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Martell Defends Himself on the Radio | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

– All right, so here’s the deal. I want to know what’s going on. Because the last time I saw you,
you were almost on the outs. Oh, you’re finning to
start digging immediately. She’s caught it already. Man, you ain’t gonna
ease up in to it? How comfortable are
you with everything being out in the open? You know, as far as the
infidelity and all that stuff? You know, that’s
something to have to deal with in the public
eye and carry on your back. Because now everybody knows. I’m sorry, you’re a cheater. Well, I guess it
is pretty tough. My thing is, like I
told Melody, whatever happens in our house,
its stays in our house regardless of what. But she just didn’t
see it that way. Right. So she wanted to– she wanted
to put it out a little bit. So I’m rolling with it. So everybody knows
you’re a cheater. But then you got those
women out there– I’m gonna correct that.
I used to be. I used to be.
– There you go. – No longer.
– There you go. Mr. Holt is not playing today. You might get a
home-cooked meal. He sure might. Let me pick up that roast
and potatoes and carrots. There it is. But then you’ve
the women out there that knows that he’s got
that in him to kind of sneak on the side. Are you all dealing with that? Because there are women
that will come up and say, well, we already
know what you’ll do. Oh, I can’t
speak on that part. I mean, no one’s
coming up to me saying, we know what your
husband will do. So I’lll let Martell
answer that question. – I know they not coming to you.
– No, no. – No
– Yeah, Mel doesn’t play. But no, they don’t
come up to me either. They don’t? You know, I made poor
decisions in the past based just on my own judgment.
– Right. That was it. Right. All right. OK.

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