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Meet a Tiger  |  Ann Smith

Meet a Tiger | Ann Smith

– Hi, I’m Ann Smith, and I’m Senior Director of Annual Giving here at Clemson University. As Senior Director of
Annual Giving for Clemson, I’m responsible for
planning and implementing the solicitations for alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, anyone to return a gift of private support to any of Clemson’s academic
and educational programs. Each fiscal year changes so
drastically from year to year. You really never know what’s gonna happen during the fiscal year. And we try to alter the schedule to see that Clemson keeps moving
forward in all of its academic and educational programs. Every day at work benefits
Clemson University by bringing in private
support, urging others to give, networking so that we can help
Clemson’s national rankings and maintain a high
alumni participation rate for the number of alumni
who give back each year. I have the best job in the world. I get to speak to happy Clemson
people all day, every day. Usually most of them are extremely happy and are excited to be here or
speak to someone at Clemson. This year, Clemson will celebrate its fourth Give Day on April 3rd. The definition of a Give Day
is for any of the members of Clemson family to make
a large number of gifts in a very short period of time. We have a goal for 3600
donors to come forth and make a gift in that
24-hour period of time. Give Day is an important day
to Clemson, as well as to me. It is proof every year
that the Clemson family comes forward when they’re asked to. We have significant goals,
we urge them to participate, and they always come through. I hope everyone will come out
and support us on Give Day, and we’ll give ya a t-shirt
for making your gift in hopes that you’ll wear
it on that special day.

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