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Making cancer as harmless as the common cold | Michio Kaku

Making cancer as harmless as the common cold | Michio Kaku

I think we’re entering the fourth wave of
scientific innovation and wealth creation. The first era was steam power, when we physicists
worked out the laws of thermodynamics we could calculate how much energy you get from a lump
of coal to energize a locomotive or a steam engine or a factory. That was the first big breakthrough. The second wave of innovation and wealth generation
was electricity and magnetism. When we physicists worked out the laws of
electromagnetism that gave us the light bulb, it gave us television, radio, it gave us the
electric age. The third revolution took place when we physicists
worked out the transistor and the laser, opening up the world of high technology. The fourth wave is at the molecular level,
and that is artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and biotechnology. In fact I think the synergy between biotechnology
and artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize everything around us. First of all the job market is going to explode
in that area because baby boomers are aging, and baby boomers have disposable income; they
want answers now to their problems not next year, and so there’s going to be plenty
of money involved with people who want to find cures for horrible diseases like Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson’s. At the present time we have no cure for these,
but a tremendous amount of effort is now being redirected toward illnesses of old age. Also, take a look at cancer research. We’re going to have a magic bullet against
cancer using nano medicine, that is, individual molecules in cells that can target individual
cancer cells using nanotechnology. And the next big thing is when your toilet
becomes intelligence. In the future your toilet will be your first
line of defense against cancer because your bodily fluids—blood and your bodily fluids
contain signatures of cancer colonies of maybe a few hundred cancer cells in your body maybe
years before a tumor forms. Think about it for a moment. There are people watching this program right
now, right now who have cancer growing in their body. Maybe a few hundred cancer cells in a colony,
but they won’t know it for perhaps ten years, when you have ten billion cancer cells growing
in your body forming a tumor. We will have what is called liquid biopsies,
DNA chips that allow us to search for the signatures of cancer colonies of a hundred
cells, cancer genes, cancer enzymes, cancer protein circulating in our blood and bodily
fluids. So in other words one day your toilet will
tell you that “You have cancer. Do something. You have ten years to do it.” So another words ladies and gentlemen what
I’m trying to tell you is in the future the word tumor will “disappear” from the
English language. We will have years of warning that there’s
a colony of cancer cells growing in our body. And our descendants will wonder, how could
we fear cancer so much? Cancer is going to become like the common
cold, that is we live with the common cold, it doesn’t really kill anybody except maybe
if you have pneumonia, but for the most part we tolerate the common cold because it’s
too difficult to cure 300 different varieties of rhinoviruses. In the future we may see cancer the same way. There are probably thousands of different
varieties of cancer, we can’t cure every single one, but we’ll live with it, we’ll
tolerate it, and we’ll eradicate it in the same way that we live with the common cold.

100 comments on “Making cancer as harmless as the common cold | Michio Kaku

  1. it's quite disappointing that in the future will still be toilets. So we'll still eat dead animals and plants and then we shit? — I hope not …

  2. Easy to look to the future but lets maybe get there first. People are still suffering horribly in our day and age from all types of cancer.

  3. I lament all the forces and might of human minds throughout time that have slowed the progress of all these future probable outcomes.

  4. Sure, you'll eradicate cancer with tiny molecular poisons er I mean nano-particles. The cut burn and poison model of intervention is working so well in agriculture, with no side effects at all! Nothing will improve in medicine until this technocratic, command and control, machine model is completely abandoned. Hint humans: work with nature not against it, you won't win because you cannot control, in the long run, a complex adaptive biological system by adjusting a few sub-system parameters. Which is why people have remissions and then die, the tumor (sub-system) shrinks yay, but oops, you (the system) die, sorry for that "side effect".


  6. I'm not saying this is not a great thing because it is. But first of all it's reasonable that the government would not want this because the government and the medical industry would lose billions upon billions dollars in Lost Revenue for cancer treatments and not to mention it's a good source of population control.

  7. Cutting edge research science on cancer suggests intensive targeted exercise can can stimulate a successful immune response to some cancers. No certainty but it is working for some who put in the big effort.

  8. We're already having trouble sustaining the current population of the world. Not saying we're "over-populated", just that the tech of keeping people alive is outpacing our ability to reduce the individuals impact on the environment. The idea of eternal life sounds great, ya know. Most people don't want to die, and they don't want grandma or uncle jim to die, but we also naturally want to keep making babies….. we want to have our cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, It's just not sustainable.

  9. I like how confidently he is predicting the future based on NOTHING. But this guy was always just about sci-fi and empty words, never the knowledge, so no surprise there.

  10. The problem is if something doesn't create enough wealth it doesn't get developed. And my generation won't have any disposable income when we retire, if we can retire, because we were raised with advertising aimed at us in the crib and easy access to credit.

  11. I'm like Pavlov's dog now. The instant I see Michio Kaku's face, I immediately think of the words "WE PHYSICISTS…" in his voice… and I start to salivate for some reason

  12. Why professor's teeth are yellow or brown? What a shitty system that such great person cannot go to dentist as he want. Such professor's are very rare , need to care about them.

  13. I seem to recall hearing that we all have cancer cells in us always it just doesn't turn deadly. Michio Kaku didn't explain it as such but if I recall correctly it would have made this video better. He did say you could have 100 cells and need to treat it in ten years but that's not same as you always already have cancer cells.

  14. A buddy of mine doesn't have enough money to afford a smart toilet and comes to my house and takes a crap. Now, I have to be the one to tell him that my toilet says he has cancer… Meh.

