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Medical Coding Books at New CCO Bookstore

Boyd: Announcing – Our Bookstore!!
Yup! Alicia, have you check out the book store, yet? Alicia: Oh yes, I have. Boyd: Tell us what’s in the bookstore? Alicia: Well, first of all, one of my favorite
manuals is in the bookstore. It’s the ICD-10 CM from Elsevier, the Carol Buck one, that’s
one of my favorite manuals. I actually have two of them, and it’s in the bookstore.
The CPT manual, you can get that from us. This great little teal and blue textbook,
that’s the textbook that we use for teaching the ICD-10 Blitz and the ICD-10-PCS course;
this is the same text that I used when I was teaching at the college. I love it! It really
has a lot of practice, it’s a work text, and gives you unique and unusual things to
code and practice with, so I like that. But, above and beyond my favorite things are
tons and tons of specialty coding helps. “Helps” isn’t really the right word to say, but
over here Instacode, this HIPAA compliance, I think it’s fantastic if you want to get
your compliance officer. Then, they have Chiropractic, they’ve got Respiratory, Rheumatology, all
kinds of fantastic specialties, more than I could just list. You need to go to the
and take a look at all the great things that you can purchase. This is brand new, just
got launched. Boyd: Great, I think we had some more books
on the next one. Alicia: There you go. See I told you I could
not remember all the specialties. Behavioral Health, that’s huge and we get a lot of
people asking about that. Look, there’s Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology. Very,
very difficult, all those different medications and things that’s all explained in there.
Radiology, I think a lot of coders get started in radiology when they first get a job. It’s
very repetitious, but it allows you to see all kinds of really unique things going on
in a hospital. Boyd: What was the book that you like for
a CPCO, someone is asking? Alicia: I like the HIPAA, that’s this one
over here, this HIPAA Compliance. I’ve been going through it. I haven’t actually had
time to go all the way through it and double check it, but I believe, I suspect, that if
you’re going to go get the compliance certification, when they come in and test for that, as
a proctor I would see them walking with like three white, three ring binders full of documents
because you can take those in with you to test. I don’t think you need all that. I
think everything you need is going to be in this HIPAA Compliance. Boyd: Which one would have the most HCC codes,
Ms. Barb is asking? Alicia: HCC codes? Boyd: Right. Alicia: None of these are going to be just
for risk adjustment, they don’t have one yet. I suspect there might be something like
that coming soon, but these are more than one book for diagnosis coding. These are for
all the way through all the specialties, like, gastroenterology, it would have all of the
ICD-10 code for gastroenterology. Boyd: There’s another question about anatomy
for ICD-10, is that same? Alicia: That anatomy for ICD-10 that we use
for our course, it is in the bookstore. It’s a fantastic text and we bundled that in with
new coders who want to maybe go into billing, you take the PBC and the MTA course with that
textbook. That’s for coders. You don’t usually get a textbook that’s an anatomy
and physiology for coders. It’s usually for clinicians, nurses, and doctors and staff.
But, that’s one of the reasons I like that text, and it is in the bookstore. We don’t
have a picture of it though. Boyd: Awesome.

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