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47 comments on “Meanwhile… Walmart Wants The Keys To Your House

  1. I said 82? Lol '92 better. Working for.big.ass company. They bought us puters and printers.then 2 weeks training.. fun

  2. I have never asked a professional to do any work on my vehicle or my home. The one exception was a warranty claim on my wife's car. Millennials embarrass me.

  3. Baby Boomers didn't pass on great skills.

    Baby Boomers proceed to blame Millennials for having no "great" skills.

  4. my dad is planning to install cables into a fountain (run via a garden full of foxes, bats and squirrels!) with the help of a gardener/bricklayer/the husband of his dentist's secretary in the next few days so maybe it's a good thing that kind of nonsense is dying out.

  5. I can understand the Walmart thing for seniors… literally nothing else and even then that's questionable.

  6. I do my own plumbing, electrical and auto repairs myself. HVAC I know nothing of, my central unit need repairs right now. So I bought a few window units. For preventative auto maintenance, I let others do it.

    Not many people these days can plug a tire.

  7. don't forget millennials also have access to the internet, great for DIY tips for projects one can handle on their own. can't ignore how useful this tool is

  8. Am I the only one that thinks that he kinda reminds me of the US president in 'Monsters VS aliens' at 3:10?

  9. Of course the generation that thinks that manual labor is beneath them aren't going to fix their own stuff.

  10. 15$ per hour vs me, id say grub hub, post mates particularly. Its like like kid porn, your either brain damaged or you grew up before the 80's as far as i can tell. If you worked for Target, your argument would make no sense, but at walmart, they think i fucking steel shit? I make 600$ a day, but you even gotta be nice because their grand babies.

  11. even walmart has a minimum amount of time a person has to work to prove themselves…

    meanwhile an orange twitter rage is ''running'' the country ( while not even walking while playing golf )

  12. Hello! What about Gen X? we are the McIver generation. And by the way we are the parents of at least half the millennials. What the hell survey was this.?

  13. Baby boomer dad also cut our hair and drove us around in a station wagon with no air conditioning. Life is better now.

  14. If you're good at DIY fixing things, woodwork, cooking, sewing etc, teach your kids how to do it, otherwise that knowledge will die with you!

  15. Compare post-millennials with the other previous generations… The latest generation tries to pose as the technologically savvy, yet can't figure out how to use a basic printer without assistance. Heck, I've seen some of them having trouble figuring out how a card reader or a scanner work, holding up the self-checkout line. (literally: this guy kept waving a drink in front of the scanner until the clerk had to show him there is a barcode on it that should face the scanner… And then the guy waved his debit card in front of that same scanner… I hoped he was just high, but then his girlfriend arrived from behind trying to wave her own card at the scanner…)

  16. So Milennial and boomer dads have the same level of average DIY skill. Or lack thereof. The youngins just have the presence of mind to realize and admit it. X3

  17. Well groceries stores in the UK already do that (some) while I lived there. I think its great for the elderly and individuals who aren't as mobile so why not have a delivery service.

  18. The Wal-Mart thing is ment to be for the disabled and elderly. It has the ability and probability to go very bad, yes, but they are trying to do good.

  19. My husband is leaving things to rot or just be broken in our 1974 trailer due to the costs of repairs and not knowing how to fix stuff himself. Learning to fix things costs too much too. Oi.😔😕 we are working on moving. Saving up to get into another place is cheaper in the long run.

  20. Oooooh they would have a time doing my parents mormon house. Food storage how you pull thr older items front and put the new in back. How you label each and every single item with a marker the date it was bought next to expiration.

    claps hands together evily and I would be home. Just to watch em do it and tell them they missed a spot.

    Then take my key from them. Say bye and never again use the service.

    Teach them for trying to invade my house HAH!

  21. Not gonna lie, my immigrant dad learned a bunch of trades just to get by. He still works construction to this day, and now that we're grown and my siblings & their friends are buying homes, they call on him as "Mr. Fix It" to help remodel. He also built an addition to my childhood home that more than doubled the size and he remodeled the entire interior, from the basement to the master bathroom. He did these things on his own, with limited knowledge of English. He's a skilled DIY'er and I'm really proud of him. Hope I can learn some of those skills someday.

  22. Loooooove your program on every platform (TV, YouTube…). Here is my creepy Walmart experience: several months ago I bought a few gift cards from them. Once the cashier rang me up I noticed that the validation (aka proof of purchase) wasn’t on my receipt for one of the gift cards. I brought it to her attention and she quickly told me she can’t do anything about it and I need to talk to the manager. After waiting on the manager to be freed up, he spent about 2 min on it and then proceeded to tell me he can’t do anything about it either. When I told him I felt uncomfortable and wanted to cancel the transaction, he told me he can’t do that either and encouraged me to call the # on the back of the card. Little did I know that the by the time I reached my car in the parking lot, someone has drained the value of my card through a well known scam (I won’t go into that scam but once I started googling it, I found out it was a well known fact). I was embarrassed when my the recipient of the gift card called to tell me about it (only for the sole reason that I had paid for something I thought I was getting, and i was scammed). He was able to find out that my card was used for several things hundreds of miles away from where I live or where my friend lives. I reached out to my credit card company, but gift cards and cashier’s checks aren’t covered under their insurance policy. I reached out to Visa and they can’t do anything about it either. I then reached out to Walmart and after getting the run around I came across sooo many people that had the same complaint about Walmart. Apparently all merchants understand and know about this scam and refund their clients…EXCEPT good old walmart. So, buyer be ware…especially when it comes to dealing with Walmart! I’m truly sorry to bring the party down.

  23. From experience, never never never buy a home previously owned by a DIY boomer. Every year, it's OMG and WTF. Like paying multiple AC repair companies to sleuth out an outside electrical wire "repaired" with dollar store electrical tape. And maybe I better not tell you what that man did to the toilets….

  24. Have you SEEN how much they pay their employees? I wouldn't allow ANYBODY from WallyWorld and on a poverty wage inside of my home.

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