin “Shaken” by Shooting at Community Radio Station WORT-FM

  1. Saturday night into Sunday they have “shout outs” and hip hop playing so it could be as simple as a personal grudge or “someone disrespected me” deal. Before you come at me with your “racist” bullshit, unless you know the station or programming then stfu, it’s well known and popular and if you ever visit the Dane County Jail on Saturday nights as an overnight guest, that’s the big deal that everyone has their headphones on hoping to hear a “shout out” to their wing of the jail or them personally

  2. This could very easily be a brick (bullet) through their own window to gain sympathy for the poor, liberal hatemongers. Wah wah wah…I love how they always make it ambiguous. It "might" be this group but we are sooo cautious and responsible that we won't come out and say such a thing. Just really, really imply it and plant it into your head. The hive mind sheeple zombies will obviously run with it. Sad!

  3. From what I heard the guy walks in,starts screaming at the DJ,DJ laughs at the guy and moons him,next thing you know the guy shoots DJ…in the rump

  4. Donald Trump empowered that shooter…and the NRA is dead..weird day for confused hysterical gun owner. The media isn't the problem…its the wealthy interests who run the world. Blame greed and hate.

  5. Why the continued Assange media blackout? Where is the coverage of the Assange situation??? Also has DN! covered story about censorship on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube including Infowars etc? Or is DN! so partisan now that it wont give oxygen to anything but left causes even if these things could end up affecting all media not just conservative media?

  6. Yeah, just a coincidence that trump attacking media isn't related or motivated crazies to shoot up media outlets. It happens a few times a year every year, right?

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