  15. I am shitting a lot. I mean a whole lot. I feel like I am pooping 2 days worth of food and no end is in sight. Wtf. I mean. Why is this happening right now? Seriously. This is bullshit.

  16. Wouldn't be awkward if you're a guest at your girlfriend's house and you have to shit and at the end the toilet announces your health based on your feces? Like flush "If you don't eating so much sugar, you will die".

  17. I could do video like this. In the future we will have flying cars. In the future blind people will see. In the future …….

  18. "there are more ppl living than dying from cancer right now" we will cure it, only if industry allows it. wich it probably wont. luckely, we have free flow of information worldiwide, we can do it a lot by ourself. sorry for bad eng. chhers.

  19. If my toilet can tell me I have cancer I'm not sure I want to know what my phone will be able to do, will phones still exist?

  20. Sure kill the cancer but not what is causing it. If it was me I would research why our body creates these cells. If it is just like high cholesterol, a protection against something much more serious?

  21. My first thought when my toilet talks to me: I might have a brain tumor. Joking aside though, home diagnostic tools like that would be cool

  22. as a doctor who works in cancer medicine, and on clinical trials, i find this science fiction assertion about a heterogeneous set of diseases to be pretty much simplistic, utter bullshit, and very annoying. within any one cancer, there are a multitude of different clones at any one time, for one thing. It would be wonderful if you could have tiny nanocomputers that could magically fix everything, but despite great advances such as immunotherapy we have quite a long way to go before we can pretend cancer is one disease and claim its cure is 10 years away.

  23. Dogs can smell cancer in your urine, as well as other ailments.
    Cancer is being fought with our bodies our immune system right now. T Cells can be removed, reprogramed to both recognize and kill cancer cells. Then reintroduced. The body takes the new blueprint and makes more of these t cells and they remove the cancer and may prevent recurrence. Google Car T transplant for more reading.

  24. My toilet wouldn't look for a job. I ask it every single day: 'Do you know how smart you are?!'. 'Why should I provide for this family?!'.

  25. Kaku: "There are people watching this program, RIGHT NOW…"

    Me whilst sitting on the toilet: *Shifts nervously* , "Omg he's gonna know I'm taking a dump!"

    Kaku: "…have cancer growing in their body"

    Me: *Wipes the sweat off forehead* "that was close"

  26. Well a danish scientist company have been experimenting on creating a cure for the deadly Malaria that plagues many places in Africa… The experiment didn’t work. However it destroyed all forms for cancer in the patient. (Lab rat) So far all the experiments have fully worked on all the test rats… But it will be another 5-10 years before we really start to hear about it. They wanna make sure no bad side effects before real treatment to humans will be a thing. And if so then we might see a true cure for cancer. And all of them.

  27. Whenever I hear him talk it's always "we physicists did this that's why we have this and that". Don't get me wrong i think he's a great person and i love listening to him, but a lot of other fields contributed to our advances not just physicists. Give credit where credit is due.

  28. Lol if cancer gets a cure the pharmaceutical industry go broke, they ll oppose a cure and kill the ppl who develop it lmao

  29. Kaku either belongs teaching little kids or needs to speak less like he's talking to a fucking dumbass, explaining common sense shit

  30. Don't we develop cancer mutations all the time, but our bodies defenses take care of them?

    Like the cell naturally kills it's self eventally?

  31. In the future, we will have long waiting times to see a toilet. Toilets of the future will look back on today and wonder in awe about how primitive their ancestors were. They will discover that they descended from such humble beginings as a whole on the ground and become humbles themselves.

  32. we’ll eradicate it in the same way that we live with the common cold
    That doesn't make any sense. We are not eradicating common cold, in fact we aren't doing anything to eradicate it because it's too common to be eradicated. Maybe cancer treatments will evolve, we don't really know whether they will, but eradication would mean the disease ceased to exist like smallpox for example.

  33. DO NOT EXCEPT THE IDEA THAT CANCER IS GROWING IN YOUR BODY! The cancer is this video. Who will benefit from this great technology?? The poor and sick? Who controls these things? The rich? #freeyourmind and regret this!

  34. Sure. This will make future toilets expensive. A cancer detecting toilet will only be for the rich. The poor will just get cancer and can't afford the medical bills.

  35. it is already the case for healthy individuals our bodies kill a lots of cancer cells everyday
    the problem is that any defect causes tumor cells to take over

  36. Well I guess we'll only get this cancer detecting toilet as long as the corporations can still make us sick, take all our money, and have us die anyway..
    ..and make money on our funeral too.

  37. Not trying to be mean, but this guy is why we fight on global warming. "HE" knows the future and while we die of cancer, he smiles because "HE" knows the technology. I understand that HE knows the entire brick by brick path to "the blood chip", however HE needs to SELL me HARD on the steps. Perhaps create a NETFLIX series on EXACTLY how he KNOWS the step by step milestones which will DEFINITELY create the "blood chip" that HE is so confident will ABSOLUTELY be created in "WHAT" timeline. SELL SELL SELL my man. Teach me chemistry, teach me marketing, but dont just "smile" and says "be calm" all is well.

  38. Ok when will we have those cancer chips for bodily fluids. The only one I currently know about is the toilet test for colon cancer, where you poop into the toilet and just take a swab of the water around the poop to analyze if it has blood and determines possible cancer but it only tells you positive or negative problem. You must go for colonoscopy if positive.

  39. Nothing. The art of saying nothing. Appart from the fact it's hard on people that do have cancer today, he says nothing.

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