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Making a Tritium and Damascus Steel Glow Ring

Making a Tritium and Damascus Steel Glow Ring

62 comments on “Making a Tritium and Damascus Steel Glow Ring

  1. Actually, thats a GTLS – Gaseous Tritium Light Source, using phosphors to glow, with the Tritium supplying a radiation source to activate the glow of the phosphors. But close enough I guess 🙂

  2. It's a nice product, but you should respect your tools, son. Be kinder to your blades. Slow down your rotations significantly – those little bits can't handle the heat from high RPM drilling. Apply enough cutting oil to ensure your contact point never goes dry, and clear your shavings off the bit and material. Second half of that drilling looks better in terms of oil and you slowed down, but swarf is the enemy. Your blades will be more accurate and last longer. You shouldn't be getting a half inch of cut per drill bit.

    I'd also recommend you swap out that bandsaw blade. It looks like it's already dull and you turned up the downfeed to compensate, but it's pushing too hard and cutting at an angle. Replace it, keep that blade speed down, and either apply oil to both sides of the blade about one or two inches back from the bar you're cutting, or get some coolant and apply it directly to the back of the blade so it runs down the sides before it reaches the cut. The blade carries the cutting fluid to the cut, where it will cool the material and carry away waste material. You also never want to rest the bandsaw blade on your material like you do at 8:20 – it will damage the teeth.

    It might also be worthwhile looking into a metal hbs with a coolant rig, or just rig one and some brushes for your existing saw. If you're using that for metal cutting applications regularly you'll immediately notice a difference. Treat your blades right and that bandsaw will be as indispensable for precision work as your lathe.

  3. What a cool ring, I would love to have it, so can those tritium vines break? And my God how much do you charge for it, your time alone is a fortune. I could never do this myself I don’t have all those tools. I did however notice that you have some clear skin problems going on and I’m not trying to be hurtful, I’m trying to be positive. May I suggest to you the excellent all natural men’s grooming products by Brickell. They have just the right combination of daily cleansers and moisturizers that I think would do miracles on your skin. All of their products like I said are all natural no animal testing nothing synthetic. I use them as part of my daily regimen. A nice scrub, skin wash, and moisturizer makes you feel like a million bucks,and that’s how you should feel while wearing that fantastic ring that I believe any man would like except for maybe Superman, it’s got a cryptonite kind of vibe going on with it.

  4. You are one of the handy and skill guy I have never seem, also you must have very high IQ too I wonder? Enjoy your video very much !!!

  5. I visited your website and really like your evergreen glowing ring so I saved it to my desktop and added it to my wishlist

  6. Great work mate. The tritium glow will make it look fantastic at night but the acid etching on the Damascus steel would make it look really attractive during the day also… # 1st class imagination in design.

  7. If I get the tritium can I pay you to make a ring for me (serious question) cuz your not technically selling the tritium to me

  8. As an IT professional, the first few minutes were awfully painful to watch. So good job on that haha. Great project 🙂

  9. Why would you wear a ring with radioactive material in it? We should go back to the days of wearing Radium, might as well.

  10. bullshight .. this is sooo disrespectful.. you must think ur audience is stupid or your so stupid you think the bws tech jargon will fool anyone. you sound like a fool

  11. "it is illegal to sell Tritium in the US, but it is legal to buy it." later in video "I hoping this will be a ring i can make and sell on my website." too funny. Great job by the way, ring looks great.

  12. I like the ring before use the acid or werever is the liquid you put the ring in the glass i want one can you sold me a ring exactly ( before the acid) how much it cost my size is like 16.5 please answer me

  13. "In brightest day, in blackest night,

    No evil shall escape my sight.

    Let those who worship evil's might

    Beware my power–Green Lantern's light!"

    Also reminds me of a Nuclear Reactor ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  14. "Ok guys I'm reading the raining, green symbols. I'm hacking the mainframe but there is a program called Mr. Smith trying to keep me out…"

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