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Meet Dr. Lisa Hutchison, Pediatric Radiology

Meet Dr. Lisa Hutchison, Pediatric Radiology

(lighthearted guitar music) – My favorite ice cream flavor is probably chocolate custard with
toffee crunch mixed in ’cause it’s delicious. (lighthearted guitar music) Well I liked Spiderman
when I was growing up but I would say most recently I really love Harry Potter. (lighthearted guitar music) I like Foghorn Leghorn. I say I say-a boy. (Lisa laughs) (lighthearted guitar music) I knew the first moment that I was on a pediatric radiology rotation that that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and the reason I specialized in peds is because children are not only suffering from whatever problem they have but their whole family is suffering including their parents and it makes me feel really good that I can help a child and also at the same time comfort them and their parents. Overland Park Regional Medical Center is a special and unique
place to take care of kids because everybody is very collegial. We all work together and we meet face to face and by doing that putting
multiple heads together we’re able to provide a better patient treatment plan to
really help the patient and uncover things that may have not been taken care of in the past just because so many different people were working on the patient but in separate boxes. So I really enjoy that. I feel like we can
really make a difference for the patient that way. (lighthearted guitar music)

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