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Meet Diagnostic Radiologist Regina Hooley, MD

Meet Diagnostic Radiologist Regina Hooley, MD

– Breast Imagers read mammograms. And we try to detect breast cancer early. We not only just read mammograms. But we also do breast
ultrasound and breast MRI. We’re also fortunate that
we can do minimally invasive procedures and biopsies of the breast. So unlike a lot of
radiologists, we have a lot of interaction with our
patients which is rewarding and we give our patients
the results frequently. Some days I can be assigned
to just reading screening mammograms, other days I’ll
be doing problem solving and be doing the diagnostic
mammograms with ultrasound and then other days I’m
scheduled to do biopsies and I just have a day full of biopsies. So it’s sort of nice to have that variety. Radiologists are very
visually oriented people so we’re very used to looking
for signs and patterns and the more mammograms you
read, the better you are. And there are studies that show that. So at Yale, all of our
breast imagers are dedicated breast imagers, that’s all we do. So we have a lot of
experience and a lot of volume of cases that we read and
so I think we do better because we read so many cases.

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