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100 comments on “Mechanical Keyboards: A Brief Introduction

  1. lol imagine having to clean your keys 1190 times a day when if your keyboard gets dirty/broken if you want you can just go to Walmart lmao

    why would you waste your money? i would but it if it was 35$, not 105$ bucks lmao

    they shouldnt be that much, the only difference is that they go "click" and it "feels good"

    stop wasting money and go fund a elderly shelter pls thx

  2. "once you clack you never go back" this is the most accurate description of a mechanical keyboard that I have ever heard in my life. I'm gonna say that to everyone who dares ask why i use a mechanical keyboard instead of my laptop chiclet keyboard, now.

  3. You become desensitized. It doesn't matter after awhile and a regular keyboard and mechanical will eventually feel the same. It's a waste of money.

  4. What do people have against those Apple keyboards. They are quiet, feel nice and are the only good keyboards that work for editing on macos. Yes their laptop keyboards are a meme but the actual ones haven’t turned to the low side *yet*.

  5. I know why he sounds different. It's cause he's talking to only a mic, and not to people. When you record audio you sound different because you talk different depending on who's listening. He's just showing less emotion because it's a microphone. Everyone does it, and I've done it a lot for like recording audio for school before when it's just a microphone listening.
    He's not screaming into the mic because he's not streaming and it feels weird to when there no other interaction like a stream chat.

  6. Keyboard clacking already makes me cringe (like nails on a chalkboard), but that freakin gif right there just sealed the deal. Now I can never think about keyboards again

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