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Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire)

Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire)

♪ [gentle guitar]You know, I feel like
I grew up around firewood.
Grew up around wood, I grew up
around wood burning stoves,
fireplaces.I feel like it’s
kind of in my blood.
My name is Jesse Horne,
and I am the founder
of Smoke and Flame
Firewood Company. North America’s
only premium hand crafted
firewood manufacturer. ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheery]I started Smoke and Flame
in 2012
after growing frutstrated by
seeing poor quality firewood
flooding the market.I wanted to bring craftsmanship
back to firewood production.
My criteria for
sourcing logs is simple:I only source logs
that will give me
the best firewood
in the world.
That’s it.Each piece of
firewood is unique;
it has its own personality.It tells a story.Which is something we
definitely want to respect.
My name is Carl O’Brien, and I’m an apprentice here
at Smoke and Flame Firewood. [exhales]
Working with Jesse is…
he’s an artist.Jesse:I will not sell
a single piece of firewood
until it is
abosulely ready.
And I don’t care
how long that takes.
[blows] The way I look at it is,
I wanted to encorporatea lot of the stuff
they did in the old world
with a lot of new
and modern technology.
Combining those two worlds:
basically slowing down,
putting in the time
and craftsmanship
into making a quality,
quality product.I consider myself
a bit of a storyteller,
but my words are wood.♪ ♪ People just can’t believe it’s
finally happening, you know? For so long, it’s just
been pile of wood at a gas station. Now, it’s like, “Wow, someone’s
actually taking the care “into the wood
we’re going to burn.” TThey love it. ♪ ♪ My name’s Jesse Horne,
and I make firewood. ♪ ♪

20 comments on “Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire)

  1. Production level at an all time high. Lol funny as hell. Nice video. I’ve watched thousands this is only my second comment. It really is that good and true to form. World gone crazy. You should actually do this and for real and cut out the satire and I guarantee people with no sense at all would totally send you money for an up scale Manhattan apartment piece of wood. Lmfao.

  2. You did it as satire. This is not a satirical page from Sweden:

    Google translate it. Worst part? It's sold out.

  3. I didnt relize this was fake for a bit and for some reason I found it believeable because there are worse things that people have spent alot of money on.

  4. I wonder if Jessie is planning on branching out. I'll leaf that decision to him. This business is knot for me.

  5. Is your wood free range, pesticides free, and carbon neutral*? Not releasing harmful smoke to the environment is very important to me. Let me know, I'm very interested.

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